Sunday, May 4, 2014

Let's talk to Mizo vendor (English - Mizo)

Roadside vendors and their customers in Aizawl market (Zion Street), Mizoram
As I have been posting about English to Mizo tawng (language) conversations and names of things vice versa, sometime you may also seen  my older posts as English to Mizo translation online help. Now let's practice Mizo language new lesson with Mizo vendor/shopkeeper:

English: Hello, Madam/Miss.
Mizo tawng: Ka Pi, Chibai.

English: Hello, Sir.
Mizo tawng: Ka Pu, Chibai

English:  What is the price of orange?
Mizo tawng: Serthlum hi engzat man nge?

English: How much is this?
Mizo tawng: Hei hi engzah man nge?

English: It's Rs.10.
Mizo tawng: Cheng sawm man.

English: Can you give me in Rs.5?
Mizo tawng: Rs.5 in min pe thei angem?

English: Sorry, i can't.
Mizo tawng: Aih, ka theilo tlat mai.

English: Make it low price.
Mizo tawng: Min pe tlawm rawh.

English: I want to buy this bag.
Mizo tawng: He bahg hi ka lei duh.

English: Do you have different colour?
Mizo tawng: A rawng dang innei em?

English: Please weight correctly.
Mizo tawng: Khawngaih in dik takin buk rawh.

English: Do you have change note?
Mizo tawng: Pawisa nawi i nei em?

English: Give the change.
Mizo tawng: A nawi min pe rawh.

English: Please remove damaged/rotten ones
Mizo tawng: Khawngaih in a chhia kha telh suh.

English: Do you have carry bag?
Mizo tawng: A khaina tur bag(ip) innei em?

English: Give me carry bag
Mizo tawng: A khaina tur bag(ip) min pe rawh.

English: Is it fresh one?
Mizo tawng: A thar tha em?/A tharlam em?

English: I don't want duplicate one.
Mizo tawng: A lem(duplicate) ka duh lo.

English: Do you have potatoe?
Mizo tawng: Alu i nei em?

English: Where can i get fresh chicken?
Mizo tawng: Khawiah nge arsa tharlam ka lei theih ang?

English: Give me free of cost
Mizo tawng: A thlawnin min pe rawh.

English: If i buy many items will you give me discount
Mizo tawng: Ka lei tam chuan min tlawm angem?

English: Sure, i will give you discount.
Mizo tawng: Aw, ka lo pe tlawm ang che.

English: 1 Kg
Mizo tawng: Kg khat

English: 1/2 kg (half Kg)
Mizo tawng: Kg chanve

English: Wrap with paper
Mizo tawng: Lehkha in tuam rawh

English: Where is its freegift?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge a freegift chu?

English: It's so costly.
Mizo tawng: A to lutuk.

English: I don't like
Mizo tawng: Ka duh lo mai

English: Will buy on next time
Mizo tawng: Nidang ah ka lo lei ang

English: Hold this bag
Mizo tawng: Ka bag(ip) hi lo chelh lawk teh

English: 1 litre
Mizo tawng: Litre khat

English: 1/2 litre (half litre)
Mizo tawng: Litre chanve

English: Give me full
Mizo tawng: A khat in min pe rawh/A vaiin min pe rawh

English: What design is this?
Mizo tawng: Hei hi eng design nge ni?

English: Do you have the latest one?
Mizo tawng: A thar ber i nei em?

English: I like older.
Mizo tawng: A hlui zawk ka duh.

English: Will they have in other shops.
Mizo tawng: Dawr dangah an nei angem?

English: Where is the nearest shop?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge dawr hnai ber?

English: Where is market/bazar?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge bazara a awm?

English: My Mizo language is bad.
Mizo tawng: Ka Mizo tawng hman hi adik vak lo

English: I want to buy meat.
Mizo tawng:  Sa ka lei duh.

English: I want to buy vegetables.
Mizo tawng: Thlaihnah ka lei duh.

English: I want to buy fruits.
Mizo tawng: Thei ka lei duh.

Besides, if you want to practice with voice recorded sound please open my youtube channel Azassk then you will have some audio help from native Mizo speakers. Here are two audio samples for your convenient:

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