Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Towards Mushroom Rock

It was not my first time, i think this is my third time in Mushroom rock. It was a marvelous rock and is located at the University of Hyderabad with a magnificient structures and unique design. This trip would be unforgetable in my life, you know why? since that day i can have sound sleep, those who know how long am i struggle in night time to have a sound sleep would surely say it was a great trekking naa?!!

The HCU guyz are ready and move towards the so called Mushroom rock.
(L-R: Muansanga, John,Sawmtea, Me and Awma)

we can climb up only with the temporary stone made as a ladder and reach here.

too much to move it!!!

another unique design

We the Mizo students used to have an evening outing to avoid the summer heat. It was a good habit and we can have a big relief from the boring summer time. I won't write much about this trekking but i advise you all to have evening outing if you have insomnia it was helpful for me and it gives me a great relief from my longback severe insomnia. I never play any games and it hard to be avoid such insomnia as i merely stay in hostel doing nothing for my physical health and development. But since that day we visted mushroom rock i can easily sleep in night time and my insomnia also become decreasing day by day. Thank to all my dear colleagues who went for that day, you may not know but your participation makes a great change in my life. A big thums-up to Sawmtea, John, Robert, Muansanga, Awma and Immu.

Photo Credits: Robert Lalremtluanga Ralte. University of Hyderabad.

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Puii said...

van chhelo hlawm ve a!! nawm hmel ve..mama pawh awm nih khi..e hmelhriat in v tam ve