Sunday, November 15, 2015

Having Mizo dinner with friends

Our Mizo dinner menu

Before an era of Facebook we had a Mizo public website called Zawlbuk ( In that website as there were very few websites dealt about issues and concerns of Mizo society we had many resourceful  regular visitors and users across the globe. But due to the popularity of social networking sites and some domain hosting problem our website could no longer be seen these days. One of our members in that website based online community Maruata Fanai (Exim Bank) came home for important official duty, to welcome him our senior member Pu R.L Rinawma (IRS Retd.) hosted a dinner for Zawlbuk online members at his home in Aizawl. I was also lucky enough to be invited on that grand dinner. Our other members Pu Sangmama (IES, Secretary to GoM), Dr.Sawmtea (PUC) and Maruata's colleague Pu David (General Manager, Exim Bank) also attended. We have discussed variety of topics like our website heyday and its contribution to issues and development related in Mizoram and Mizo society in a larger context. Apart from this we have heard the hindrances and development issues related in the present Mizoram government functionaries from our members who are now engaging in that service. Maruata and Pu David also shared with us their experiences from their Exim bank, based on their sharing we came to know that there are much potential in the financial sector for the upliftment of Mizoram economy. Overall our discussion was quite interesting and exciting.

While having interesting chit chat with diverse topics, our host Pu Rinawma get ready the grand dinner for us. We are very much thankful for his hospitality and generosity. We will be remembering this meeting with much appreciation. Please have a look below, you will be noticing that how much we were lucky in receiving such treatment with delicious Mizo dinner. The dinner menus were also quite number - Mizo vawksarep (Smoked pork) and antam chhum (mustard leaves), behlawi bai, kelsa kan (Mutton curry), bean chhum, samtawk (mock tomato) chhum, dal, arsa kan (chicken fries), salad made with Mizo style etc.
Mizo vawksarep chhum (Boiled smoke pork)
Vawksarep tui a antam chhum (Boiled mustard leaves with smoked pork)
Behlawi bai (Mizo favourite behlawi bai)
Kelsa kan (Mutton curry) 
Arsa kan (Chicken fry)
Bean leh samtawk chhum (Boiled beans and mock tomato) 
Dal/Dailuah kan (Dal fry)
Chaw chhum (Steamed rice)
Mizo dinner table

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