Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mizo - English Language translator with audio/video help

If you follow my earlier posts, you might have been gone through English to Mizo language translations particularly spoken or daily conversations. When I see some comments on such earlier posts they often requested me to add audio/video help, I understood that my non-Mizo friends/visitors found it difficult to follow our Mizo language with its tones when they tried to pronounce correctly. To help them for pronouncing Mizo language correctly the followings audio/video tutorials are added, if you want to hear the tutorial voices please click the play button on the audio/video files:

Mizo tawng: Ka ngai che
English: I miss you

Mizo tawng: Mizo tawng in let rawh
English: Translate in Mizo language

Mizo tawng: Krismas Chibai
English: Merry Christmas

Mizo tawng: I rem tih chuan/Pawi i tih loh chuan
English: If you don't mind

Mizo tawng: I hmeltha lutuk
 English: You are very beautiful/handsome

Mizo tawng: I duh em?
English: Do you like? Do you want?

Mizo tawng: Engzat man nge?
English: How much it cost? What is a price?

Mizo tawng: A to lutuk
English: It's too costly, It's too high

Mizo tawng: Engnge i duh?
English: What do you want?

Mizo tawng: Dam takin le
English: Good bye

Mizo tawng: Piancham chibai
English: Happy Birthday

Mizo tawng: Ka hmangaih che
English: I love you

Some more Mizo - English voice tutorial files are uploaded in my youtube channel, if you still want to hear more please check from it here > azassk youtube channel


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