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English to Mizo language translation (Conversation)

English: Are you on Facebook?
Mizo: Facebook ah I awm em?

English: If you are in Facebook, how do you write your profile name?
Mizo: Facebook ah I awm chuan engtin nge I hming I ziah?

English: My account is Remthangi Ralte 
Mizo: Ka account chu Remthangi Ralte tih a ni

English: If I send friend request will you accept me?
Mizo: Friend request rawn thawn che ila min pawm angem?

English: Sure, I will accept you.
Mizo: Tehreng mai, ka lo pawm ang che.

English: What is your hobby?
Mizo: Enge I tui zawng?

English: My hobby is playing football
Mizo: Football khelh hi nuam ka ti.

English: Cool, I am also interest in playing football
Mizo: A va tha ve, keipawh inkhelh hi ka tui a

English: Are you using Instagram?
Mizo: Instagram I hmang em?

English: Yes, I am in Instagram
Mizo: Aw, Instagram ka hmang

English: How do you write your name in Instagram?
Mizo: Instagram ah engtin nge I  hming I ziah?

English: I write my name like this – Remthangi Ralte
Mizo: Ka hming chu hetiang hian ka ziak – Remthangi Ralte

English: Can I follow you in Instagram
Mizo: Instagram ah ka follow thei che angem

English: Of course, no problem.
Mizo: Tehreng mai, I duh phawt chuan.

English: I cannot speak Mizo language, but, I want to see you in Instagram
Mizo: Mizo tawng ka thiam lo a, mahse, Instagram ah hmuh che ka duh a.

English: Hope you don’t mind my language
Mizo: Ka thilsawi hi I huatzawng a nih loh hram ka beisei

English: If you don’t like it, I beg your pardon
Mizo: I duh loh zawng a nih chuan I ngaihdamna ka dil e.

English: Can we be a friend?
Mizo: Thian  kan ni thei angem?

English: If I am your friend, I will be glad to you.
Mizo: I thian ka nih chuan I chungah ka lawm em em ang.

English: Yes, we can be a friend
Mizo: Aw, thian kan ni thei ang

English: No, we cannot be a friend
Mizo: Aih, thian kan ni thei lo ang

English: Why? What is your problem?
Mizo: Engatinge? Enge harsatna I nei a mi?

English: No, I don’t have problem, but I am already taken.
Mizo: Aih, harsatna ka nei hran lo a, mahse, ngaihzawng ka nei a.

English: So whatFriendship is just a matter of fun
Mizo: A Pawi a mi, inthian tawn te chu a hlimawm ve a lawm

English: No, I am so committed on my relationship
Mizo: Aih, Ka ngaihzawng ah hian kei chu ka nghet lutuk a

English: Okay, have a fun
Mizo: Awle, hlimtakin awm dawnnia

English: Thanks for your reply
Mizo: Min chhan avangin ka lawm e

English: It’s not a big deal
Mizo: Thil harsa vak a ni hleinem

English: Are you sure?
Mizo: I chiang em?

English: Yes, I am sure.
Mizo: Aw, ka chiang e.

English: Okay, bye
Mizo: A tha  alawm, a nih leh phawt aw.

English: In case if you need my contact here is my number 9000000
Mizo: Min biakpawh theihna I duh takin hei hi ka number aw 900000

English: I will call you when I needed
Mizo: Ka mamawh hunah ka rawn bia ang che

English:  Anytime
Mizo:  Engtikhunah pawh

English: You are so kind
Mizo: I fel hle mai

English: I am not
Mizo: Chutiang ka ni lo

English:  Nice chatting with you
Mizo: Kan in bia chu ka lawm hle mai

English: Me too
Mizo: Kei pawh le

English: See you next time
Mizo: Kan in hmu leh thin dawnnia

English: My pleasure
Mizo: A nuam ka ti

English: You are so sexy
Mizo: I pian a nalh hle mai

English: No, I am not sexy, I am just a normal one
Mizo: Aih,  Ka nalh lo, mi pangngai mai ka ni e

English: Thanks for your compliments
Mizo: Min fakdernaah ka lawm e.

English: I am telling truth
Mizo: Thudik ka sawi e

English: I think so
Mizo: Ka ring reng a ni

English: Don’t be sarcastic
Mizo: Mi ti el vel suh aw

English: I hate fake people
Mizo: Mi lem lutuk ho hi ka hua

English: I am not fake
Mizo: Ka lem lo ania aw

English: Be smart and caring
Mizo:  Hawihawm la, mi ngaihven tha bawk ang che

English: Yes, I will do that
Mizo: Aw le, ka ti ngei ngei ang

English: Can I trust you?
Mizo: Ka ring ngam che ang'em?

English: Of course, I never lie
Mizo: Tehreng mai, dawt ka sawi ngai lo.

English: When will you be online?
Mizo: Engtikah nge I online ang?

English: When shall I get English-Mizo online translator?
Mizo: Engtikah nge Saptawng atanga Mizo tawng lettu ka hmuh theih ang?

English: I will find out
Mizo: Ka lo zawng chhuak dawnnia

English: Okay, please tell me soon
Mizo: Aw le, min hrilh thuai dawnnia

English: These days everything has to be done online
Mizo: Tunlai hi chuan engkim mai hi online a tih vek angai tawh a

English: I find this blog is helpful for English-Mizo translation
Mizo: He blog hi Saptawng-Mizo tawng leh nan a tangkai hle in ka hria

English:  Mizo language is bit difficult to learn
Mizo: Mizo tawng chu zir a har ve det a ni

English: I think so, it is tonal language
Mizo: Ka ring, thluk dan bik nei tawng a nia

English: But I like the tone
Mizo: Mahse a tluk hi nalh ka ti

English: I wish I can understand Mizo language
Mizo:  Mizo tawng hi thiam ve ka chak ngawt mai

English: Don’t worry you will understand someday
Mizo: Lungngai suh, engtikniah emaw chuan I la thiam ve mai ang

English: I will try my best
Mizo: Ka theih tawp ka lo chhuah dawnnia

English: Thanks for your visit
Mizo: Min rawn tlawh a a lawmawm hle mai

English: I will remember you
Mizo: Ka hrenreng ang che

English: Wow, you are so sweet
Mizo: Awi, i va han ngainatawm tak em

English: Please remember me
 Mizo: Min hrereng ang che

English: You have been good to me
Mizo: Ka chungah i tha hle mai

English: You are a good person
Mizo: Mi tha tak i ni e

English: Thanks for your kindness
Mizo: I ngilneihna avang lawmthu ka hrilh a che

English: Let's have dinner together
Mizo: Zanriah kil ho ang u

English: I can't wait
Mizo: Ka nghakhlel tawh a ni

English: Sure, there will be good time
Mizo: Tehrengmai, hun tha la rawn herchhuak mai ang.

You can learn the above English - Mizo conversations in the following two YouTube videos:


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