Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Name of Fruits in English to Mizo language (Translation)

English: Peach, Mizo tawng: Theite/Theite sen/Japan theite
Courtesy: blogs.courierpostonline.com

Let's try to learn the names of fruits from English to Mizo tawng (language):

English: Fruit
Mizo tawng: Thei

English: Apple
Mizo tawng: Apple thei

English: Banana
Mizo tawng: Balhla

English: Berry (Black/Blue berry)
Mizo tawng: Theihmu

English: Cherry
Mizo tawng: Theite chikhat

English: Coconut
Mizo tawng: Narial

English: Cranberry
Mizo tawng: Ram theihmu

English: Date
Mizo tawng: Tumrah thlumchi

English: Fig
Mizo tawng: Theipui

English: Grape
Mizo tawng: Gerep /Grep

English: Guava
Mizo tawng: Kawlthei

English: Jackfruit
Mizo tawng: Lamkhuang

English: Lemon
Mizo tawng: Ser/Limbu/Nimbu

English: Lime
Mizo tawng: Ser te chi

English: Lychee
Mizo tawng: Theifeihmung

English: Mango
Mizo tawng: Theihai

English: Water Melon
Mizo tawng: Dawnfawh

English: Mask melon
Mizo tawng: Hmazil

English: Mulberry
Mizo tawng: Thingtheihmu

English: Olive
Mizo tawng: Olive thei

English: Orange/Madarin orange
Mizo tawng: Serthlum

English: Papaya
Mizo tawng: Thingfanghma

English: Passionfruit
Mizo tawng: Sapthei

English: Pear
Mizo tawng: Per thei

English: Plum
Mizo tawng: Theite lian chi

English: Pineapple
Mizo tawng: Lakhuihthei

English: Pomegranate
Mizo tawng: Theibuhfai

English: Butterfruit
Mizo tawng: Theihang

English: Valencia fruit
Mizo tawng: Sisumam

English: Citrus limetta (Mosambi)
Mizo tawng: Sermam

English: Peach (small red plum)
Mizo tawng: Theite sen/Japan theite

English: Peach  (a hairy variety)
Mizo tawng: Theite hmul

English: Tamarind
Mizo tawng: Tengtere

English: Emblic Myrobalan /Gooseberry/Indian gooseberry (Amla)
Mizo tawng: Sunhlu

English: Otaheite/Malay/Tahitian/Country/Star/West Indian gooseberry
Mizo tawng: Kawlsunhlu

English: Garcinia cowa
Mizo tawng: Chengkek

English: Perkia speciosa (Stink bean)
Mizo tawng: Zawngtah

English: Carombola/star fruit
Mizo tawng: Theiherawt

English: Myrica esculenta/red/bay berry (Soh phie in Khasi)
Mizo tawng: Keifang

English: Bastard Oleaster (Elaeagnus latifolia)/ Silverberry
Mizo tawng: Sarzuk

English: Wild Lemon (Sour)/Pomelo/grapefruit
Mizo tawng: Sertawk

English: Rhus chinensis/ Chinese sumac/rhus javanica/nutgail tree
Mizo: Khawmhma

English: Garnicia cowa/Cowa fruit/Malabar tamarind/Cowa moangosteen/Brindal berry
Mizo: Chengkek

English: Freshwater mangrove/carallia brachiata
Mizo: Theiria

English: Baccaurea ramiflora/Burmese grape
Mizo: Pangkai

English: Monkey jack/monkey fruit (Artocarpus lacucha)
Mizo: Theitat

English: Chesnut
Mizo: Thingsemim

English: Walnuts
Mizo: Kumkhal/Umkhal

English: Sour taste
Mizo: Thil thurna nei chi

English: Sour
Mizo: Thur/thil thur

English: Ripe
Mizo: Hmin (thei hmin)

English: Sour fruit
Mizo: Thei thur

Friday, June 12, 2015

Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad

Buffalo lake is one of the natural lakes existed in University of Hyderabad campus. It can be reach by foots, two wheelers and four wheelers. If you want to visit this lake you have to take right road from University post office just behind Lake view guest house. The road is kutcha and from the main road (beside Post office) it will take only 2 minutes to reach the lake. It can also be reach from DST Auditorium road that passing toward University Guest house, if you follow this road, you need to proceed before reaching the main crossroad. When you look down westward you can easily see the lake even from the road itself.

One fine evening me and my three friends (Dennis, Nelson and Cteii) went to this Buffalo lake and its surrounding places in our university campus. After so many years over we climb up again till the top of the huge standing rocks beside the lake. Sometime it is good to have an outing with friends to get away from summer (2015) heat. Having nature thrilling with friends was so refreshing and relieving. If you are living in this campus I am suggesting that if you get bore please close your books and walk down to buffalo lake then you will get a refreshing mind and spirit!! While walking beside the lake in that evening I have clicked  the below pictures, I hope you also like them too.

Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad
Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad
Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad
Lust nature landscape near Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad

Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad as it seen from top of the rock

Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad
Sunset and buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad
Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad

Rock at Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad

Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad

Rock wall beside Buffalo lake, University of Hyderabad

You may notice that during summer time water level in buffalo lake is very low and untidy. Whether water level is high or low for the students of University of Hyderabad buffalo lake is and will still be one of their favourite outing places in campus. Apart from academic programmes the advantage of living in University of Hyderabad campus is we can have nature thrilling and trekking inside the campus at anytime, you do need preplanned, it can be done as per your convenience. I am so glad that I am studying in this wonderful campus, it give me many experiences and memories.