Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Xth Convocation

The Xth Convocation of University of Hyderbad came into reality on Dt. 31st.July.2007 Tuesday after a long postponed from the month of February onwards. Then finally our Univ convocation was held at Hyderbad International Convention Centre near Hi-Tech City. One regretful thing i had was i didn't brought my camera (if it is not you will see good quality of picture:-) because in my invitation card I was informed that no cellphones, cameras and electronics things etc were not be allowed inside the auditorium. Luckly enough i found out my old roomate Pintu who came down from JNU Delhi and he had his camera and i can get some pic from the convocation hall, thank you Pintu. It was a great and nice experience in my lifetime, in this convocation I've got my Master Degree Certificate and it was also my first time in University Convocation. The Convocation was presided over by University Chancellor,Justice M.N Venkatachaliah and the programme was graced by Chief Guest, Union Finance Minister Shri.P.Chidambaram, the Chief Rector of University, His Exellency Shri. Rameshwar Thakur, Governor of Andhra Pradesh also present besides Our Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sayeed E.Hasnain. In this convocation 1738 Students won their Master degrees, M.Phil 260, 158 M.Tech leh Ph.D 212.

Thank you God, You make me as one of the eligible candidates for this convocation and i am happy on Your gracious and guidance in my academic life..Lord,I thank Thee!

University officials and Chief Guest on Stage

with Caroline and Naro

Handsome Graduate:)

with my fellow north-east friends

here we are


sawmpuia said...

I am proud to witnessed your great achievement. God is so wonderful when He lay his hand on our work. Bless you more and more.

avena said...


apatea said...

Va pui rem2 ve a. hehe
Sefa nen i thlalak hi kan lo en a, ka kA hau mai. :-)

Handsome graduate hi kan lo print out dawn!!!

I bula nula thu hi a va chhelo ve hihi

Puii said...

Wow..Congrats!! Nice pics too. May you receive more blessings from above.Keep up the good job!

Zara Ralte said...

sawmpuia,avena,samuela leh puii te in va ti lawmawm thin tak em.

Puia said...

Wow, congratulation.. Hetiang hian Graduation Day te in lo hmang ve tho a ni maw... Certificate in hlan ngawt ai chuan hetiang ni ropui nena a diarkhim chikim han khum ngei hi a hlut dan a dang fo a, hun a rei telh telh ang a, in la ngaihlu telh telh ngei ang. Good post, keep it up..

Mizohican said...

Congratulations on the Graduation! Nuam i ti awm! :)

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