Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sialsuk Village : Aerial Landscape Pictures

Sialsuk Village landscape view from Tlangcheng
I have been living away more than a decade from my home place Sialsuk (for good reason) but in my dreams I've never been so far away from this beautiful village in Mizoram. Whenever i think back to our childhood days i can still visualize the faces of our friends and people living in our village and often saw our village landscape in its exact frame. Things have been changing so fast and cannot be same every time but my childhood memory will still be linking with this landscapes. For me and my friends the beginning of our (life) story was written in this village, we may be living elsewhere now  busying with so many other things but in sometime our memories taken back to our past life and that life was only matching with these landscapes. One fine evening in last winter along with two friends i had a chance to visit again Tlangcheng (hill) where we can see except few areas of our entire village and its surroundings. There's a mobile phone tower on the peak with daring spirit i climbed on it, things were not usual on such high scaffolding level, in my left hand i hold the tower frame and in my right hand i hold camera and  took the below pictures:-

(Please click on the images to get enlarge size)
Sialsuk - Vaiveng, Bungveng & Vengthlang also showing UPC (NE) Pastor Quarters and Church which is under construction
Sialsuk - New Eden veng (Bawkte veng zawl), First Miss Mizo - Lalbiakzuali's parent house is with green colour roofs
Sialsuk - New Eden veng
Sialsuk Police Station Complex and Hmuifang tlang also seen at the background

Sialsuk - Police veng and New Eden veng
Sialsuk Village, Hmunchung tlang is seen at far sight
Sialsuk - Vengchhak & Babu veng, Community Hall, Playgound and Hmunchung tlang also seen
Sialsuk Police Station complex and Pine forest/farhuan is also seen
Sialsuk- Seventh Day Adventist Church, Presbyterian Pastor Quarters & Church, YMA Hall are also seen

Sialsuk- Vaiveng, Vengthlang, Tlangveng, Bungveng, Vengchhak, Babu veng, Hmunsam veng are also seen
P.S: Thanks to Biakvela and Lalduhzuala for accompanying me in that evening but i will not reveal their sudden climbdown from the mid tower with frightening headache or nervousness :-) lol

Bonus pics:)

Excavator (JCB) works on Tlangcheng peak

Excavator (JCB) on Tlangcheng peak


Mann Sahib said...

Dear friend,
I really enjoyed reading your blog entries. I am actually looking at travelling to Aizawl in April ( I am from Punjab and staying in Delhi). Thinking which areas in Mizo to travel I came across this blog of yours. Of course you don't write much on travel in Mizo but I really liked your point of views which are clean and good hearted. I too hope that the culture and essence of the Mizo people doesn't get mixed with the rest oh the khichdi that Bollywood and our education system churns out.
Cheers my friend.

Zara Ralte said...

Mann Sahib or Shamsher Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Wish you have a nice trip in Aizawl at your appropriate time. Before you set out to Aizawl please don't forget to apply ILP pass, if you are in Delhi you may avail from Mizoram House, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi (website

Unknown said...

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Zara Ralte said...

Swathi Manikireddy thank you so much.