Saturday, January 16, 2021

Doctor speciality in English to Mizo tawng

Here are some list of  medical doctor speciality in English to Mizo language:

English: Psychiatrist

Mizo tawng: Rilru lam daktawr

English: Dentist/Dental surgeon

Mizo tawng: Ha daktawr

English: Padeatrician

Mizo tawng: Naupang daktawr

English: Surgeon

Mizo tawng: Mizaitu daktawr

English: Oncologist

Mizo tawng: Cancer daktawr

English: Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

Mizo tawng: Hmeichhe natna lam daktawr

English: Cardiologist

Mizo tawng: Lung/thinlung daktawr

English: Dermatologist/Skin doctor

Mizo tawng: Vun lam daktawr

English: Gastroenterologists

Mizo tawng: Chaw kawng, pumpui leh ril lam daktawr

English: General medicine specialist

Mizo tawng: Natna tlanglawn daktawr

English: Nephrologist

Mizo tawng: Kal natna daktawr

English: Neurologist

Mizo tawng: Hriatna thazam daktawr

English: Ophthalmologist/Eye doctor

Mizo tawng: Mit daktawr

English: Pathologist

Mizo tawng: Natna zirchiangtu daktawr

English: Plastic surgeon

Mizo tawng: Vun siam thiam daktawr

English: Pulmonologist

Mizo tawng: Chuap kaihhnawih daktawr

English: Radiologist

Mizo tawng: Khawl hmang a mi entu daktawr (X-ray/ultrasound/CT Scan etc.)

English: Rheumatologist

Mizo tawng: Ruh leh tisa inzawmna lai daktawr

English: General surgeon

Mizo tawng: Taksa khawi lai pawh zai thiam daktawr

English: Urologist

Mizo tawng: Kal, zungkawng daktawr

English: Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist

Mizo tawng: Beng, hnar leh hrawk daktawr

English: Anesthesiologist

Mizo tawng: Hnimhlum leh kahhitna daktawr

English: Physician/medical doctor

Mizo tawng: Damdawi lam daktawr

English: Pharmacist

Mizo tawng: Damdawi kaihnawih daktawr

English: Pharmacy/Medicine shop

Mizo tawng: Damdawi zawrhna dawr

English: Casualty

Mizo tawng: Hliam leh chetsualna avanga natna nei te enkawlna

English: Orthopedic surgeons

Mizo tawng: Ruh leh tha zam daktawr

English: Physiotherapist

Mizo tawng: Insawizawi thiam daktawr

English: Vascular and Endovascular surgeon

Mizo tawng: Taksa a thisen leh tui awm te enkawltu daktawr

English: Allergist/Immunologist

Mizo tawng: Hnar za leh thawhah daktawr

English: Endocrinologist/Diabetes specialist

Mizo tawng: Zunthlum daktawr

English: Specialist doctor

Mizo tawng: Thiamna bik nei daktawr

City Hospital building, Mission veng, Aizawl, Mizoram


Anonymous said...

I am very interested in learning Mizo. It'd be great if you can post lessons in Mizo right from the alphabet. Possible?
Please do consider. Shall do everything I can to support you.
Thanks and take care!

Zara Ralte said...

Please check my earlier posts and my youtube channel 'azassk' you can find your requirements