Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas season in Aizawl

As i had mentioned in my last post Christmas decorations are now seen in many parts of Aizawl, it can be said that Christmas season is best time to visit for tourists. Here are some addition of pictures:-
Khatla, Aizawl
Opposite to Millennium Centre, Dawrpui, Aizawl

Khatla kawn, Aizawl
Khatla, Aizawl
Khatla, Aizawl
Khatla, Aizawl
Khatla, Aizawl
Salvation Army Temple Square, Tuikual, Aizawl
Salvation Army Temple Square, Tuikual, Aizawl
Salvation Army Temple Square, Tuikual, Aizawl
Assam Riffle areas and New Capital Complex, Aizawl
View from Top Chef, Near Vanapa Hall, Aizawl

Largest shopping Mall in Aizawl Millennium Centre

Millennium Centre, Aizawl

Aizawl - Khatla, Khatla South, Mission Veng, Mission Vengthlang, Thakthing

Christmas banner @Tlangnuam Presbyterian Church

I think Aizawl is now ready for upcoming Christmas and New Year:)
PS: If i have more time will try to upload some other Christmas pics soon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One winter night in Aizawl

Unlike mainland India most of us in Mizoram usually have dinner before 7 P.M, the sun also sets before 6 P.M during winter season. Now i am staying Aizawl for a while, it was around 4:45 P.M me and my younger brother already done cooking for dinner and waiting for big bro came home from office. For time pass i was in verandah looking around our nearby houses and i saw many of them already started their Christmas house decorations (Christmas is the main festival in Mizoram). While i was thinking about the upcoming Christmas i can hear the announcement from local information centre which said  local council and YMA informing local youths to be there at the main street for Christmas decoration. At the beginning of December in every year Aizawl and bigger towns in Mizoram, the local people often collectively decorated to their respective main streets for Christmas, it is now popularly known as 'kawn chei' in Mizo. I think in this year also there will be more street decoration to be seen in Aizawl and other towns as well. As we were still not yet done dinner i clicked these pictures from our verandah and our landlord garage, you may think Christmas season has already started in Aizawl.

Tlangnuam and some parts of Mission veng view from Khatla

Mission veng and some areas of Kawltheihuan

Khatla Peter's street, upper Khatla, Tuikhuahtlang and Khatla east Presbyterian church.

Christmas decoration at the entrance of neighbouring house

Khatla, Khatla East Presbyterian Church, Peter's street, Upper Khatla, Tuikhuahtlang & Kawlthei huan in Aizawl.

"To all my friends, i wish you have a nice plan for upcoming Christmas, let there be peace on earth and good will to humankind."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photos here and there

These pictures are taken in various places of Mizoram and Hyderabad etc.
Aizawl- Khatla, Khatla South, Mission Vengthlang, Tuikhuahtlang
Aizawl- Mission Vengthlang, Mission veng, Kulikawn, Thakthing, Tlangnuam
West Lungdar, Mamit District, Mizoram
Steam Momo
Osmansagar lake, Gandipet, Hyderabad
Hyderabadi Pearls, Shilparamam Bazar, Hyderabad

Osmansagar lake, Gandipet, Hyderabad
Shilparamam Bazar, Hyderabad
Osmansagar lake, Gandipet, Hyderabad

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mizo Proverbs and Sayings (MIZO TAWNG - ENGLISH)

The following proverbs and sayings were composed in book form by the Mizo Pioneering missionaries - Pu Buanga (Rev. J.H Lorrain) and Sap Upa ( Rev. F.W Savidge) :-

Mizo: Rih artui phur i ang e.
English: You are like one carrying the eggs of the rih fowl (spoken to one walking slowly).

Mizo: Nun chhiat leh suak sual a sim theih, hmel chhiat a siam that theih loh
English: Bad habits and faults may be abandoned, but an ugly face cannot be made good.

Mizo: Tawng khawlo ni suh se la.
English:  If it is not presumptuous to say so.

Mizo: Sar pawh zam mahsela ka pal chat ang e
English: Even though the sar in visible I will break through (i.e nothing shall prevent me).

Mizo: Thing pawh a kung a that leh a rah a tha, a kung a that loh leh, a rah a tha lo vang
English: If the tree is good its fruit is good, if the tree is bad its fruit is bad.

Mizo: Kawi pawh, a kawm a that leh a rah a tha, a kawm a that loh leh a rah a tha lo.
English: If the pod of a kawi bean is good,if the pod is bad the bean is bad (i.e., not fit for playing with).

Mizo: Lal ngai lo, lal a na.
English: A man who never ruled,rules oppressively.

Mizo: Themthiam lovin an hriam an mawhchhiat.
English: Bad workmen blame their tools.

Mizo: Mi fing in a fin man a ei seng lo, mi a in a at man a chawi seng lo
English: A wise man cannot eat all the fruit of his wisdom, and a fool canot pay all the price of his folly.

Mizo: Vawiina tih tur naktuka tih ah khek suh.
English: Don't pull off till tomorrow what should be done today.

Mizo: Mahni infak leh sakhi ngal ah engmah a bet lo.
English: There is no more self-praise than on the shin of a stag.

Mizo: Zawng tuar aiin ngauvin a tuar.
English: The innocent suffer instead of the guilty.

Mizo: A vawtu in ek a cheh tih ang a ni.
English: It is like the oppressor saying he is being oppressed.

Mizo: Pachuau sual ka ang.
English: I am like Pachuau was when fighting (wanted to stop, but was afraid to).

Mizo: A letling a vuttui thlawrbel tih ang a ni.
English: Its like speaking of a lye funnel upside down (i.e., saying a thing happened which never did happen).

Mizo: Sa leh sa in chan ang.
English: Like flesh cutting up flesh (spoken of one who is clumsy in doing in anything).

Mizo: Se bo hnu a se kawng khar ang.
English: Like shutting the gayal's stable when the gayal is gone.

Mizo: Thehhme angin a awm.
English: It is like a thereng when squeezed (i.e., very quiet)

Mizo: Lung pui pawh lung te in a kamki loh chuan a awm thei lo.
English: Even a big rock cannot remain without rolling unless supported by small stones (i.e., the great cannot do without humble).

Mizo: A tha lam kawng a chho a, a chhe lam kawng a phei.
English: The good road is steep and the bad road is level (i.e., it is easier to do evil than good).

Extracted from :  J. Herbert Lorrain and Fred W. Savidge, A grammar and dictionary of the Lushai language (Dulien dialect), Cultural Publishing House, 18-D, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-110007, Reprinted, 1984, Reprinted by Firma KLM Private Limited : on behalf of Tribal Research Institute, Aizawl, Mizoram, 1976, part II- Useful Sentences, pp.51,52

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

List of Animals (English - Mizo tawng)

Cow - Bawng
Corresponding names of various animals in English to Mizo tawng (language):

English: Ape 
Mizo tawng: Zawnglian chi

English: Donkey/Ass 
Mizo tawng: Sabengtung

English: Barking deer 
Mizo tawng: Sakhi

English: Spotted deer
Mizo tawng: Sakhi vun rang

English: Bat 
Mizo tawng: Bak

English: Wild boar/ Boar 
Mizo tawng: Sanghal

English: Buffalo 
Mizo tawng: Lawi

English: Bull 
Mizo tawng: Bawngpa

English: Camel 
Mizo tawng: Sanghawngsei

English: Gibbon/hoolock
Mizo tawng: Hauhuk

English: Leaf monker
Mizo tawng: Dawr

English: Common/capped langur (Trachypithecus pileatus)
Mizo tawng: Ngau

English: Slow lorris
Mizo tawng: Sahuai

English: Cat 
Mizo tawng: Zawhte

English: Kitten
Mizo tawng: Zawhte note

English: Chameleon/Lizard
Mizo tawng: Laiking

English: Cheetah 
Mizo tawng: Keite

English: Cow 
Mizo tawng Bawngpui

English: Calf
Mizo tawng: Bawng note/a nu emaw pa tuai

English: Crocodile 
Mizo tawng: Awle

English: Crow 
Mizo tawng: Choak

English: Deer 
Mizo tawng: Sakhi

English: Sambar deer (Rusa unicolour) 
Mizo tawng: Sazuk

English: Dog 
Mizo tawng: Ui

English: Puppy
Mizo tawng: Ui note

Englis: Elephant 
Mizo tawng: Sai

English: Fish 
Mizo tawng: Sangha

English: Crab
Mizo tawng: Chakai

English: Snails/Perinkle snails
Mizo tawng: Chengkawl

English: Snail
Mizo tawng: Piring, Kawngkawrawi, Hnapkhawn

English: Fox/Jackal 
Mizo tawng: Sihal

English: Frog 
Mizo tawng: Utawk/Chung u

English: Gayal 
Mizo tawng: Sial

English: Giraffe 
Mizo tawng: Sanghawngsei

English: Goat 
Mizo tawng: Kel

English: Gorilla 
Mizo tawng: Zawnglian

English: Hippopotamus 
Mizo tawng: Tuivawk

English: Leopard 
Mizo tawng: Keite

English: Lion 
Mizo tawng: Sakeibaknei

English: Lemur 
Mizo tawng: Sahnai

English: Monkey  
Mizo tawng: Zawng

English: Panther 
Mizo tawng: Keite

English: Pig 
Mizo tawng: Vawk

English: Piglet
Mizo tawng: Vawkte

English: Polar bear 
Mizo tawng: Vuram savawm

English: Rabbit 
Mizo tawng: Sazupui

English: Rat 
Mizo tawng: Sazu

English: Rhinoceros 
Mizo tawng: Samak

English: Sheep 
Mizo tawng: Beram

English: Lamb
Mizo tawng: Beramno

English: Snake 
Mizo tawng: Rul

English: Python
Mizo tawng: Saphai

English: Red Necked Keelback
Mizo tawng: Rul nghawng sen

English: Viper
Mizo tawng: Rul tur nei chikhat

English: Cobra
Mizo tawng: Chawngkawr

English: King Cobra
Mizo tawng: Rulngan

English: Squirrel 
Mizo tawng: Thehlei

English: Tiger 
Mizo tawng: Sakei

English: Toad 
Mizo tawng: Utawk

English: Tortoise 
Mizo tawng: Satel

English: Turtle 
Mizo tawng: Satel/Sumsi

English: Whale 
Mizo tawng: Nghapui

English: Wildcat 
Mizo tawng: Sanghar

English: Wolf 
Mizo tawng: Chinghnia

English: Zebra 
Mizo tawng: Sakawrrang/sakawrtial

English: Civets
Mizo tawng: Sazaw

English: Yellow throated marten
Mizo tawng: Safia

English: Dhole
Mizo tawng: Chinghnia

Friday, June 22, 2012

Monsoon exposure in outer Hyderabad

Meteorology department often forcasted the on coming 2012 monsoon in Hyderabad but unlike the prediction it came late as usual. As the much expected  late monsoon rain came in the city it make things afresh and changed the mercury in lower unit instantly. After two days continuous showering i had a chance to get out for some appointment and in the meanwhile i took landscape pictures between Gachibowli and Jubilee Hills  as seen below :-
Nehru Outer Ring Road (ORR), Gachibowli

Bus Parking beside Gachibowli Stadium

International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad Main gate
GMC Balayogy Stadium main entrance, Gachibowli
way to SEZ
Knowledge City crossroad
Dargah junction
Hyderabad city view from Jubilee Hills road
way to Jubilee Hills from Shaikpet Dargah
Hyderabad city as seen with monsoon weather
Jubilee Hills
form Shaikpet Dargah to Jubilee Hills.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Evening scenes in the City of Nizams

Hyderabad is also known as "City of Nizams", it is said that the city was under  Asaf Jahi dynasty from 1712 till 1948. The rulers in that period were known as Nizam ul-Mulk, and were referred to as Asif Jahi Nizams, or Nizams of Hyderabad. The below pictures are taken in the present Hyderabad i mean 2012, it are not related with the history of the Nizams but i would rather be put these different beautiful evening scenes under the title of the City of Nizam. 
Taken in Qutb Shahi tomb complex
Taken in Punjagutta crossroad
Taken in University of Hyderabad campus
Taken in University of Hyderabad Campus
Taken in University of Hyderabad Campus
Taken in Qutb Shahi Tomb complex
Taken in Qutb Shahi Tomb complex
Taken in Qutb Shahi Tomb complex
Taken in Qutb Shahi Tomb complex
Taken in University of Hyderabad campus