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Disease list in Mizo tawng (Mizo - English translation)

Translation of disease or definition of illness in Mizo tawng (language) to English:

Mizo tawng: Arngeng
English: Pimple, Acne

Mizo tawng: Awmna
English: Pneumonia

Mizo tawng: Awrpuar
English: Goitre

Mizo tawng: Bengkherh
English: Ottorhoea

Mizo tawng: Biangboh
English: Mumps

Mizo tawng: Chau, Chauhna, Taksa chau
English: Fatigue

Mizo tawng: Dadu
English: Veneral Disease (V.D)

Mizo tawng: Damlo, Na
English: Sick, ill

Mizo tawng: Durh
English: Blister

Mizo tawng: Hahchhiau
English: Sneeze, Sneezing

Mizo tawng: Ham
English: Yawn, yawning

Mizo tawng: Ha na
English: Toothache

Mizo tawng: Ha muat, Ha nget
English: Brittle teeth, tooth decay

Mizo tawng: Hliam
English: Wound, injure, injuries

Mizo tawng: Hritlang
English: Cold, Chill, Common cold

Mizo tawng: Hritlangpui
English: Influenza

Mizo tawng: Hrawkna
English: Tonsillitis

Mizo tawng: Irhfiak
English: Hiccup

Mizo tawng: Cancer/Kansar
English: Cancer

Mizo tawng: Kawthalo
English: Diarrheoa, loose motion

Mizo tawng: Khawihli
English: Boil

Mizo tawng: Khawsik
English: Fever

Mizo tawng: Khawsik pui
English:  Typhoid

Mizo tawng: Khuh
English: Cough

Mizo tawng: Khuhhip
English:Whooping cough

Mizo tawng: Leivung
English: Callosities

Mizo tawng: Luak, lua
English: Vomit

Mizo tawng: Luhai
English: Giddy, dizzy

Mizo tawng: Luna
English: Headache

Mizo tawng: Na
English: pain, ache

Mizo tawng: Ngawr
English: Tuberculosis (T.B)

Mizo tawng: Pan
English: Ulcer, sore, canker

Mizo tawng: Pan hnai/hnai la
English: Pus

Mizo tawng: Phar
English: Leprosy

Mizo tawng: Phai thak
English: Ringworm

Mizo tawng: Pumna
English: Stomach ache, colic

Mizo tawng: Ruhseh
English: Rheumatism

Mizo tawng: Ruh tliak/Ruh pelh
English: Bone fracture

Mizo tawng: Sakawrekhrik
English: Tetanus

Mizo tawng: Santen
English: Dysentery

Mizo tawng: Ser
English: Scar

Mizo tawng: Sikserh
English: Malaria

Mizo tawng: Singsihlip, Singsihlit, Nghamit
English: Wart

Mizo tawng: Tangseh
English: Chicken pox

Mizo tawng: Tai, Tai tla
English: Pile disorder

Mizo tawng: Thachat, Chawn tha chat
English: Cramp

Mizo tawng: Thak
English: Itch, itching

Mizo tawng: Thawhah
English: Asthma

Mizo tawng: Thawchham
English: Faint

Mizo tawng: Thinlian, Mitliam
English: Jaundice

Mizo tawng: Thisen chhuak
English: Bleeding

Mizo tawng: Tilpuk
English: Bydrocele

Mizo tawng: Tuihri
English: Cholera

Mizo tawng:  Uithak, Uihli thak, Arhrik thak
English: Scabies

Mizo tawng: Ke ulh, Kut ulh, ulh, ban ulh
English: Sprain

Mizo tawng: Vung, taksa vung
English: Swell, beri-beri

Mizo tawng: Vun natna
English: Skin disease
Mizo tawng: Za, tiza
English: Tickle

Mizo tawng: Zawnghri
English: Smallpox

Mizo tawng: Zeng, Zawi
English: Paralysis,

Mizo tawng: Zeng hri
English: Polio

Mizo tawng: Zunthlum
English: Diabetis

Mizo tawng: Natna, Hri
English: Disease

Mizo tawng: Rilphir, Rilphir na
English: Appendicitis

Mizo tawng: Hnar chiangkuanglo, Hnarza
English: Allergy

Mizo tawng: Hnute cancer
English: Breast cancer

Mizo tawng: Hnar chiangkuanglo, Hnarza
English: Allergy

Mizo tawng: Khuh benvawn
English: Bronchitis

Mizo tawng: Hrileng, hripui leng
English: Plague

Mizo tawng: Lung na, lung natna
English: Heart disease

Mizo tawng: Phungzawl
English: Epilepsi

Mizo tawng: Chawkawng na, Chawkawng fello, pumpui hnun na
English: Gastroenteritis

Mizo tawng: Hnar chiangkuanglo, Hnarza
English: Allergy

Mizo tawng: Ching, fa nei theilo
English: Infertility

Mizo tawng: Thisen leh thling natna (thisen cancer)
English: Lukemia

Mizo tawng: Chuap cancer
English:  Lung cancer

Mizo tawng: Thin cancer
English:  Liver cancer

Mizo tawng: Sentut
English: Measles

Mizo tawng: Luna benvawn
English: Migraine

Mizo tawng: Mitthalo, khawhmuh tawi
English: Myopia

Mizo tawng: Thau lutuk na, thau luatna
English:  Obesity

Mizo tawng: Chuap cancer
English:  Lung cancer

Mizo tawng: Mitdel, mitdelna
English:  Blind, Blindness

Mizo tawng: Bengngawng
English:  Deaf

Mizo tawng: Tawngtheilo
English: Dumb, deaf-mute

Mizo tawng: Mit natna, Mit thalo
English:  Eye disease, eye disorder

Mizo tawng: Ui a hri, Uihri
English:  Rabies

Mizo tawng: Pumpui lawng
English: Stomach ulcer

Mizo tawng: Bawk, taksa chawr, pangti chawr
English:  Tumor

Mizo tawng: Rilru na, rilru a
English: Mental disease, psychological disorder

Mizo tawng: Chuapa tuiawm
English:  Lungs water

Mizo tawng:  Kal thalo
English:  Kidney disease, kidney disorder

Mizo tawng:  Kal lungte awm
English:  Kidney stone

Mizo tawng: Rilru nguai, rilru hahna
English: Dipression

Mizo tawng: Zunkawng thalo, zunkawng fello
English: Urinary Tract Infection

Mizo tawng: Awmvel
English: Singles/ Herpes Zoaster

Source: Rozama Chawngthu, English Zirna, Hauhlira Offset Press, Aizawl, 2004, pp. 255-257
Mizo tawng: Doctor rawn ka ngai
English:   I need to go to doctor

Mizo tawng: Ka hrisel lo hle, ka dam tha lo
English:  I am not healthy

Mizo tawng: Eng nge i natna?
English:  What is your disease?

Mizo tawng: Eng nge i harsatna?
English:  What is your problem?

Mizo tawng: Ka tanpui ang che, ka tanpui dawn che lawm
English:  I will help you

Mizo tawng: Damdawi
English: Drug, Medicine

Mizo tawng: Dawmdawi zuar, Damdawi zawrhna
English: Pharmacy, Medical shop, Medicine store

Mizo tawng: Damdawi in
English: Hospital, Health centre, Nursing home

Mizo tawng: Damlo
English: Sick, Patient

Mizo tawng: Damlo inentirna,
English: Doctor's clinic

Mizo tawng: Daktawr
English: Doctor

Mizo tawng: Pain relief
English: Na chhawkna

Mizo tawng: Injection
English: Inchiu

Mizo tawng: Ha phawi
English: Tooth extraction, Dental extraction

Mizo tawng: Zuncheh
English: Bed-wetting, sleep-wetting

Mizo tawng: Khak
English: Sputum

Mizo tawng: Chil
English: Saliva

Mizo tawng: Anaesthesia
English: Hnimhlum, kahhitna

Mizo tawng: Drip
English: Thisen chaw

Mizo tawng: Tuilum ip
English: Hot water bottle/bag

Mizo tawng: Ran damdawi
English: Veterinary medicine

Mizo tawng: Thaw uih
English: Halitosis, bad breath

Mizo tawng: Ke uih
English: Foot odour

Mizo tawng: Sam tuak
English: Grey hair 

Mizo tawng: Zun in/zun im
English: Urinary retention 

English: Patient
Mizo tawng: Mihring damlo (damdawiin a awm ang chi)

English: Warts
Mizo tawng: Pangtichawr

English: Fart/farting
Mizo tawng: Vawih

English: Urine bag
Mizo tawng: Zun siakna bawm

English: Operation Theatre
Mizo tawng: Inzaina pindan

English: Surgical glove
Mizo tawng: Inzaina kutkawr

English: Face mask
Mizo tawng: Hmai tuamna/hmui tuamna

English: Hand sanitizer/sanitiser
Mizo tawng: Kut silfaina damdawi

English: Earbud
Mizo tawng: Beng hawlhna/kherna

English: Saving kit
Mizo tawng: Hmul ziah faina hmanrua

English: Bedpan
Mizo tawng: Ek/zun dawhna thleng/bawm

English: Thermometer
Mizo tawng: Khawsik enna khawl
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Hi this english translation is given nice and true i have seen in many case that the translation are false so thanks for sharing this blog.

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steve thank you for your feedback, hope it help you.

Unknown said... pan,vun pilh pan...paan tih lai tak khi English in ege...kan inzai pilh a Pan ang hi

Zara Ralte said...

larry laldinliana septic tih a ni e.

Unknown said...

Correction: Bydrocele tih kha Hydrocele a ni e

Govind said...

I van thiam ve

what is the meaning in english for above sentence

Unknown said...

Ka va lawm em! Irhfiak hi English in ka hre lova, google a ka zawnna ah i thuziak hi ka lo hmu a, ka lawm tak zet zet..

Khrawsa said...

Tha hle mai... Support

Unknown said...

Khel ruh hi english in eng tin nge an tih? In entir ka ngai a. Ka sawi thiam tlat lo mai

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Irhfiak chu burp

Unknown said...

Zunkawnga hnai awm mizo tawngin min hrilh thei in awm em

Unknown said...

Protozoal diseases ho hi mizo țawngin kan nei mang lo a ni maw?

Unknown said...

Hips a ni thei mai em? Ileum, ischeum leh pubis hian pelvic region a siam a, lateral deuh chuan Khel ruh/pelvic bones/hip bones ti la an hrethiam mai turah ka ngai.

Unknown said...

Zun kawnga hnai awm chu a ni mai lo maw?

Unknown said...

Irhfiak chu hiccup. Burp kan tih hi chu chaw emaw thil dang puar ul a ei/in hian kan irh thin sawina țawngkam mai a ni zawk mah (in ka hria). Burping is considered as a rude and unpleasent gesture in many communities.

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Ruthi royte said...

Pangti chawr hi english in eng nge?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Natna hming English to mizo emaw mizo to English dictionary Siam te hi mizo zing ah hian Kan awm lo maw ?

matthew's dad said...

zunin tih hi english in engnge le

Unknown said...

English in 'hnai' tih tak hi ka va hre duh ve

Unknown said...

Urinary incontinence

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Nasty hi mizo tawng in enge

Unknown said...

Ni e

Unknown said...

Urinary retention

Unknown said...

Khak hi english in engnge min hrilh thei in awm m??

Zara Ralte said...


Zara Ralte said...

Tenawm/duhawm loh