Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another memories from Mizoram

Last time I've posted some pictures from my home place -Mizoram that were exclusively taken by me. But now the following landscape pictures are mostly taken by my elder and younger brothers. I am very glad to them because whenever they go out with camera they used to capture some beautiful pictures/scenery as much as they can and save it in hard disc for me as usual i often brought back to hostel when my vocation ended. Here are the landscape pictures have a nice view:-
**click the pics for larger view**

Pic.1-View from Hmuifang tlang

Pic.2 Fog during winter

Pic.3 Fog ceiling Samlukhai Village

Pic-4. Fog over Changte River

Pic.5. Last sunset in 2008, Sialsuk Village

Pic-6. Batling tlang, Sialsuk village

Pic. 7. Way to Lunglei nearby Sialsuk village (newly constructed under World Bank Road Project)

Pic-8. Cultivation(jhumming) Hut

Pic.9. Grazing Cattle

Pic.10. Ariel view of Sialsuk Village from Hmuifang tlang

Pic.11. Sunset when everyone set to welcome new year 2009

Pic.12. We used to say 'highest road in Mizoram' Hmuifang tlang


Mizohican said...

Great pics!!!! You've definitely captured the memories.

Tetea said...

Nalh hlawm hle mai... Zoram ngaih a ti na hle mai.

Mos-a said...

nalh. ka save keuhs. :)

Unknown said...

Bawng tla diah diah khi a mawi mange, bawnghnute a sumdawng nge bawngsa lawm aw?

Zara Ralte said...

illusionaire: thanks

Tetea: zoram ngaih hi a lo na thin a ni hi.

Mos-a: i ti lawmawm e.

chhangte_II: Bawnghnute sumdawng lam ni lo, zo bawng kan tih ang kha a nia.

Hriatpuia Pa said...

Nalh hlawm lutuk tlat. Kan ram hi, tun ai hian han tifai leh deuh phei ila chuan a mawi lehzual tur..

Zara Ralte said...

zaia: i ti lawmawm hle mai, i sawi hi kei pawh ka pawm zawng tak a ni.

Tluanga said...

Mawi hle mai....

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Batling tlang chu ka la kal ve ngei ang. Lunglei kawng, Thlam leh Bawng tla khi nalh khawp mai.