Sunday, August 11, 2013

Picture collection from my rural Mizoram

It's late night, actually it's already Sunday morning! I opened my laptop folder, seeing many pictures that i had clicked when i went home in last year, then i want upload some of it for my blog visitors.  Presently i am living in far away from my home but while seeing all these pictures it gives me nostalgic feeling, i really miss my village on the high hill of Mizoram, North East India.

Huan/Lo (Agriculture site in Mizoram, hill farming, landscape in Mizoram)
Saihlum  (clay pellet for katapault shooting)
Mizo Thul (cane basket for keeping clothes)
Puakzo (Popcorn sell in Sumsuih roadside market, Mizoram)
Chawhmeh bazar- Samtawk, Hmarcha, theihai, thingfanghma (Vegetables sell in Sumsuih roadside market, Mizoram)
Mizo chawhmeh zuar (Vegetables vendor in Sumsuih roadside market, Mizoram)
Sawkawr (Horse in Mizoram)
Tuikhur (Water point in Mizoram)
Vaihlenhlo, hnim (a wild plant mostly found in Mizoram jhum site)
Mai rah/mai var/maian (White pumpkin, Mizoram)
Bawkbawn rah, Mzio chawhmeh (Egg plant/brinjal in Mizoram)
Phuihnam kung , Mizo chawhmeh (a cultivated variety of clerodendron, the leaves of which are used as a vegetable.)
Mizo pa thingek lai a fapa leh fanu ten an thlir (Mizo man axing firewood along with his kids)
Kawrthindeng, Mizo thei (Wild fruit in Mizoram)
Mizo Lungchher, Mizo cubic lung (Stone masonry)

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