Monday, December 8, 2014

Aizawl Christmas season picture

As we all know that Christmas season is the most interesting season and December itself is the main festival period in Mizoram. The Mizo people from rural areas and denizen of Aizawl themselves, [different walks of age groups like age old (tar), parents (nu leh pa), youth (thalai - tlangval leh nula hmeltha leh hmeltha vak lo te pawh), young (thleirawl - hmeltha leh hmeltha vaklo te pawh),  children (naupang), also different sex categories - straight, bi-sexual, gay and lesbian (tuai leh patil), from celebrities to common human, First class officers to daily earn labourers etc.] will gather for Christmas shopping in the crowded main market called 'Aizawl bazar pui'.  Everything you want for the up coming Christmas celebration will be there in Aizawl bazar. The followings are Aizawl market and streets picture collection during Christmas season
Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas bazar

Aizawl Christmas Bazaar
"Krismas chibai" this is the way we say or wish or greet "Merry Christmas" in our Mizo tawng (language).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

English - Mizo: Days, Weeks, Months & Year

Translation of Days, Weeks, Months and Year etc., from English to Mizo tawng (language)

Day - Ni
Week - Chawlhkar

Monday - Thawhtanni
Tuesday - Thawhlehni
Wednesday - Nilaini
Thursday - Ningani
Friday - Zitawpni
Saturday - Inrinni
Sunday - Pathianni

Month - Thla

January - Pawlkut thla
February - Ramtuk thla
March -  Vau thla
April - Tau thla
May - Tomir thla
June - Nikir thla
July - Vawkhniahzawn thla
August - Thitin thla
September - Mimkut thla
October - Khuangchawi thla
November - Sahmulphah thla
December -  Pawltlak thla

Year - Kum
Last year - Nikum
Next year - Nakum

Today- Vawiin
Tomorrow - Naktuk
Day after tomorrow - Naktuk tukleh
Yesterday- Nimin
Day before Yesterday - Niminpiah
Last month - Thla hmasa
Next month - Thlaleh
Last week - Karhmas
Next week - Karleh
Forever - Chatuan
Dawn - Khawvar
Morning - Zing
Day - Ni
Noon - Chhun
Afternoon - Chawhnu
Evening - Tlai
Dusk - Thimhlim
Night - Zan
Mid-night - Zanlai
Time - Hun
Hour - Darkar
Minute - Minute
Second - Second
Hourly - Darkartin
Daily - Nitin
Weekly - Kartin
Monthly - Thlatin
Yearly - Kumtin
Fortnight - Kar hnih dan
Bi-weekly - Kar hnih dan
Tri-weekly - Kar thum dan
Half day - Ni chanve
Half year - Kum chanve
Half  month - Thla chanve
Half week - Kar chanve
Moment - Hun reilo te/Mitkhap kar

English: What time is it now?
Mizo: Dar engzat nge?

English: Will you come on Monday?
Mizo: Thawhtanni ah i lo kal dawn em?

English: Drink water daily.
Mizo: Nitin tui in thin ang che.

English:  This will be done on next week.
Mizo: Hei hi karleh ah thawh a ni ang.

English: I need Mizo translator for a month
Mizo: Thla khat chhung atan Mizo tawng lettu tur ka mamawh

English: Can you translate this from English to Mizo language?
Mizo: Hei hi Saptawng atangin Mizo tawng ah min leh sak thei em?

English: If you need English to Mizo translator, i may be ready.
Mizo: Saptawng atanga Mizo tawng lettu tur i mammawh chuan, ka lo pui thei ang che.

English: Where can i find online English to Mizo translator?
Mizo: Khawiahnge online a Saptawng atanga Mizo tawng lettu ka hmuh theih ang?

Fartuah (erythrina stricta) - Flower in Mizoram
Pix: Amuana Ralte

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The tasty Mizo bai (Mizo cuisine/Mizo food item)

Many a time I am longing our home made 'Mizo bai' which some may called it Mizo cuisine or one of the Mizo food items/dishes. It is right to say that Mizo hardly take food without 'bai' in our home. We may say a simple definition of 'bai'  like this 'It is a mixture of vegetables, salt, chingal (or Soda), saum (fermented pig fat) and water that are cooked together in a same pot'. You may also say that it is almost similar with vegetable stew. Mizo oldest dictionary - Pu Buanga dictionary define bai like this: bai, v. to boil in water with the addition of salt, chingal, and sa-um, (occasionally with the addition of salt only). adj. boiled in water with the addition of salt, chingal, and sa-um. n. anything so boiled.

How to cook bai in Mizo style?
The picture shown below is a mixture of potatoes (alu), bean, cabbage (zikhlum) lady-fingers (bawrhsaiabe), chili pepper (hmarchapui), garlic (purunvar), ginger (sawhthing) and dried soya-beans (bekang) and water. By using these ingredients we will try to explain how to make bai:

1. Heat water around 1 or 1.5 litre in a pot. (It's depend upon the number of member that you want to serve, if members are more you may add more water and vegetables.)

2. When it reach boiling temperature and bubbles gone, add vegetables that are harder like chopped potatoes or brinjal/eggplant or beans etc or any stalks or leaves (sliced cabbage/zikhlum) that you want to cook (leaves and stalks should also be cut in smaller pieces).

3. After 10/15 minutes over add 4/5 chili peppers, 4-garlics, 4/5-ginger slices, 1 table spoon of bekang (dried smelly soya-beans), saum (fermented pig fat) and chingal or soda (potassium bicarbonate) with half table spoon.

4.  Stirs with spoon in circular motion and reverse sparsely.

5. When potatoes or any other harder ingredients seem to softer form add lady-fingers and salt.

6. Don't forget to stir again and again, you may add water if required, keep the fire/heat in moderate level.

7. After 25/30 minutes or more or wait till all the ingredients are in done (cooked), then off your burner.

8. Your bai is ready to serve :)

Please keep in mind that all kinds of vegetables can be included in your bai ingredients, there is no strict rule that particular vegetables or plants should only be mixed with. Sometime rice also included in bai, it's depend upon the kind of bai you want to make it, for example - if you want to make bai with mustard leaves rice is essential for the ingredients. The selection of bai ingredients are usually depended upon the choice of the individual or family. But, you may not cook a tasty bai without the mentioning ingredients like chingal (lye or potash solution by leaching wood ashes) or soda, saum, salt, chilly, dried smelly soya-beans (bekang). Hope you like this post :)
Bai - Mizo cuisine, Mizo food item, Mizo dish, Mizo curry.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Let's talk to Mizo vendor (English - Mizo)

Roadside vendors and their customers in Aizawl market (Zion Street), Mizoram
As I have been posting about English to Mizo tawng (language) conversations and names of things vice versa, sometime you may also seen  my older posts as English to Mizo translation online help. Now let's practice Mizo language new lesson with Mizo vendor/shopkeeper:

English: Hello, Madam/Miss.
Mizo tawng: Ka Pi, Chibai.

English: Hello, Sir.
Mizo tawng: Ka Pu, Chibai

English:  What is the price of orange?
Mizo tawng: Serthlum hi engzat man nge?

English: How much is this?
Mizo tawng: Hei hi engzah man nge?

English: It's Rs.10.
Mizo tawng: Cheng sawm man.

English: Can you give me in Rs.5?
Mizo tawng: Rs.5 in min pe thei angem?

English: Sorry, i can't.
Mizo tawng: Aih, ka theilo tlat mai.

English: Make it low price.
Mizo tawng: Min pe tlawm rawh.

English: I want to buy this bag.
Mizo tawng: He bahg hi ka lei duh.

English: Do you have different colour?
Mizo tawng: A rawng dang innei em?

English: Please weight correctly.
Mizo tawng: Khawngaih in dik takin buk rawh.

English: Do you have change note?
Mizo tawng: Pawisa nawi i nei em?

English: Give the change.
Mizo tawng: A nawi min pe rawh.

English: Please remove damaged/rotten ones
Mizo tawng: Khawngaih in a chhia kha telh suh.

English: Do you have carry bag?
Mizo tawng: A khaina tur bag(ip) innei em?

English: Give me carry bag
Mizo tawng: A khaina tur bag(ip) min pe rawh.

English: Is it fresh one?
Mizo tawng: A thar tha em?/A tharlam em?

English: I don't want duplicate one.
Mizo tawng: A lem(duplicate) ka duh lo.

English: Do you have potatoe?
Mizo tawng: Alu i nei em?

English: Where can i get fresh chicken?
Mizo tawng: Khawiah nge arsa tharlam ka lei theih ang?

English: Give me free of cost
Mizo tawng: A thlawnin min pe rawh.

English: If i buy many items will you give me discount
Mizo tawng: Ka lei tam chuan min tlawm angem?

English: Sure, i will give you discount.
Mizo tawng: Aw, ka lo pe tlawm ang che.

English: 1 Kg
Mizo tawng: Kg khat

English: 1/2 kg (half Kg)
Mizo tawng: Kg chanve

English: Wrap with paper
Mizo tawng: Lehkha in tuam rawh

English: Where is its freegift?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge a freegift chu?

English: It's so costly.
Mizo tawng: A to lutuk.

English: I don't like
Mizo tawng: Ka duh lo mai

English: Will buy on next time
Mizo tawng: Nidang ah ka lo lei ang

English: Hold this bag
Mizo tawng: Ka bag(ip) hi lo chelh lawk teh

English: 1 litre
Mizo tawng: Litre khat

English: 1/2 litre (half litre)
Mizo tawng: Litre chanve

English: Give me full
Mizo tawng: A khat in min pe rawh/A vaiin min pe rawh

English: What design is this?
Mizo tawng: Hei hi eng design nge ni?

English: Do you have the latest one?
Mizo tawng: A thar ber i nei em?

English: I like older.
Mizo tawng: A hlui zawk ka duh.

English: Will they have in other shops.
Mizo tawng: Dawr dangah an nei angem?

English: Where is the nearest shop?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge dawr hnai ber?

English: Where is market/bazar?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge bazara a awm?

English: My Mizo language is bad.
Mizo tawng: Ka Mizo tawng hman hi adik vak lo

English: I want to buy meat.
Mizo tawng:  Sa ka lei duh.

English: I want to buy vegetables.
Mizo tawng: Thlaihnah ka lei duh.

English: I want to buy fruits.
Mizo tawng: Thei ka lei duh.

Besides, if you want to practice with voice recorded sound please open my youtube channel Azassk then you will have some audio help from native Mizo speakers. Here are two audio samples for your convenient:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

English - Mizo (Conversation with cab driver)

Let's learn Mizo tawng(language) conversation with cab driver:
English: May i know your good name?
Mizo tawng: I hming dik tak min hrilh thei angem?

English: My name is John
Mizo tawng: Ka hming chu Johna a ni

English: Can i use your cab/taxi?
Mizo tawng: I cab/taxi/motor ka hmang thei angem?

English: How much do you charge till market?
Mizo tawng: Bazar thleng engzat nge i chhiar?

English: It's too much make it less
Mizo tawng: A to lutuk chhiar tlem deuh la

English: How long it will take to reach Aizawl?
Mizo tawng: Aizawl thlen nan engtia rei nge ngai?

English: I am bit hurry please drive/make it fast
Mizo tawng: Ka hmanhmawh deuh a khawngaihin tlan/khalh chak deuh la

English: I am not hurry take your time
Mizo tawng: Ka hmanhmawh lem lo a muangchangin ti/tlan rawh

English: Do not hurry
Mizo tawng: Hmanhmawh suh

English: Stop
Mizo tawng: Ding rawh

English: Move on
Mizo tawng: Kal rawh le

English: Down the music volume
Mizo tawng: Music tizawi rawh

English: Do not smoke while driving
Mizo tawng: Motor khalh laiin mei zu suh

English: Do not talk on phone while driving
Mizo tawng: Motor khalh laiin phone be/hmang suh

English: Wear seat belt
Mizo tawng: Seat belh hreng rawh

English: Turn right
Mizo tawng: Dinglamah peng rawh

English: Turn left
Mizo tawng: Veilamah peng rawh

English: Go straight
Mizo tawng: Kal ngil rawh/Tlan ngil rawh

English: Be careful
Mizo tawng: Fimkhur rawh

English: Mind the road humps
Mizo tawng: Kawngchhia ah ah tlan dim rawh

English: Do not drink and drive
Mizo tawng: Rui chungin motor khalh suh

English: What is your mobile phone number?
Mizo tawng: Enge i mobile phone number?

English: My number is 940000000
Mizo tawng: Ka number chu 940000000 a ni

English: Take down my number
Mizo tawng: Ka number hi la rawh

English: Can you tell me your number?
Mizo tawng: I number min hrilh thei angem?

English: Come on time
Mizo tawng: A hun tak ah lo kal ang che

English: Can you pick me at morning?
Mizo tawng: Zinkar ah min rawn lam thei angem?

English: Call me if your are not ready/available
Mizo tawng: I inpeih/hman dawn loh chuan min rawn phone ang che

English: I will be ready on time
Mizo tawng: A hun takah ka lo in peih ang

English: Do not cheat
Mizo tawng: Min bum suh ang che

English: I appreciate your honesty
Mizo tawng: I rinawm avangin ka fak a che

English: Thans for dropping
Mizo tawng: Min thlah a ka lawm hle mai

English: Can you drop me till airport?
Mizo tawng: Airport thleng min thlah thei angem?

English: I will let you know when i return
Mizo tawng: Ka lo kir leh hunah ka rawn hrilh ang che

English: Take the money
Mizo tawng: Pawisa la rawh

English: Do you have change?
Mizo tawng: Pawisa nawi i nei em?

English: Let me stop here
Mizo tawng: Hetah hian ka chhuk mai dawn/Hetah hian ka chhuk ange

English: Can you move a little bit further?
Mizo tawng: Chhete in i tawlh leh hlek thei em?

English: Thanks for safe driving
Mizo tawng: Him tak a i khalh avangin ka lawm e

English: I want to go to Hotel Regency
Mizo tawng: Hotel Regency ah ka kal duh

English: Stop for a moment
Mizo tawng: Reilo te ding lawk teh

English: I wanna pee
Mizo tawng: Ka zun a chhuak/Ka zung lawk duh/Ka inthiar duh/Zunram thiar ka duh

English: I am having motion sickness
Mizo tawng: Motor ka rui

English: See you soon
Mizo tawng: Kan inhmu leh thuai dawnnia

English: Wait for me
Mizo tawng: Min lo nghak dawnnia/Min lo nghak rawh

English: I am a stranger
Mizo tawng: Mikhual ka nia

English: Everything is new for me
Mizo tawng: Engkim hi ka tan chuan thil thar vek a ni.

English: I want to meet Mr.John
Mizo tawng: Pu Johna ka hmu duh.

English: Do not overtake
Mizo tawng: Tlanpel suh/Lehpel suh

English: Take out my luggage
Mizo tawng: Ka bungrua kha la chhuak rawh

English: Tell me about Mizoram
Mizo tawng: Mizoram chanchin han sawi teh

English: Is there any chance to get North Indian food?
Mizo tawng: North Indian chaw ei tur a awm angem?

English: Which hotel is best in Aizawl?
Mizo tawng: Aizawl ah eng hotel nge thaber ang?

English: Do not park here
Mizo tawng: He tah motor dah suh

English: I want to have tourist guide
Mizo tawng: Tourist guide rawih ka duh

English: You are so friendly
Mizo tawng: I nelawm hle mai

English: I am so frank
Mizo tawng: Ka frank a nia/Thil ka zep thiam lo

English:  Drive slow
Mizo tawng: Khalh muang rawh/Tlan muang rawh

English: Can i smoke?
Mizo tawng: Mei ka zu thei angem?

English: I want to buy something at the roadside market
Mizo tawng: Kawngsir bazar ah thil lei lawk ka duh

English:  When shall we reach?
Mizo tawng : Engtik ah nge kan thlen ang?

English: Where can i get drinks?
Mizo tawng: Khawiah nge zu/inchi ka lei thei ang?

English: I came here for business purpose
Mizo tawng: Sumdawnna thil a lo kal ka ni

English: It's a personal matter
Mizo tawng: Mimal thil a ni e

English:  I want to mingle with local people
Mizo tawng: Tualchhung mite nen a inkawm ho ka duh

English: I wish i can have
Mizo tawng: Neih theih ka va duh em

English: Do they serve well?
Mizo tawng: An ngaihsak tha em?

English: I want to stay till monday
Mizo tawng: Thawhtanni thleng ka cham duh.

English: I will be here fore sometime
Mizo tawng: Hun engemaw chen chu hetah ka awm ang.

English: I want to use cold water
Mizo tawng: Tuivawt ka hmang duh

English: Do you drive on Sunday
Mizo tawng: Pathianni in motor i khalh em?

English: Open the door
Mizo tawng: Kawngkhar hawng rawh

English: I want police station number
Mizo tawng: Police station number ka duh

English: Where is ILP counter/office?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge ILP counter/office a awm?

English: Stay with me
Mizo tawng: Ka bulah lo awm ve la

English: Be my friend
Mizo tawng: Ka thian lo ni ang che

English: Your wish is my command
Mizo tawng: I duh dan chu ka zawm zel ang.

English: I wanna taste Mizo food/dishes
Mizo tawng: Mizo chaw/chawhmeh ka eichhin chak

English: Where is the main market?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge bazarpui a awm?

English: Where can i get Mizo shawl?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge Mizo puan ka hmuh theih ang?

English: Will you come with me?
Mizo tawng: Ka rualin i lo kal ve dawn em?

English: I don't  like beef
Mizo tawng: Bawngsa ka ei ngai lo

English: I don't like tea
Mizo tawng: Thingpui ka in duh lo.

English: Do they speak English in Aizawl?
Mizo tawng: Aizawl ah chuan Saptawng/English an hmang em?

English: How far is it?
Mizo tawng: Engtia hla nge?

English: It's not so far
Mizo tawng: A hla em em lo

English: Is it near?
Mizo tawng: A hnai em?

English: No it's not so near
Mizo tawng: Aih, a hnai vak lo

English: I like your style
Mizo tawng: I tihdan chu tha ka ti hle mai

English: Call me when you are free
Mizo tawng: I hman hunah min rawn bia ang che.

English: I think you have my number
Mizo tawng: Ka number i neiin ka hria

English: I dont have your number
Mizo tawng: I number ka nei lo.

English: Where is nearest shop?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge dawr hnaiber a awm?

English: I am so exicted
Mizo tawng: Ka nghakhlel tawh/Ka awm hle hle thei tawh lo

English: Take this for remembrance
Mizo tawng: Hei hi min hriatreng nan la rawh

English: Thanks for the info
Mizo tawng: I thil min hrilh avangin ka lawm e.

English: I can't wait
Mizo tawng: Ka nghak thei lo

English: Tell me what not to do in Mizoram
Mizo tawng: Mizoram a tih loh tur min hrilh rawh

English: How do you say 'I love you' in Mizo language?
Mizo tawng: Mizo tawngin 'I love you (Ka hmangaih che)' tih hi engtin nge in sawi?

English: Is there any Mandir/Mosque in Aizawl?
Mizo tawng: Aizawl ah Mandir/Mosque a awm ve em?

English: Yes there's Mandir/Mosque in Aizawl?
Mizo tawng: Aw, Aizawl ah Mandir/Mosque a awm.

English: bye bye
Mizo tawng: Mangtha le/a nih leh aw
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This video tutorial may be helpful for Mizo language beginners:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Survey report on Sialsuk Village, Mizoram

Date of Survey : 2nd January 2014 (Thursday)
Location: Sialsuk Village, Aizawl, District, Mizoram, India
Hotel Awm zat (Numbers of Hotels):  9
(Names of Hotels: 1. H.T Hotel,  2. V.L Hotel, 3. Rin Rin Hotel, 4. Ruati Hotel, 5. Partei Hotel, 6. Dingpuii Hotel, 7. T.Z Hotel, 8. Awm Awm Hotel, 9. R.K Hotel.)


1.1 NI-1 CHHUNG SENRAL (1 day expenditure)
1.  Vawksa (Pork) : 79.16 Kgs, Rs.15,833.40
2. Arsa (Chicken): 97.5 Kgs, Rs. 17,550.
TOTAL (Vawksa + Arsa)=  176.66 Kgs, Rs.33383.40

1.2 CHAWLHKAR  1 CHHUNG SENRAL (1 week expenditure)
1. Vawksa (Pork): 475 Kgs, Rs.95,000.
2. Arsa (Chicken): 585 Kgs, Rs.1,05,300.
TOTAL (Vawksa + Arsa) =1060 Kgs, Rs.2,00,300.

1.3 THLA 1 CHHUNG SENRAL  (1 month expenditure)
1. Vawksa (Pork) : 2058.34 Kgs, Rs.11,668.40
2. Arsa (Chicken): 2535 Kgs, Rs.4,56,300.
TOTAL (Vawksa + Arsa) = 4593.34 Kgs, Rs.4,67,968.40

1.4 KUM 1 CHHUNG SENRAL (1 year expenditure)
1. Vawksa (Pork): 24541.77 Kgs, Rs.49,08,354.
2. Arsa (Chicken): 30225 Kgs, Rs.54,40,500.
TOTAL(Vawksa+ Arsa)= 54766.77 Kgs, Rs.1,03,48,854.

2. THLAI HNAH LEH CHAWHMEH ATANA SENRAL (expenditure on vegetables & other food items )
Ni 1 chhung (1 day): Rs.1613.33
Chawlhkar 1 chhung (1 week) : Rs.9680.
Thla 1 chhung (1 month) : Rs. 41,946.58
Kum 1 chhung (1 year): Rs. 5,00,132.30
*This survey is conducted only for philanthropic purpose, our main concern is to get proper data from our village's hotels/restaurants so that we may have proper awareness in our village economy as none has ever done before.
Roadside hotel in Sialsuk, Mizoram
1. Vawksa man hi Rs.200 niin Arsa man hi Rs.180 a ni a, kum khat ah ni 310 hi dawr hawn ni a chhut niin dawr hawn loh ni - chawlhni vawi 52 leh Krismas & Kumthar chawlh atan ni 3 paih tel a ni bawk. Chutiang zelnin thlakhat chhungin chawlhni vawi 4 dawr hawn loh ni ah chhut niin chawlhkar 1 chhungin dawr hawn loh ni ni 1 anga chhut a ni bawk. Tin, heng kan reports khawn khawm te hi an senral leh siamral zat chiah chiah hriat theih a nih vek loh avangin a awm ang tlangpui lakkhawm a ni.

2. Sialsuk Hotel awm zat hi 11 niin he survey neih  anih hian hotel 2 (PC Hotel leh Vanlalnghaka Hotel) te  remchan loh na avangin telh niin hotel 9 chauh ah survey hi neih a ni.

3. Heng a chung a kan chhut chhuah te hi Sialsuk hotel 9 ten vawksa  leh arsa an siam ral zat tlangpui a ni a, heti zat an siamral ah hian Sialsuk khua atangin vawksa leh arsa duhkhawp lei  tur an hmuh loh bakah khaw dang atangin an lei belh ziah a la ngai zawk hial a ni.

4. A chung a sum leh sa/thlai senral zat atang a han chhut hian Sialsuk khua ah hian Hotel a supply tur ringawt pawh in vawk leh ar vulh a hlawk pha in chhungkaw tan a eizawnna tha tak a ni theih mai bakah thlai hmun siam tan pawh kum tluan a eizawnna tha tak a ni thei tih a lang chiang hle a ni.

5. Sialsuk a hotel neitu he survey kan neih lai a kan zawhna leh thil hriat duh dang te tha tak a min chhan sak avangin an chungah kan lawm hle.

Survey report buatsaihtu te (Survey conducted by) :
1. Mr.Zothanmawia, 
2. Mr. R. Lalthlengkima, 
3. Mr. Lalzarzoa, 
4. Mr. C.Lalruatfela (Puitea).
Sialsuk, Mizoram, India