Monday, June 18, 2007

Rock of Ages-an evening expedition at University of Hyderabad

Summer has came, its too hot and everybody eagerly wait shower(of blessing!), unexpectedly there was a rain here in Hyderabad, before raining we all(Utaia, Thanpuia, Hruaia, Robert)were in my room planning to have an evening trekking in our University campus Rock. Utaia bought a new hi-tech Camera in yesterday and wanna test how good it is, but we were in off-mood as shower still pouring. At last i went up to terrace to checkout weather condition, it seems raining almost stop and went down to my room. Though it was still drizzling our keenest could not stop us and start riding our bi-cycle. In the mid-way shower start again and stop at SN School Junction,looking around sculptures and their other products. Robert left us and he went back.Thank God! Sun appear again, then we went straight to Buffalo Lake, we reached near the lake and parked our cycle.
After this we go by foot..

To reach our destination at least we have to go around Buffalo Lake..Whatever there may be in the way, we don't know but we will move ahead...

It was not an easy trip, there is a thick forest to pass through..

Here is my colleagues Thanpuia and Mahruaia take a rest under the old-aged Tamarind trees. The Tamarind trees are growing very big, standing still more than a century (it seems!)

Way become unsafe!
Alas!we saw my most-hated creature in the we are feeling scare of it we want to leave the spot soon but Utaia (the great)does not have such. Instead showed his kindness, play with this snake after-sometime and he click this picture.

wow! keep it away!

Look out! snares a head, we have to be careful otherwise we might be in trap!

Trough many hard and danger! We safely reach our destination Rock ....but we still have to climb up..

and the mile before we take rest:)

Here is the top,the destination had been reached now!

Among us, only Utaia can reached the Highest Rock...what would be the taste of Oxygen in such high place? I suppose less air polution:-)

See the beautiful views from top of the Rock

sunset view

towards campus

After Spending enough time we climb down from the top of the rock.
(puia be careful!)

Hyderabad is very rich in a variety of Rock Structures

Professional watch!!!

at the base of the rock

The sun has set and we also set back.

It was really a nice expedition.. Utai, Mathanpui, Hruaipui,thank you. All these memories will be still remains ..130607AD

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.-anonymous
Photo Credits: Mr.H.Vanlalhruaia. Research Scholar, University of Hyderabad


JoHn LaLdUhSakA said...

indeed, university of hyderabad's full of wonders. who's that brave guy who's holding the snake but with a stick. yet i'd still say hje is indeed brave. hats off to him. The rock formation and lake, they really are something. who took those pictures. Beautiful and i'd a picture taken well or is it that you guys have hired a pro to take those......Amazing....

however I was told that there are other two guy whome u did forgot to invite ...he selfish of you guys..he he..N'ways the beauty of our univerity is one in a million and rare. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

wow,the univ campus pictures are excellent.and the Zohmun pics..breaathtaking ya!we can shoot our own series of Lord of the rings there,no?

Puii said...

Wow!!!You guys are so lucky to have a univ. where u can actually go for trekking!! Tht's so .... coooolll!! Wished i culd also visit one day.It must've been really worth going to those beautiful places with wonders of natures around..they're all so beautiful..except for the snake :)which is so creepy! Thumbs up to yo man !!

avena said...

lovely pic......good boy...75/100 marks

Zara Ralte said...

@John-u prefered to go in the sports complx ..but you would be invited again next time:)


@puii:u r most welcome in our campus

@ avena: thanks

Calliopia said...

Beautiful campus, great pictures, very nice models ;)

Janit said...

Great pictures of the University of Hyderabad. You can also visit my blog for more such sightseeing in Hyderabad snaps.

Unknown said...
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