Sunday, October 14, 2007

4th Military World Games.

Main Entrance Gate, Gachibowli Stadium.

Conseil International Du Sport Militaire (CISM) 4th Military World Games came into being at 14th.October.2007 (Sunday) which is hosted by Hyderabad-Secunderabad (twin cities). The Military World sports is the second biggest sporting event after the Olympics. The opening ceremony of the mega event is declared by Her Exellency President Pratibha Patil, also attended by Defence Minister A.K Antony, Chief Minister YS Raja Sekhar Reddy and Defence Ministers and army generals of several participating nations at the Gachibowli Stadium.

Main Gate, Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad

In this Games around 6,000 athletes from 106 countries are taking part in the sporting extravaganza, 1,076 medals would be distributed in different games and sports. The various CISM member countries would have a competition in 13 disciplines- Shooting, Parachuting, Athletics, Triathlon, Swimming, Sailing, Boxing, Wresting, Judo, Football, Handball,Pentathlon, and Volleyball-are being held, with hockey and kabaddi being scrapped due to 'lack of participation'. However, as a report said these two sports will be organised only for demonstration. In this event five countries are participating as observers, which is taking place first time outside Europe. The CISM Military World Games are held every four years, a year prior to the Olympics. Entry is free except to the opening and closing ceremonies.
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Game Village (view from back side)

Details of Stadium (click to enlarge)

Details of Stadium (Click to enlarge)

NB: I just want to mention about how much we gave appreciation of the opening ceremony programme of this event. One day before the opening ceremony was held, it was in late saturday night, a friend of mine came back to room and said if we want to go at the opening ceremony we have to get gate pass from the Canara Bank, but we still have hope that we might able to get in without pass since the programme would be held at just our neighbouring place. The day has came(sunday) and after we had our lunch we hurriedly called up all of our friend at Shopping complex in our campus. Security people stopped all the passenger vehicles in the main road so we also going by cycle till our campus small gate.

We have no other option but by walking as all the share taxi/rickshaw were banned, it was so sunny but nothing could not stop our enthusiasm! then we kept walking till the main gate of the Stadium. But things had changed within a few second! all our expectation and hope became vain!!! Nobody could be entered without valid pass..after enquiring all the possible steps and measures..the policeman who was duty on the entrance gate asked his boss through his handset and informed him about we are the students of the university just coming from the neighbouring campus who have no gate passes. Then his boss also said that we are not be allowed! So we have to go get back:-( we all were in line but we have no chance to get inside.... we will miss the opening ceremony and we might not have another chance to see like this kind of mega event). I looked at them (most of them are my juniors) but i cannot do anything(positive way!) for them...words cannot express how pitiful they were!...not only us, even some of our Mizo friends also turned up from the far distance place of Secunderabad, Zama, Dawnga(ozzman), Umawia, Zotea, they came from all the way but they could not get the chance too!(worst than us!) dear friends..(of course all of you) don't be worry there is another chance in closing ceremony on 21st.Oct.2007. I hope you will get gate pass for it and you will surely get inside peacefully. This is my hope and prayer! Best of luck!