Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Last of HCU Mizo

Our Senior Scholar Mr.Epistemology(Utaitea) edited a documentary film "The Last of HCU Mizo" which is a collection of various Vedio clips from our Summer Trekkings that we had in our HCU campus. He wrote the introductory message " Chepandis went home for summer vacation, few are left in the HCU Campus. Five men, the vanishing people set forward in the frontier west of the Buffalo Lake". It is a nice documentary film and covered every of our summertime activities. The film will be publish soon:)

As i mentions before during the summer time only few Mizo Students were stay back in our Univ campus and we used to go for trekking in our campus, we'd explored the entire north, south, west & east directions. Whenever we set out for trekking we never came back with an empty handed! we found out so many hidden things and discovered the unknown things. I think those trekkings were very useful, truely it were a nice experiences for my lifetime. But due to the sudden pour of showers our usual programme was interupted for a few days. Luckily enough we had a chance for another trekking after a few days break, then our trekking party decided to move on to the western direction. But in this time due to unavoidable circumstances some of our colleagues were not in ready, only four Mizo'cans set forward..anyhow here we are:

Towards the western lake.

Deep in the jungle

let's follow this small stream first

Crocodile may be there, who knows?

aha! i f lof our way let us turn to left!


Crab makes the place as their heaven

am not a good leader but they still follows...

Crab sinking inside the water

Lizard on duty:)

Tamarind tress everywhere

Bird don't scare us!

Onwards to the western lake

Still another miles

Ducks also enjoy summertime

This is not our end!

Once a village boy

Being a village boy i could not forget climbing

U r always on my mind

Sweet is everywhere

another side

Thinking some-ones?

Return from the border

Natural beauty

on our way back it laying pityful!! Rotten Dog

another smelly Sinbad story this place may be the grave-yard for dog!

Odour replace by the virgin leaves

Looking like "Thilthek" trees in Mizoram

U know it's a time to go back

This trip of course gave us a pleasant time, but unlike our formers trips we didn't find any worth/useful things. The strange things we could get were only two smelly rotten dogs..i do not know this trip was to be called as success or not. But I think nobody from our campus would like to visit this place where the smelly rotten dogs were there we are still success!? if you dont agreeing with me, you can ask Thanpuia, Tlinga & Utaitea also..let them make the final conclusion :) .........020707

Photo Credits:Mr.H.Vanlalhruaia, Research Scholar. University of Hyderabad.


Puii said...

Nice pics! Quite a univ. u've got huh! Lucky troops! :)

sawmpuia said...

This is called a paradise. Zara zarah hian nun a nuam a ni. Nun hahdamna chawlhna :-)

Jerusha said...

Boss, I va han in thup thei ve, ka rawn chhar chhuak ve hlawl I blog :)
Chakai khi man ila, rawtuai khawrhna kan hre bawk a, bai dun ila tui viauuu ang. Ui thlalak khiiii...mahse hmuhnawm hlawm, nalh hlawm khawp mai.

Zara Ralte said...

Puii,Sawmouia & Jerusha ka blog engtham nilo hi in rawn tloh avang leh comment tha tak min hnu chhiah a ka va lom tak em, ngalfimin dam zel teh u

Awzzman said...

wow dats gr8t pic`s...nom hmel e...!ron la leng ve tur ni..:-P