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Mizo traditional herbal medicine

Kelhnamtur/ Laiking tuibur (Mizo traditional herbal medicine)

Kelhnamtur/Laiking tuibur - a Mizo local herb which is known as 'Laiking tuibur' or 'Kelhnamtur'. It's scientific/plant name is 'Hedyotis scandens' or 'Hedychium spicatum'  (Family of Rubiaceae or Zingiberaceae). Infusion of it's leaves soup are good for removal of kidney stone and treating urinary tract infection etc.



Mizo damdawi - kala lungte awm leh zunkawng lama harsatna nei te tana ramhmul damdawi ṭha tak nia sawi a ni. Chhum a tui in mai tur a ni.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Brief information and picture collection of Lunglei town | Mizoram | India

Lunglei is the second biggest district headquarters in Mizoram state in India. Lunglei is founded by the British colonial administrator by establishing Fort Lungleh (Lunglei is known as Lungleh in the colonial period) during the Chin - Lushai Expedition 1899-90. Since then the town is growing and extended to various localities even after when the then Lushai Hills (Present day Mizoram) attained statehood within Indian Union. Deputy Commissioner (D.C) of Lunglei is the head of the district administration. Police administration is also maintained under the Superintendent of Police (S.P). Presently there is a proposal for the setting up of Lunglei Municipal Council (LMC) from the state administration. When this proposal is finalized the town administration will be under the governance of LMC. 

In Lunglei the main commercial areas are: Bazar veng, Venglai, Rahsi veng (main road), Chanmari, Ramthar veng (Mostly AOC area) and some parts of Lunglawn. The main vegatebles and other commercial products marker is located at Chanmari - I which is also known as Sabji Bazar. Lunglei is also famous for having Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) headquarters at Serkawn. The largest Christian denomination in the town is BCM. The important higher education institutions are: Lunglei Government College, Government J. Buana College, Mizoram Polytechnic, Higher and Technical Institute Mizoram (HATIM). Among the schools, Sacred Heart School (located at Venglai), Baptist Higher Secondary School (Located at Serkawn), Government Higher Secondary School (Located at Chanmari), Southern Flower (Located at Chanmari) and LKM School (Located at Ramthar veng) are the most popular ones. There are also central government school like Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV) and Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS).

With regards to public health and illness-related treatments, Civil Hospitals and Christian Hospital are the largest hospitals in the town. There are also private hospitals like Hope Hospital and Faith Hospital. John Williams Hospital which is owned by Mizoram Presbyterian Church (Mizoram Synod) also there in Lunglei Chanmari area.

Hotel Ono, Hotel Malawm, Hotel Elite, Tourist Lodge (Zotlang), Hotel Grand, Hotel Alabasta, Murray's LTC Hotel are the well-known guesthouses in Lunglei.

Murray's Kitchen (located at Chanmari), Classics Restaurants (located at Chanmari), Amos dinner (located at Chanmari), Grill Inn (located at Bazar veng), TS Choka (located at Venglai), Ono Restaurant (located at Chanmari), Jailrock House (located at Chanmari), Arpee restaurant (located at Venglai), Zoin Restaurant (located at Bazar veng) are the most popular eateries in Lunglei.

There are three fuel filling stations (Petrol pump) in Lunglei: Mizofed (AOC) Filling Station (located at Ramthar veng), Jedaz Fuel Filling Station (located at Zotlang) and K Sianglinga filling station (located at Serkawn near Zohnuai junction).

To carry out Lunglei district upliftment works Mizoram state government formed High Powered Committee (HPC) for Lunglei District. Chief Minister is the Chairman by default and Vice Chairman is mostly appointed from any of the MLAs from the Lunglei district. The HPC office is located at Chanmari - II near Block Development Officer's Office.

I have clicked images of various parts of Lunglei town with my mobile phone camera. You may scroll down to see it all:
Lunglei town 

DIET Lunglei campus, Ramzotlang 

Government J. Buana College campus, Bazar veng, Lunglei 

Christian Education Centre (CEC),  Chanmari - II, Lunglei 

Chanmari street, Lunglei 

Government Office lane - Fisheries dept,  Cooperation dept, Economics & Statistics dept etc. Bazar veng, Lunglei 

Lunglei town, Mizoram 
Lunglei town as seen from Salem Veng
Civil hospital junction, Chanmari, Lunglei
High Powered Committee (HPC) and Block Development Officer's (BDO) offices, Chanmari, Lunglei
Autorickshaw stand, near Civil Hospital Lunglei
Presbyterian Church, Lunglawn
Presbyterian Church of India, Lunglawn
Chanmari YMA Hall, Lunglei
Lunglei landscape as seen from Chanmari
Chanmari market, Lunglei
Way to Sabji Bazar, Chanmari, Lunglei
Chanmari main street, Lunglei
District park, Zobawk, Lunglei
Lunglei town
Bazar veng, Lunglei
Autorickshaw stand , Bazar veng, Lunglei
Chanmari bazar, Lunglei
Chanmari, Lunglei
Christian Hospital, Serkawn
BCM complex, Serkawn
Baptist Church of Mizoram headquarters, Serkawn
BCM complex main entrance
Way to Theiriat, Lunglei
Christian Hospital, Serkawn
Presbyterian Church, Zotlang, Lunglei
Saptui, Serkawn, Lunglei
Chanmari, Lunglei
Bazar Veng, Lunglei
Civil Hospital, Lunglei
Way to Tarmita Khawthlir, Chanmari
Western view of Lunglei
a view from Civil Hospital, Lunglei
AOC square, Ramthar veng, Lunglei
Saron par (Bougainvillea) Lunglawn
All India Radio Station, Lunglawn, Lunglei
All India Radio Station, Lunglawn, Lunglei
Street food vendors , Venglai, Lunglei
Southern Flowers School, Chanmari, Lunglei
Mizofed (AOC) petrol pump, Ramthar veng, Lunglei
Western part of Lunglei
Rahsi veng, Lunglei
BCM Church, Chanmari, Lunglei
Hrangchalkawn, Lunglei
Lunglawn tlang
Lunglawn veng, Lunglei
Lunglawn tlang, Lunglei
Lunglawn tlang
Lunglei town
Venglai, Lunglei
DIET Lunglei campus
Zotlang, Lunglei
NIELIT Centre, Pukpui, Lunglei
NIELIT Centre, Pukpui, Lunglei
Zohnuai peng, Lunglei
Evening scene Lunglei
Foot over bridge, Venglai Lunglei
BCM Electric veng, Lunglei
John Williams Hospital, Chanmari, Lunglei
Foot over bridge, Venglai, Lunglei
Cloudy day in Lunglei
DC Office, Lunglei
Hotel Ono, Chanmari, Lunglei
Mizofed/AOC petrol pump, Lunglei
Lena stadium, Ramzotlang, Serkawn, Lunglei
Police station, Hrangchalkawn, Lunglei
Venglai street, Lunglei

Main entrance of Government J. Buana College, Bazar veng, Lunglei

Bazar veng, Lunglei