Friday, June 7, 2013

Let's count numbers in Mizo tawng (Language) (English - Mizo)

Agriculture(Jhum) site in Sialsuk Village, Mizoram, Pic taken by Amuana Ralte
If you learn or read carefully 1-10 in Mizo tawng you can  easily master beyond 10 also as it repeat  in each count to decade numbers too.

English: Half
Mizo tawng: Chanve

English: Zero
Mizo tawng: Bial

English: One
Mizo tawng: Pakhat

English: Two
Mizo tawng: Pahnih

English: Three
Mizo tawng: Pathum

English: Four
Mizo tawng: Pali

English: Five
Mizo tawng: Panga

English: Six
Mizo tawng: Paruk

English: Seven
Mizo tawng: Pasarih

English: Eight
Mizo tawng: Pariat

English: Nine
Mizo tawng: Pakua

English: Ten
Mizo tawng: Sawm

English: Eleven
Mizo tawng: Sawmpakhat

English: Twelve
Mizo tawng: Sawmpahnih

English: Thirteen
Mizo tawng: Sawmpathum

English: Fourteen
Mizo tawng: Sawmpali

English: Fifteen
Mizo tawng:Sawmpanga

Mizo tawng:Sawmparuk

English: Seventeen
Mizo tawng: Sawmpasarih

English: Eighteen
Mizo tawng: Sawmpariat

English: Nineteen
Mizo tawng: Sawmpakua

English: Twenty
Mizo tawng: Sawmhnih

English: Thirty
Mizo tawng: Sawmthum

English: Fourty
Mizo tawng: Sawmli

English: Fifty
Mizo tawng: Sawmnga

English: Sixty
Mizo tawng: Sawmruk

English: Seventy
Mizo tawng: Sawmsarih

English: Eighty
Mizo tawng: Sawmriat

English: Ninety
Mizo tawng: Sawmkua

English: Hundred
Mizo tawng: Za

English: Thousand
Mizo tawng: Sang

English: Ten thousand
Mizo tawng: Sing

English: Lakh
Mizo tawng: Nuai

English: Million
Mizo tawng: Maktaduai

English: Crore
Mizo tawng: Vaibelchhia

English: Billion
Mizo tawng: Vaibelchhetak

English: Trillion
Mizo tawng: Tluk leh dingawn

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Mizohican said...

10,000 is sing, not sang :)

Zara Ralte said...

Mizohican I lo chhiar uluk thin a,i zarah ka thu post tam tak ka correct theih phah thin. Ka lawm em em e.

Unknown said...

chibai, i'm a budding learner of mizo tawng. your blog is very useful. ka lawm lutuk che. :)

Panna said...
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Panna said...

Your blog is very useful. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Trillion zawh ho zawnghi Mizotawngin a la awm em

Unknown said...

10 Trillion hi "Vate-lu-kawn" a ni tiin ka pu khan min zirtir țhin..