Thursday, July 7, 2022

Conversation about food related things in English to Mizo language

English: Have you taken food?/Had your food?
Mizo tawng: Chaw i ei tawh em?

English: Do you eat food?
Mizo tawng: Chaw i ei em?

English: When will you eat food?
Mizo tawng: Engtikah nge chaw i ei ang?

English: What are you eating?
Mizo tawng: Eng nge i ei a?

English: I had taken food
Mizo tawng: Chaw ka ei tawh e

English: I eat food
Mizo tawng: Chaw ka ei 

English: I am eating food
Mizo tawng: Chaw ka ei mek

English: I will eat food
Mizo tawng: Chaw ka la ei ang

English: I am done/I have done
Mizo tawng: Chaw ka ei tawh e/Chaw ka ei puar tawh e

English: Dinner/Supper
Mizo tawng: Zanriah

English: Lunch
Mizo tawng: Chaw chhun

English: Breakfast
Mizo tawng: Tukthuan

English: I drink a tea
Mizo tawng: Thingpui ka in

English: I am drinking tea
Mizo tawng: Thingpui ka in mek

English: I will drink tea
Mizo tawng: Thingpui ka la in ang

English: Do you like tea?
Mizo tawng: Thingpui i in duh em?

English: Yes, I like tea
Mizo tawng: Aw, thingpui ka in duh e

English: Do you like coffee?
Mizo tawng: Coffee i in duh em?

English: No, I don't like coffee
Mizo tawng: Aih, coffee ka in duh lo

English: I want to order food
Mizo tawng: Chaw ei tur lei ka duh

English: How much is one plate?
Mizo tawng: Thleng khat engzat man nge?

English: Rs.50 per plate
Mizo tawng: Thleng khat zelah Rs.50

English: What are you serving for curry?
Mizo tawng: Chawhmeh atan eng nge in chhawp tel?

English: We are serving vegetarian food
Mizo tawng: Thlaihnah chauh ei ho ei thin ka chhawp

English: Do you serving non-vegetarian food?
Mizo tawng: Thlaihnah chauh ni lo, sa lam chi in chhawp tel em?

English: Yes, we also option for non-vegeterian food
Mizo tawng: Thlaihnah chauh ni lo, sa lam chi pawh duhthlan tur kan nei e.

English: I will take beef
Mizo tawng: Bawngsa ka lo duh ang e

English: We also have pork 
Mizo tawng: Vawksa pawh kan nei

English: Pork is my favourite food
Mizo tawng: Vawksa hi ka chawhmeh duhber a ni

English: What about chicken?
Mizo tawng: Arsa te hi?

English: I can take chicken also
Mizo tawng: Arsa pawh ka ei thei tho

English: Can I have one more plate?
Mizo tawng: Thleng khat dang ka ei leh thei angem?

English: Yes, you can take as much as you want
Mizo tawng: Aw, i duh ang zat zat i ei thei e.

English: The food is tasty
Mizo tawng: Chaw hi a tui

English: The food is very tasty
Mizo tawng: Chaw hi a tui hle mai

English: I am full/I am done
Mizo tawng: Ka ei puar e/ Ka ei kham e

English: Do you know how to cook food?
Mizo tawng: Chaw chhum dan i thiam em?/ Ei siam dan i thiam em?

English: Can you cook Mizo food?
Mizo tawng: Mizo chaw/chawhmeh i siam/chhum thiam em?

English: I can cook Mizo food for you
Mizo tawng: Mizo chaw/chawhmeh ka siam/chhum sak thei che.

English: What is your favourite food?
Mizo tawng: Eng nge i chaw/chawhmeh duh ber?

English: If we say food in Mizo language, it commonly means rice
Mizo tawng: Mizo tawnga chaw tia kan sawi chuan buh sawina a ni ber.

English: How do you say the other food items?
Mizo tawng: Chawhmeh dang te engtin nge in sawi ve le?

English: Among the Mizo, if you say 'chawhmeh' which means all the food items other than rice.
Mizo tawng: Mizo zingah chuan 'chawhmeh' tia i sawi chuan buh ni lo chawhmeh dang zawng tihna a ni.

English: Rice is the main food in Mizoram
Mizo tawng: Mizoramah chuan buh hi an chaw rin pui ber a ni.

English: Food items other than rice are called 'chawhmeh'
Mizo tawng: Buh ni lo chaw a ei chi dang ho chu 'chawhmeh' tia sawi an ni.

English: Mizo people like simple boiled food
Mizo tawng: Mizo te chuan chawhmeh chhum tawp an ngaina

English: Mizo food are commonly non-spicy
Mizo tawng: Mizo chaw chu a tlangpuithuin a thak leh rimna chi pawlh neuh neuh a tlem.

English: Do you eat jaggery?
Mizo tawng: Kurtai i ei duh em?

English: I like jaggery while drinking tea
Mizo tawng: Thingpui inpahin kurtai ei tel ka duh

English: This is a Mizo style
Mizo tawng: Hei hi Mizo te chin dan/tih dan a ni

English: Try to take food on time
Mizo tawng: A hunah zel chaw ei tum thin ang che

English: Why don't you take food?
Mizo tawng: Engati nge chaw i ei loh?

English: I am not yet hungry
Mizo tawng: Ka ril a la tam lo a ni

English: I know the reason
Mizo tawng: A chhan ka hria

English: How do you know?
Mizo tawng: Engtin nge i hriat a?

English: I saw you at the restaurant
Mizo tawng: Thingpui dawrah ka hmu che.

English: Let's have food
Mizo tawng: Chaw i ei ang u

English: Where will i sit?
Mizo tawng: Khawiah nge ka thut ang?

English: Sit at the corner
Mizo tawng: A kilah khan thu rawh

English: I will sit next to you
Mizo tawng: I dawtah ka lo thu ang

English: Do you want water?
Mizo tawng: Tui i duh em?

English: I want drinking water
Mizo tawng: Tui in tur ka duh

English: Which one you like, normal or cold water?
Mizo tawng: Tui pangngai nge a dah vawh i duh zawk?

English: I can take anyone
Mizo tawng: A enga pawh ka duh e

English: Don't you have problem?
Mizo tawng: Harsatna i nei lo ang maw?

English: No, I don't have problem.
Mizo tawng: Aih, harsatna ka nei lo e.

English: You are a nice person
Mizo tawng: Mi fel tak i ni e.

English: Don't say that
Mizo tawng: Chutiang sawi suh.

English: I can't resist myself
Mizo tawng: Ka insum thei lo.

English: Tell me about your favourite food
Mizo tawng: I chawhmeh ngainat zawng min hrilh rawh

English: Please don't ask me
Mizo tawng: Khawngaihin min zawt suh.

English: Sorry for asking silly question
Mizo tawng: Zawhna atthlak ka zawh che vangin min ngaidam rawh

English: It's okay, never mind
Mizo tawng: A tha lawm, pawiti suh

English: We are a friend
Mizo tawng: Inthian tha kan nia 

English: Where can I buy Mizo food?
Mizo tawng: Khawiah nge Mizo chaw ka lei theih ang?

English: Go to restaurant
Mizo tawng: Thingpui dawrah kal rawh

English: I don't know where to go
Mizo tawng: Kalna tur ka hre lo a lawm

English: I will tell you
Mizo tawng: Ka hrilh ang che

English: Tell me
Mizo tawng: Min hrilh rawh

English: Listen
Mizo tawng: Ngaithla la

English: I will listen
Mizo tawng: Ka ngaihthla ang

English: I will listen carefully
Mizo tawng: Ka ngaithla uluk viau ang

English: Have you tried Mizo google translate?
Mizo tawng: Google a Mizo tawng lehlin theihna i ti chhin tawh em?

English: Is it available in google translate?
Mizo tawng: Google tawng lenlinna a awm a mi?

English: Google has added Mizo language translate
Mizo tawng: Google in Mizo tawng lehlinna an dah tawh

English: Google translate will be useful for non-Mizo speaking people.
Mizo tawng: Mizo tawng hmang lo te tan google tawng lehlinna a tangkai ang

English: Can you translate the name of food items in Google?
Mizo tawng: Google-ah chawhmeh hming te i letling thei em?

English: More works to be done on google translate
Mizo tawng: Google tawng lehlinna h hna tam tak thawh tur a la awm

English: Anyway, I enjoy Mizo food
Mizo tawng: Engpawhnise, Mizo chaw ka ei a nuam ka ti hle.

English: I really appreciate your culinary skill
Mizo tawng: I ei leh in siamthiamna hi fakawm ka ti hle

English: Thank for your kind words.
Mizo tawng: I tawngkam tha avangin ka lawm e.

English: I am nothing, but I try my best.
Mizo tawng: Kei chu engmah ka ni lo a, mahse, ka theihtawp ka chhuah.

English: I will see you at the Church.
Mizo tawng: Biak in ah ka rawn hmu dawn che ania.

English: I am off now
Mizo tawng: Ka kal mai e aw.

English: Come again when you have free time
Mizo tawng: Hunawl i neih hunah lo kal nawn leh ang che.

English: I will come often
Mizo tawng: Ka lo kal fo ang

English: All right
Mizo tawng: A tha vek e

English: I want to know Mizo food recipee
Mizo tawng: Mizo chawhmeh siama a pawlh ho tur ka hre duh

English: It's a long story
Mizo tawng: A thawnthu a thui lutuk.

English: Tell me in simple words
Mizo tawng: Tawngkam mawlte in min hrilh rawh.

English: I will tell you if you obey my command
Mizo tawng: Ka thu i awih chuan ka la hrilh ang che.

English: Okay, I will do it
Mizo tawng: Aw le, ka lo ti dawn nia.

English: You are a good listener
Mizo tawng: Thil/thu sawi ngaithlatu tha tak/ngaithla peih tak i ni e.

English: Let's have a break for a while.
Mizo tawng: Chawlh la rih lawk ang aw.

(Remember that whenever you see 'aw' in Mizo language sentences and words, it has to be pronounced as 'o' sound. Example: Dawn nia = Don nia, awih = oih)

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Lunglei photos taken with my mobile phone

I have been living in Lunglei town for almost two and half years. Lunglei is the second biggest district headquarters in Mizoram and it can also recognised as the biggest town in Mizoram state. 

Let me post the photos that I have taken in various places of the town areas:

Chanmari street, Lunglei

Chanmari, Lunglei

Lunglawn field, Lunglei

Gov't. J. Buana College Library

Lunglei District Park, Zobawk

Lunglei district Park, Zobawk

Lunglei district park, Zobawk

AOC Square, Ramthar veng, Lunglei

Bazar veng, Lunglei

Autorickshaw stand, Bazar Veng, Lunglei

Chanmari, Lunglei

BCM Headquarters Office, Serkawn

Christian Hospital, Serkawn

BCM Complex, Serkawn

Baptist Church of Mizoram Headquarters, Serkawn

BCM Complex, Serkawn


BCM Complex main entrance, Serkawn

Christian Hospital, Serkawn

Sap tui, Serkawn

Ramthar veng, Lunglei

Chanmari II, Lunglei

Gov't. J. Buana College, Bazar veng, Lunglei

Gov't. J. Buana College, Bazar veng, Lunglei

Presbyterian Church, Chanmari, Lunglei

Chanmari, Lunglei

Petrol Pump, Lunglei

Lunglei landscape

Civil Hospital, Lunglei

Chanmari, Lunglei

Chanmari, Lunglei

Civil Hospital ambulances, Lunglei

Lunglei landscape view from Civil Hospital



Bazar veng, Lunglei

Ramthar veng, Lunglei

All India Radio Station, Lunglei

All India Radio Station, Lunglei

Ramthar veng, Lunglei

AOC Square, Ramthar veng, Lunglei

Bazar veng, Lunglei

Street food vendors, Venglai, Lunglei

AOC/Mizofed Petrol Pump, Ramthar Veng, Lunglei

Ramthar Veng, Lunglei

BDO Office, Lunglei, Chanmari

Rahsi veng, Lunglei

Lunglei town, Mizoram 

Landscape view from Lunglei Chanmari 

Chanmari, Lunglei 

Chanmari market area, Lunglei 

Civil Hospital Junction, Lunglei