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Mizo - English (Spoken/useful Mizo tawng)

Mizo tawng is the native language of the Mizo(s) who are living in Mizoram and its neighbouring states in north eastern parts of India. Mizo tawng is also known as Duhlian or Lusei/Lushai language. Details of the language can be seen in Wikipedia site: Mizo language.

Here are some useful Mizo tawng-English :-

Mizo tawng: Kei, Keimah
English: I, Me, Myself

Mizo tawng: Nang, Nangmah
English: You, Your, Yourself

Mizo tawng: Keimahni, Kan
English: We, Our, Ourself

Mizo tawng: An, Anmahni
English: They, Them, Themself

Mizo tawng: Mipa
English: Man, Male

Mizo tawng: Hmeichhia
English: Woman, Female

Mizo tawng: Enge?
English: What?

Mizo tawng: Engtik nge?/ Engtik ah nge?
English: When?

Mizo tawng: Engvang nge? Engvang chuan?
English: Why? How?

Mizo tawng: Khawnge? Khawi ah nge?
English: Where?

Mizo tawng: Hetah, helai ah
English: Here

Mizo tawng: Saw tah, kha tah
English: There

Mizo tawng: Vawiin
English: Today

Mizo tawng: Nimin
English: Yesterday

Mizo tawng: Naktuk
English: Tomorrow

Mizo tawng: Engtik lai pawhin/Engtik ah pawh

Mizo tawng: Zing
English: Morning

Mizo tawng: Chhun
English: Day time

Mizo tawng:Tlai
English: Evening

Mizo tawng: Zan
English: Night

Mizo tawng: Ni
English: Day

Mizo tawng: Chawlhkar
English: Week

Mizo tawng: Thla
English: Month

Mizo tawng: Kum
English: Year

Mizo tawng: Chaw
English: Food

Mizo tawng: Chawhmeh
English: Curry

Mizo tawng: Buhfai
English: Rice

Mizo tawng: In
English: House/home

Mizo tawng: Tui
English: Water

Mizo tawng: Thingpui
English: Tea

Mizo tawng: Sa
English: Meat

Mizo tawng: Mipa
English: Male

Mizo tawng: Hmeichhia
English: Female

Mizo tawng: Mipa naupang
English: Boy

Mizo tawng: Hmeichhe naupang
English: Girl

Mizo tawng: Naupang
English: Children/Child

Mizo tawng: Puitling
English: Adult

Mizo tawng: Nu leh Pa
English: Parents

Mizo tawng: Pa
English: Father

Mizo tawng: Nu
English: Mother

Mizo tawng: Unau pa
English: Brother

Mizo tawng: Unau nu
English: Sister

Mizo tawng: Unau
English: Sibling

Mizo tawng: Thian
English: Friend

Mizo tawng: Thianpa
English: Friend (boy)/buddy

Mizo tawng: Thiannu
English: Friend (girl)/buddy

Mizo tawng: Hmelma
English: Enemy

Mizo tawng: Ngaihzawng pa/bial pa
English: Boy friend

Mizo tawng: Ngaihzawng nu/bial nu
English: Girl friend

Mizo tawng: Nupui
English: Wife

Mizo tawng: Pasal
English: Husband

Mizo tawng: Mo
English: Bride

Mizo tawng: Mo neitu
English: Bridegroom

Mizo tawng: Pu
English: Grand father

Mizo tawng: Pi
English: Grand Mother

Mizo tawng: Meizial
English: Cigarette

Mizo tawng: Zu
English: Alcohol / Wine

Mizo tawng: Thian kan ni thei angem?
English: Can we become a friends?

Mizo tawng: Mizo tawng i thiam em?
English: Do you know Mizo tawng?

Mizo tawng: Mizo tawng ka thiam lo
English: I don't know Mizo tawng

Mizo tawng: Mizo tawng thiam ka duh/ Mizo tawng zir ka duh
English: I want to learn Mizo tawng

Mizo tawng: Tunge i hming?
English: What is your name?

Mizo tawng: Ka hming chu Liana a ni
English: My name is Liana

Mizo tawng: I hming chu a mawi hle mai
English: Your name is so good

Mizo tawng: Enge i hming pum?
English: What is your full name/surename

Mizo tawng: Khawnge i kal dawn?
English: Where are you going?

Mizo tawng: Bazar ah ka kal dawn
English : I am going to  Bazaar/Martket

Mizo tawng: Khawiah mah ka kal lo
English: I am not going anywhere

Mizo tawng: Kalna tur pawh ka hre lo
English: I dont know where to go

Mizo tawng: Ka kal na tur min kawhhmuh thei angem?
English: Can you tell me where shall i go?

Mizo tawng: Lo thu rawh
English: Sit down/take your seat

Mizo tawng:  Ka thu hman lo kal leh mai ka ngai a
English: I can't sit , i have to move on

Mizo tawng: Lo haw tawh la/Lo kir leh rawh
English: Come home  or Come back

Mizo tawng: Enge i tih?
English: What are you doing?

Mizo tawng: Engmah ka ti lo
English : I am doing nothing

Mizo tawng: Ka buai lutuk
English: I am so busy

Mizo tawng: I inkhawm dawn em?
English: Are you going to church?

Mizo tawng: Hetah lo kal rawh
English: Come here

Mizo tawng: Aw, ka lo kal nghal e
English : Yes, i am coming

Mizo tawng: Engzat man nge?
English: How much?

Mizo tawng:  Hei hi ka lei duh
English : I want to buy this

Mizo tawng: Chaw i ei tawh em?
English: Have you taken your food?

Mizo tawng: Chaw ka la ei lo
English : I am not yet taking food

Mizo tawng: Chaw ka ei tawh
English: I had  taken my food

Mizo tawng: In chaw (chawhmeh) chu a tui hle mai
English: Your food is so tasty.

Mizo tawng: Ka chaw ei a tui lo
English: I don't have appetite for food

Mizo tawng: Tun tum hi Mizoram a ka vawikhat kalna a ni
English: This is my first time in Mizoram

Mizo tawng: Ka tan chuan thil thar vek a ni
English: Everything is new for me

Mizo tawng: I dam em?
English: How are you?

Mizo tawng: Ka dam e
English: I am fine

Mizo tawng: Ka dam tha vak lo
English: I am not fine/I am not well

Mizo tawng: Ka lung a leng
English: I am feeling lonely

Mizo tawng: I hmeltha hle mai / I hmeltha lutuk
English: You are handsome or You are so beautiful

Mizo tawng: Aizawl ah ka kal duh
English: I want to go to Aizawl

Mizo tawng: Aizawl chu a nuam em?
English: How is Aizawl?

Mizo tawng: Aizawl chu a nuam hle
English: Aizawl is nice place

Mizo tawng: Ka lawm e
English: Thank you

Mizo tawng: Khawngaih in/ Khawngaih takin
English: Please

Mizo tawng: Khawngaih in/ Khawngaih takin min lo tih sak thei angem?
English: Please can you do it for me?

Mizo tawng: Thil lei sak che ka duh
English: I want to buy something for you

Mizo tawng: Mangtha
English: Good Night/ Good Bye

Mizo tawng: Chibai
English: Greeting

Mizo tawng: Sawi rawh/ Min hrilh rawh
English: Tell me

Mizo tawng: A to lutuk
English: It so costly

Mizo tawng: Min tanpui rawh
English: Please help me

Mizo tawng: Tanpui ka ngai
English: I need a help

Mizo tawng: Ka hmangaih che
English: I love you

Mizo tawng: Ka ngai lutuk che
English: I miss you so much

Mizo tawng: Kei pawn ka ngai che
English: I miss you too

Mizo tawng: Mifel tak i ni
English: You are a nice person

Mizo tawng: Ka hlim em em a ni
English: I am very happy

Mizo tawng: Ka lungngai
English: I am sad

Mizo tawng: A mawi hle mai
English: It so beautiful

Mizo tawng: Damdawi ka lei duh
English: I want to buy medicine

Mizo tawng: Khualbuk/ Hotel khawi ah nge a awm?
English: Where is Hotel?

Mizo tawng: Meizial suh suh/Meizial zuk phal a ni lo
English: No Smoking

Mizo tawng: Min lo nghak rawh
English:  Wait for me

Mizo tawng: Aw, ka lo nghak ang che
English: Yes, i will wait for you

Mizo tawng: Ka lo kal leh ang
English: I will come again

Mizo tawng: Awlsam
English: Easy

Mizo tawng: Harsa
English: Difficult

Mizo tawng: A vawt
English: It's cold

Mizo tawng: A lum
English: It's hot

Mizo tawng: A tuilo
English: It's not tasty

Mizo tawng: Ka duh lo
English: I don't like/want

Mizo tawng: Zaidam/Nunnem/ngilnei
English: Kind/Gentle

Mizo tawng: Hausa
English: Rich

Mizo tawng: Rethei
English: Poor

Mizo tawng: Chak
English: Strong

Mizo tawng: Chaklo
English: Weak

Mizo tawng: Ka chunga i that na avangin ka lawm e
English: Thank you for showing kindness on me

Mizo tawng: Min ngaihtuah sak avangin lawmthu ka hrilh a che
English: Thank you for your kind consideration

Mizo tawng: Pathian in malsawm che rawh se
English: May God bless you

Mizo tawng: Nang malsawmna ni ang che
English: Be a blessing

Mizo tawng: Min lo tawngtai pui dawnnia
English: Please pray for me

Mizo tawng: Tluang takin i kal dawnnia
English: Safe journey

Mizo tawng: Harsatna i neih chuan min rawn hrilh dawnnia
English: If you have problem let me know

Mizo tawng: Harsatna ka neih chuan ka lo hrilh ang che
English: If i have problem i will tell you

Mizo tawng: Engkim a tha vek e
English: All is well

Mizo tawng: Ka muhil
English: I am sleeping

Mizo tawng: I muhil a mi?
English: Are you sleeping?

Mizo tawng: Ka la muhil lo deuh
English: I am not yet sleeping

Mizo tawng: Kan in hmu chu a lawmawm hle mai
English: Nice to meet you

Mizo tawng: Ka hmu duh che
English: I want to  meet you

Mizo tawng: Hmangaihna in engkim a hneh thin
English: Love conquer all

Mizo tawng:Zirtirtu
English: Teacher

Mizo tawng: Mizo tawng min zirtirtu tur ka mamawh
English: I need teacher to teach me Mizo tawng

Mizo tawng: Lungngai suh/Lungngai mah ta che
English: Don't be worry

Mizo tawng: A tha leh vek mai ang
English: It will be okay

Mizo tawng: Hlim takin nun hmang ang che
English: Have a happy life

Mizo tawng: Ka lawmpui a che/Duhsakna ka hlan a che
English: Congratulation

Mizo tawng: Dam thuai ang che
English: Get well soon

Mizo tawng: I lo kal a ka lawm e
English: Thanks for coming

Mizo tawng: I chungah ka lawm e
English: I am glad on you

Mizo tawng: Min tanpui avangin ka lawm e
English: Thanks for your help

Mizo tawng: I dam that ka beisei
English: I hope you are doing fine

Mizo tawng: Bengchheng siam suh
English: Don't make a noise/Keep silence

Mizo tawng: Thawnthu ngaihnawm tak a ni
English: Its an interesting story

Mizo tawng: Khualzin
English: Traveler/Sojourner

Mizo tawng: Nun/Hringnun
English: Human life

Mizo tawng: Khawvel
English: World/Earth

Mizo tawng: Van
English: Sky

Mizo tawng: Leilung/Lei/Khawmual
English: Land/Soil

Mizo tawng:Boruak
English: Air

Mizo tawng: Pisa
English : Office

Mizo tawng: Biak In
English: Church

Mizo tawng: Vantlang
English: Public

Mizo tawng: Mimal
English: Private/Individual

Mizo tawng: Nichhuak
English: Sunrise

Mizo tawng: Nitla
English: Sunset

Mizo tawng: Beisei/Beiseina
English: Hope/Expectation

Mizo tawng: Saptawng chauh ka thiam
English: I speak only English

Mizo tawng: Saptawng leh Mizo tawng i thiam kawp em?
English: Do you speak English and Mizo tawng(language)?

Mizo tawng: Mizo tawng in let rawh
English: Translate in Mizo tawng
If these simple words are useful for our non-Mizo friends, I may add some mores  by next time :-)
Late addition:
English - Mizo animal names
English - Mizo numbers
English - Mizo vegetables & crops
English - Mizo relationship 
English - Mizo colours 
English - Mizo Greetings & Interactions

This video tutorial may be helpful for Mizo language beginners:


Unknown said...

A va tha thin em!!!

Mizohican said...

Awesome compilation :)

This will be really useful for those who need it.

Just a small doubt here -

Mizo tawng: Mipa
English: He

Mizo tawng: Hmeichhia
English: She

Noun leh pronoun i compare zawk a nih hmel. A mizo tawngah noun i hmanga, english translation ah pronoun i hmang leh daih bawk sia :)

Zara Ralte said...

Mahruaii: Ka va lawm em!
Mizohican: Thanks for correction,ka thiam ve chin hi a tlem em a tin ni,hman zan ah ka phur thut in en pawh ennawn lutuk lovin ka post ve ngawt alawm le. Mi in an hmuh tam hma in i rawn sawi pahnih te hi ka siamtha tawh e.

Unknown said...

dis is guud, but i want more!! I wanna learn Mizo tawng soooo frikin bad!! Tanpui ka ngai!! Luk at dat, i learnd a sentence, lolzz!! -_-

Unknown said...
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Dharma said...

Nice collection and its a good starting point. Though i lived and studied in Aizawl (class 6 to 12), i never tried hard to learn the language. I used to understand while i was there, but being out of touch for almost 18 yrs now, its tough. I would love to learn and speak well.

It will be good to add more to this collection. probably base it on the following:

Ka Lawm e

Unknown said...

i m looking for a english to MIzo translator can anyone helpo me out its very urgent ,my nymber is 9999969920,linguabizindia@gmail.com

Zara Ralte said...

shilpi sharma if you need Mizo translator you can reach me at azassk[at]gmail[dot]com

ang said...

Could any one please explain me what "i ek tum nih cu" means..

Dr pintu modak said...

Ege itih mek in english

Dr pintu modak said...

Ege itih mek in english

Unknown said...

Enge I tih mek? Means what are you doing right now or simply whats up?

Unknown said...

It means you're very beautiful/handsome

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

@Lalzarzoa Zara Ralte yes my friend it's very helpful. i am a khasi and its very helpful. Please add some more.

Dr pintu modak said...

can anyone translate these sentences in english...Kahrethiam e, Karilru a hah, Pasal amu

Unknown said...

please translate ... in english

ka khovel nin a cuak

Unknown said...

"Ka va ngai em Lalram ropui " tih hla hi minlo translate sak teh u.plisss

Unknown said...

Thank u very much (ka lawm e)😄🙌

deepak raj said...

bro, it's 'kalaw mein'

Hriatpuii Kawlni said...

@deepak, It is not "Kalaw mein" but instead "Ka lawm e" for "Thank you"

@Vikram, if you want to emphasise your gratitude by saying Thank you VERY much instead of a simple Thank you, you can say, "Ka lawm LUTUK e"

@shabil, "Ka khawvel nin a chhuak" would be simply termed as, "I am so tired of this world". Since there is no exact word to translate that word in English, you can use this word. People mostly say that word when they are too tensed, stressed or having a mood swing (particularly among females)

Anonymous said...

hi, can you please help to translate this in english?
ai ni lo cu min hmanghy tu om lo he ram h hyn

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What is blood pressure? In Mizo

Unknown said...

What is blood pressure? In Mizo

Unknown said...

Nangmah te kha means

Unknown said...

Nangmah te kha means

Random said...

" k beisie lo h tr k beisie ani e " please translate this! Thanks ��

Unknown said...

What does this mean? Dam... i dam jok maw???

Unknown said...

PlZzz tell me the meaning of zangte

Sporting said...
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Sporting said...

Quite humbled by your prompt reply and help Lalzorzoa Sir. Please keep the good work up as you do, complements and best wishes.

Ama's blog said...

Hmel en reng reng pawn rinawm tluk chi hi chu awm ve a nia
Can someone translate this to English please?

Dan said...

A ruk ni a duh ve che nih hmel
Can you please translate this and send it in my email? 😊

Unknown said...

Ka dit naw che..meaning plZ

Unknown said...

Ka dit naw che..meaning plZ

Unknown said...

Yes... it really helped me alot please make teach more

Unknown said...

Khua nen inhmeh emy. What is this means

Êngthâwla said...

Mizo ṭawng zâwkah khian, "Bengchhêng siam suh!" tih khi a dik lo. Sâp ṭawngah 'Make' tih a tel mai avangin 'Siam' tih kan sawi tel ve kher lo. "Bengchhêng suh!" tiin kan sawi mai ṭhin a ni.

Unknown said...

Hi..pls translate below comment.

ka a thei tak ngail dawn

Unknown said...

Dawh lo pa.....Means in Mizo??? Pls

Unknown said...

(Iva thiam ve) please translate this

Unknown said...

It's quite helpfull to learn but if it come with more.. Than it will be the best for all of us who are glad to learn mizo tawng.

Unknown said...

What are you doing right now

Unknown said...

Please write what is it "jonga uico pa" in English?

Unknown said...

Is there any app for mizo -english translation?? Or vice versa?

Sawmkimihmar said...

I'm trying out the presale event right now! can you help me

👆mizo tawng in min lo hrilh teh u

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

how do you say "shut up" in mizo

Unknown said...

he/she may like you in secret.

Unknown said...

What are you doing?

Unknown said...

I am bored by this world

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

He/she ordered you to work

Unknown said...

This language is not duhlian, instead its a hmar. Anyway the meaning is 'i do not want you'.

Unknown said...

It suits the day

Unknown said...

You are so professional.

Unknown said...

Its a dirty word like 'fuck you man'

Unknown said...

Ngawi rawh

Unknown said...

It refers a person's private Part, only if a person is a he. Literally, it means, small dick

Unknown said...

I am doing very well, and you?

Unknown said...

Thats a medical term, we use it as BP.

Unknown said...

mizo tog ithiam reg hii mn be ve maila
Can any one translate ths

Unknown said...

What does...Lalpa'n lunghlu ah minsiam a, engmah la mai atang hian in .......mean?

Unknown said...

How do you say "You are very intelligent?

Unknown said...

Send nudes

Dreammy Bsa said...

Ka thu thu tih leh Chaw ei tui aw tih hi min lo hrilh teh u hria in awm chuan khawngaih in..

Unknown said...

Minnn biakdan hi k duhlo. What does it mean?

Unknown said...

Do you have a

Unknown said...

hello all, I need help in constructing some ambiguous Mizo sentences. like 'lei aa hmu duh'. Could anyone please help me?

Unknown said...

You can speak mizo,just talk to me

Unknown said...

God change our nothingness into a diamonds

Unknown said...

I Riley a van chak ve

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

That's my choiCe

Have a nice food

Unknown said...

In simple word

I can be fooliSh

Unknown said...

Please translate this, ilo thu ang u

Unknown said...

How to say I'm happy for you, beautiful

Unknown said...

How to say I'm happy for you, beautiful in Mizo

Unknown said...

fialo tih hi min lo hril

Unknown said...

What do you mean? Tih hi mizotawngin eng nge?

Unknown said...

Pasal nei lai ka nia tih hi English in ka min hrilh teh u

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

keep doing, this blog give me alots of idea how to use mizo and english language

Unknown said...

He hi nge ting nge ka ti dawn a

Unknown said...

Tha hle mai..Biakin leh Kohhran Programme a mi lo welcome dan han ti leh zel ula....Chhiar aman hla hle mai

Unknown said...

Enge I the sasi awmzia? tihna...

Unknown said...

Thanks ..this helps a lot in learning Mizo Twang!

Unknown said...

What are u doing right now

Unknown said...

I understand it,I'm panic,my husband is sleeping

Unknown said...

Didn't find someone till now tihhi min leh sak thei ngem?

reehan khan said...

Zial I zu maw

Lallawmkimi Kimkimi said...

"Mizoramah chuan chhun chaw kan ei mek" tih hi khawngaihin min lo leh sak ve

Ryan Hmar said...

Correct translation in English would be "I could go mad/ it's driving me insane" often used in frustration

Shing said...

Israela te ho tuai rilru te si.. Cher chhe ropui sia…?? What what does this mean ?

Anonymous said...

There you after hi han let teh u a. Tawngkam pangngai deuhin aw.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Nuam em?? translate in english

Unknown said...

ege i sawi duh means hindi

Unknown said...

Dawtthu ka hrilh tih hi english in min lo hrilh please

Unknown said...

Dawr ah thil i ba tawh em

Unknown said...

Thats when i look at you

Newlycreated123 said...

Could someone translate this please
👤 : Official a ni em?
👤 : Nilo

Unknown said...

Can someone tell me the meaning of “keipoh le nua"

Unknown said...

"Kan tuizawng a in ang vek lo" in English please

Unknown said...

Eng nge I tih awmzia?tihna

Unknown said...

Can somebody tell meaning of (engmah kati lo)
Mizo twng in minlo be minlo be suh
Ka thiam bik lo ka nau

Zara Ralte said...

(engmah kati lo)
Mizo twng in minlo be minlo be suh
Ka thiam bik lo ka nau

Meaning in Mizo:
I am not doing anything, don't talk to me in Mizo language, I don't even understand kiddo:)

Unknown said...

Mizo inih kha chhe pog

Unknown said...

Naum em is. Is it fun

Unknown said...

"When did you go?" please translate in mizo

Unknown said...

Thiam ve meaning

Unknown said...

Nupui nei lai inch chuan kan in ngai zawng thei lovang thiam kanni thei lo ami tih English in min let sak the u

Nick said...

What is meaning of "Ka thiante hi an chhelo nia "

Unknown said...

Please add the sentence
I am 30 years old