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Pix:Chhurbura@Mizoram State Meuseum.

If you are born-up in Mizoram you must be familiar with Nahaia's friend a name called 'Chhurbura' or in short 'Chhura'.:)

What's Pu.Buanga Dictionary's says about Chhura?

1)Chhûra, (p. 086) [ Chhûra, ] n the name of a famous character in Lushai folk-lore—noted for his stupidity and industry. His name is frequently coupled with that of his friend Naa or Nahaia. (See Chhûrbûra.)

2)Chhûra buh ena " en, (p. 086) [ Chhûra buh ena " en, ] v to look at with the head sideways on a level with the object looked at, as Chhura used to look at his growing rice to get the impression that there was much more of it than there really was. (Chhûra buh enin en rawh.)

3)Chhûra paw-vawng, (p. 086) [ Chhûra paw-vawng, ] n the name of a medium-sized iridescent fly somewhat resembling the blue-bottle or blow-fly in appearance, but not in character. (See pawvawng and tho-tle.)

4)Chhûra ûm-pui, (p. 086) [ Chhûra ûm-pui, ] n the name of a creeper and its fruit. (Same as vânṭha ûm.)

5)Chhûra ûmpui mu, (p. 086) [ Chhûra ûmpui mu, ] n the flat irregularly-shaped seeds of the fruit of the above creeper which are worn by Lushai children as beads. (Same as vânṭha ûm mu.)

6)Chhûra vawkpa, (p. 086) [ Chhûra vawkpa, ] n the name of a fat edible cricket with short body and very long hoppers. (Resembles the 'bush-creep'.) See kumtin thîaneilo.

7)Chhûra vawkpa zâwnna, (p. 086) [ Chhûra vawkpa zâwnna, ] n the name of a small toy litter or stretcher, suitable for carrying a Chhûra vawkpa cricket in, made in the form of a kind of cat's-cradle from a single strip of bamboo, etc. (See Hauhaii zâwnna, which however is of a different pattern.)

8)Chhûrbûra, (p. 086) [ Chhûrbûra, ] n the full name of the famous Lushai character commonly known as Chhûra. (See there.)

If people called you as "chhura" then what will you say? I think you may not welcome them:)he he. But Chhura cannot be under-estimated, instead he is called as hero and some Mizo tribes(Hmar)still claimed themselves as Chhura's descendants. So if you want to become a hero don't ever mind to called yourself as "Chhura". Whenever you got a call from someone and address you as "chhurbur" kindly accept and appreciate it, that is your way for future hero:-)all the best!

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