Monday, November 16, 2009

Because of APJ...

Pic- Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr.Sayeed Hasnain(VC U0H)

I was woken up early in the morning(not exactly) as I got a telephone call from HCL Business executive who called to tell me that that his technicians would repair my laptop wi-fi hardware. After few hours, the HCL technicians dropped in to my room but our hostel power line had gone off so nothing could be done! Another gentleman, along with myself who was also having wi-fi problem and the two HCL Technicians decided to move our work to MH-C where my two colleagues were waiting for us. As power line could not be retrieved even in Men’s Hostel –C, we the four laptop wi-fi hardware victims, proceeded to our University Library where we would have power supply and internet facilities. Our technicians started their works but it could not be finished within an hour so we ended up spending the whole day in the library premises. When we got back our laptop, it was already 4:30 P.M. so we had our untimely lunch at shopping complex. I hurriedly went down to my room and took bath as quickly as possible. Then, I hurriedly proceeded to the DST Auditorium to see our Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who had come to our campus as a Chief Guest at the University Achiever's Award and Inauguration of Centre for Nanotechnology, University of Hyderabad.

Pic-Crowd outside DST Auditorium

Pic-Crowd shouted to open the doors

When I reached to the DST Auditorium it was already crowded. The policemen and security guard were in line all the way, I opened my camera and entered inside the gate, the guards on duty gestured me to stand in the queue that had already been formed, but as I could not find a space for myself in the line I headed towards the ladies line where I hoped I could capture APJ’s pictures as he arrived. Unexpectedly, the Police chief came to me and angrily asked me “What do you want?” Before I could reply his constables hastily pushed me by the arms and brought me back to the crowd. I lost my cool and shouted to the constables, not that it made any sense! One Khaki walla spoke in Hindi and gave me a good scolding, I requested him not to speak in Hindi as I couldn’t understand but he said, “This is Bharaat and you have to understand!” I can’t help it if I don’t understand! I looked at him and said, “This is our university; do not push me like this!” But then he was not listening to me at all. The crowds watched us as my face got red with anger and my heart beat turned to full speed. It was my first time clash with a policeman in a public place. Though it was a bad experience, I now realize the rudeness and loutishness of Cyberabad Policemen. It’s OK, they’re just doing their duty, I do not blame them but it will always be a bad memory and an unforgettable experience of my life!!

Pic- the doors are opened at last!

Pic-Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

My point is- if the Police Inspector had asked me properly my intentions or the reason why I was standing in the corner side things would not have gone wrong, his constables as well would never have disgracefully forced me back to the crowd. I am just an innocent Student of the campus, before this incident I never thought that policemen could be such big idiots! Luckily, I am educated enough to salute VVIP and respect national leaders. I feel very sorry for those Policemen who misconceived us with Naxalites or fucking terrorists, we are just university students not barbarians. Do the Policemen have the rights to interfere wildly like they did to an innocent person? I pray for those blatant Policemen so they may use their rights and propagate their duties in a right way.

Pic-Inside the auditorium

The VVIP then arrived, due to security reasons all the auditorium doors were locked inside but the crowd started shouting asking the guards to open the door. At last, we entered the auditorium. All the doors were fully crowded but by chance I was able to enter through the right door so I could finally click Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam’s pictures live! His speech was simple yet interesting, lovely and memorable. It sounded simple but transcended a deep echo in our hearts. He talked about nano technology, he talked about the fact that peacock feathers could never change color even if it fell from its body. It may be used for any purpose. He said that its originality could not be washed away and that was a simple example of nano technology. I am not from a science background and am not interested in science and technology but because of APJ now I came to understand what nano technology is. Thank you Sir!


sawmpuia said...

Nice to read your journalist-photographic experiences :-)...

That day i was fortunate enough to get inside without much of a hurdle. The police kindly let me inside! And then i saw you with a displeasing face...
What comes to my mind is:
1. Vai always have the idol whatever they may bark... its all melancholic sounds to their ears. If i said the same thing on th stage..they would booo me for sure :-)
2. About the police theirs no point of having arguement with them especially at the public the best way is to avoid them as much as possible. Its the time they show their power whatever little they may have :-)
3. Being a jouralist is not an easy job.
4. Its good for you after a hot conversation with the policeman you still have the guts to listen to Kalam's speech. He's speech are of course inspiring and simple.

I left the place before he finishes he's speech becoz i got bored with the science lectures as i am not really into it..Anyway good to have the president at our university

Zara Ralte said...

sawmpuia: thanks for your interesting comment!

Babie LalSangzeli said...

he post hi i blog a thlen hma hian ka chhiar toh tlata in hritna ka nei.. ;)

Unknown said...

APJ-a hi a star riau a nia :)

lo hrilh ang che