Friday, February 6, 2015

Mizo assortment

All the following pictures reminds me of my home state i.e. Mizoram, North East India. Most of them are taken through phone camera and some are shared by friends through whatsapp. If you are away from home for long you may also feel like homesick or missing home made things and related matters and so on. Those who want to revisit Mizoram must look these pictures (click the pics for large view):

Pix 1: Rainbow in Mizoram (in Mizo Rainbow is called Chhimbal), can you notice double rainbows?
Rainbow in Mizoram (Chhimbal)
Pix 2: Lengpui airport the lone airport in Aizawl
Passengers proceeding to Lengpui Airport terminal building, Aizawl airport
Pix 3: Lengpui/Aizawl airport passenger waiting hall
Lengpui (Aizawl) airport passenger waiting hall
Pix 4: Sumo cab service in rural Mizoram
Maxi cab service in Mizoram (Tata Sumo cab)
Pix 5: Nimbu/Lemon fruits in Mizoram. Please note that many Mizos called it as "Limbu" must be Mizo version of "nimbu" :)
Local grown Nimbu/Lemon fruits in Mizoram
Pix 6: Government Primary School - II, Sialsuk village, Mizoram
Gov't Primary School - II Sialsuk village (Rural School in Mizoram)
Pix 7: Way to rural school in Mizoram (Gov't Primary School-II, Sialsuk Village
Way to School in Sialsuk village, Mizoram
Pix 8: Mizo School boy coming home from School in Sialsuk village
Mama I'm coming home moment in Sialsuk village, Mizoram
Pix 9: Rural river stream that serve daily water supply. Locally called "Tuikhur" in Mizoram. The name of the brook is 'Chhunsanga kai' at Sialsuk.
Fountain (Tuikhur) in Sialsuk village, Mizoram.
Pix 10: "Savun kan", it is one of the Mizo favourite dishes.
Savun kan - Mizo food
Pix 11: "Savun bawl", it is also Mizo favourite food
Savun bawl - Mizo food item
Pix 12: Drying Mizo clothes (these clothes are called Puan or Mizo puan)
Mizo clothes (Puan) are being kept for drying
Pix 13: Drying Mizo rice/paddy (locally said Mizo buh pho)
Mizo buhpho (Drying Mizo paddy)
Pix 14: Local fruits called Theiherawt in Mizoram
Mizoram fruits - Theiherawt
Pix 15: Local fruit  called Sertawk (wild sour lemon)
Sertawk - wild sour fruit in Mizoram
Courtesy: Rotlinga Chhakchhuak
Pix 16: Theipalingkawh - Local fruit in Mizoram.
Theipalingkawh - Mizoram local fruit
Courtesy: Rotlinga Chhakchhuak

Pix 17: Chhangban - Mizo rice loaf. It taste is better with tea and raw sugar (Kurtai)
Mizo chhangban kan - Mizo rice loaf
Mizo traditional loaf - Chhangban
Pix 18: Mizo dinner items (Mizo chawhmeh)
Mizo food - Mizo chawhmeh
Pix 19: Mizo foods (Mizo chaw & chawhmeh)
The tasty Mizo foods showing antam, iskut, bawngsa, bai, sachek, chawtani and alu kan

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