Friday, March 1, 2013

Aizawl as seen from Tlangnuam viewpoint

JF Viewing Gallery, a viewpoint in Aizawl
Tlangnuam viewpoint is located on the southern most hilltop of  Aizawl, it is also known as Montfort Hill. From this beautiful designed viewing gallery you can have pleasant panoramic view of Aizawl city and its surroundings. As there is no direct motor road till the hilltop you have to leave your vehicle on the main road (the main road ended just below to the Tlangnuam Presbyterian church), from there you can proceed up to the peak by walk (If you want to save taxi/cab fare it can also be reached from Kulikawn Bus stop by walk, it may take more than 30 minutes to reach the view point). No entrance ticket nor gate pass needed, it is open for all. If you go in group or even alone don't forget to bring drinking water or eatable things, there is no shops on the hilltop. Lately i have heard about this viewpoint is known as  'JF Viewing Gallery'  from the article posted by well known writer Mafaa Hauhnar in Zoram Thlirtu group (Facebook), it is named to commemorate a famous late Mizo writer Mr.J.F Laldailova. I advise this viewpoint for the traveler or tourist in Aizawl as one of the must seeing places or not to be exclude in their places to visit (Places of interest).  Best time to visit will be June - October, but before you set out please check out weather forecast it may be falling under rainy season in Mizoram.

The below Aizawl landscape pictures are taken on last December (2012), you may also recognize few hovering haze while seeing these images (click the pics to enlarge size):
Aizawl city
Aizawl- Khatla, Bungkawn & Mission vengthlang Presbyterian churches and Contact Sports centre (SAI)
Aizawl - Mission Vengthlang, Khatla, Khatla South, Bungkawn & Shivaji Tillah, Synod Higher Secondary School etc
Aizawl - Mission Veng, Thakthing, Model veng, Tuikhuahtlang, Kulikawn
Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Mualpui and Zokhawthar (propose site for Assam Riffle) at the far
Aizawl city bus depot, Ngaizel
The viewpoint lacking proper whitewashing
From here you have Aizawl view
You may go in group but there is sufficient seats
Roman Catholic areas - St.Paul's Higher Secondary School, Montfort  Hill, Tlangnuam
St.Paul's Higher Secondary School & Mary Mount School, Good News Center, St.Joseph's Press, Aizawl 
The step that lead to Aizawl viewpoint
Aizawl city - Tlangnuam, Kulikawn, Thakthing veng, Mission Veng, Tuikhuahtlang, Model veng and Red rose  area at the far side
P.S- My real intention behind this post is it may feed a little help for travel guide in Aizawl City for the outsiders.

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