Friday, March 20, 2015

Mizo Good Friday Song: Tlang mawi tak chu a awm (There’s a hill lone and grey, in a land far away)

Many times especially when it came to Good Friday I often listen my all time favourite Mizo Good Friday song "Tlang mawi tak chu a awm" .  It is a nice song and its lyrics are very heart touching ones. Once i was told it's English lyric of this song, but i can't remember it for longer. Every time when i need to check out it's English lyric i have to search through So, to keep my time  let me bookmark here in both English and Mizo Tawng.

In English (words: Robert R. Carradine) :

There’s a hill lone and gray,
In a land far away,
In a country beyond the blue sea,
Where beneath that fair sky
Went a Man forth to die
For the world and for you and for me.

Oh, it bows down my heart,
And the teardrops will start,
When in mem’ry that gray hill I see;
For ’twas there on its side,
Jesus suffer’d and died
To redeem a poor sinner like me.

Behold! faint on the road,
'Neath a world’s heavy load,
Comes a thorn-crowned Man on the way!
With a cross He is bow’d,
But still on thro’ the crowd
He’s ascending that hill lone and gray.

Hark, I hear the dull blow
Of the hammer swung low,
They are nailing my Lord to the tree!
And the cross they upraise
While the multitude gaze
On the blest Lamb of dark Calvary!

How they mock Him in death,
To His last lab’ring breath,
While His friends sadly weep o’er the way!
But tho’ lonely and faint,
Still no word of complaint
Fell from Him on the hillock of gray.

In Mizo Tawng (translated by Luaia):

Tlang mawi tak chu a awm, ram hla takah chuanin,
Tuipui piah ram nuam takah chuanin;
A hming, Lu ruh hmunah, Lalpa chu a thi ta,
Kei leh nang leh khawvel tan a ni.

A tuarzia ka hriat in, ka mittui a tla thin,
Chu tlang chu ka thlir, eng lai pawh in;
Chu tlangah chuan Isuan a tuarin, a thi ta,
Kei anga sual chhandamna turin.

Lungngaia a kalin, kraws rit tak an puttir,
Hling lukhum an phiar chu khum chungin;
Kraws-ah an khengbet a, mipui ten an nuihsan,
Chu tlang mawi takah chuan an khai kang.

A lungngaih zia ka hria, Amah an phuar laiin,
Ka chhandamtu thingah an khengbet;
A kraws chu tungdingin, mipuite mithmuhin,
Kalvari tlangah chuan an khai kang.

Thimin a hmel a hliah, lungpui zawng zawng an khi,
Lungngaihna aw thang vel an hriat in;
Kan Lalpa aw a ni, thihna rapthlak tuarin,
Kan zaa sual chhandamna turin.

If you like this song too,you may want to listen in Mizo version sung by Rosy K Remsangpuii, here it is:

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