Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where no one stands alone (lyrics)

In yesterday one Gospel song came to my mind and i wanted to listen either in Mizo or English. When i searched through youtube i was clueless, i knew the song lyrics only in Mizo tawng that was translated version from  English. When i searched with Mizo title 'Nitinin ka ngai che, thlahlo in min chelh la...' but the result showed no videos. Then i tried random search in English title (with my own translation) but still not found the correct ones. I asked some friends through facebook and sms they might knew the correct title in English. After sometimes one friend replied with the correct title i.e. 'Where no one stands alone' and also provided me the links in youtube site. I owe her a big thanks. This song gave me strength to face the circumstance that i actually didn't want to get involved in. It is nice to listen and i can have a comforting mind, i hope God will hold my hands even when i stand alone. Many music videos of this song are uploaded in youtube, my favourite one is a live performance by Gaither Vocal Band.

The lyrics in English:
Once I stood in the night with my head bowed low
In the darkness, as black as could be
And my heart felt alone
And I cried oh Lord
Don't hide your face from me.

Hold my hand all the way
Every hour every day
From here to the grave
I know
Take my hand
Let me stand
Where no one stands alone.

Like a king I may live in a palace so tall
With great riches to call my own
But I don't know a thing
In this whole wide world
That's worse then being alone.

The lyrics in Mizo tawng (language):

Zan khawhar thim hnuai a kun a thu in,
Lungngaih mittui ka biang ah luangin;
Aw Lalpa hmel duhawm thlamuanna dilin,
Ka lam lo hawi leh ang che.

Nitin in ka ngai che, thlahlo in min chelh la,
He lei atanga hriat loh ram thlen thlengin;
Min hruaitu ni ang che, mal a awm loh nan.

Ram zau tak neiin lalber ah thu ila,
Ropui na zawng ka ta lo nise;
Mahse mala awm a nunkhawhar zawk chu,
Ka thlang lo he khawvel ah.

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