Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ascended to Pi Hangi Lunglen Tlang

Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang, Aizawl
In last December Aizawl traffic management observed  'no vehicle zone'  for the better convenience of Christmas Bazaar goers, vehicles were not allowed to pass through Bazaar areas. I was one of the victims on that day because in order to reach Zuangtui (which is located at the city outskirt) i had to follow diversion route (via Vaivakawn-Hunthar-Bawngkawn road). After spending too much time in frequent traffic jams on the way i managed to reach Zuangtui lately. James and his parents gave me a warm welcome in their home, while sipping tea i had a short interaction with his parents, i am glad on their warmed and friendly reception. James is a friend of mine and junior in our University, he studies P.G course in Fine Arts, if i am not mistaken among our Mizo community he is the first person to be graduated in Sculpture. He bought a new SLR camera and we thought of exploring Pi Hangi lunglen tlang which is not far away from their home.
Here is James
I still remember back in our college days one of our classmates talked about the Aizawl bombardment by the Indian Air Force during the MNF insurgency period.  He said one of the aircraft bombers was flying across Pi Hangi lunglen tlang, it was the first time i have heard the name of Pi Hangi lunglen tlang. As i am not from Aizawl i never knew the existence of such hill before and never asked it's details and where it actually located, i only surmised that it must be in nearby places of Aizawl. When i was asking for places to visit in their locality James enlightened me about this place  and its exact location. Pi Hangi lunglen tlang is a small hill range or terrain located above Zuangtui area in Aizawl, it can be said as the best place to view Aizawl city landscape from it's southern end. The terrain is stretching up from Thuampui to Durtlang hill (till Aizawl Theological College campus). It can be reach from Zuangtui main road by following the ascending road, it can be access either by light vehicles/two wheeler or even by walk. For the lovers of nature or outdoor explorer my suggestion is when you climb up till Tourist complex leave your vehicle at the crossroad, then start walking so that you can enjoy the beautiful views and its natural landscape. If you don't mind to spend more time you can easily climb up till Aizawl Theological College (ATC) campus.

Tourist Centre at Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang
There is nice Tourist complex on the hill that must be constructed by Mizoram government but some reliable sources told me that it is not yet commissioned for public usages. If this complex is open for public it will be one of the best hotspots for tourists and local visitors for viewing Aizawl panorama, night view will be more exciting as the complex is well situated against the Aizawl city. If i were tourist agent or guide in Aizawl i will obviously suggest this hill for places to visit or must seeing places. One interesting place in this hillock is Prayer Mountain complex which was constructed by the Salvation Army, though i didn't inquired about the details of its entry process and usages but the complex set up can be recognized as a  suitable place for having private devotion and prayer,  a nice chapel and many prayer rooms (i guess) are also there in the down lanes. 
Prayer Mountain monument at Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang
Pi Hangi lunglen tlang, Aizawl
Below ATC campus there are also some residential buildings and some private houses are still under construction. In a city like Aizawl that does not have good places to hang out and outdoor activities for its denizens why don't we preserve this hill for that purposes? why our government issuing such land passes to individuals? It's a time to wake up for Aizawl municipal authorities and tourism department or any other concerned departments to convert this place into public park or outdoor activities. My appeal is let our state government stop issuing land passes to any individuals/privates in this hill instead of it let us have public amusement park or youth centre or public garden type etc. In Shillong there is Shillong Peak we all know about this famous place, even in Aizawl we have that type of landscape but our government never take initiation on this space for having Aizawl Peak or so! If we don't start soon the space will be fully occupy with private concrete jungle. If there is a well plan i firmly believe that we can have nice public place in this hillock. Don't you like to have a good place to hang out in Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang? I hope you say "YES".
Aizawl Theological Colleger, Durtlang

ATC waiting shed

Zuangtui view from ATC campus

View from Aizawl Theological College campus

Pi Hangi lunglen tlang & Zuangtui, Aizawl

View from Aizawl Theological College campus

Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang, Aizawl
Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang

Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang, Aizawl
Aizawl Theological College campus
Prayer Mountain Cross @ Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang
The story behind the hill:
It is said that there was a beautiful woman called Pi Hangi in Durtlang village,  her sweetheart  was living in distance village whenever she felt loneliness on him she used to go to this hill, since then the hill is known as Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang, literal translation may be 'Pi Hangi Loneliness Hill' (if you have better translation you are welcome and appreciated). More details story behind Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang can be read in Mizo tawng on the following links : 

Bonus Pic - Aizawl by night:
Aizawl by Night view from Red Rose Thuampui


Aduhi Chawngthu said...

Thlalak a mawi hlawm kher mai :)

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Ka kal ang ka tih ka la kal lo pakhat a ni. A hnaih lutuk vang a niang. Hamnni khan ATC ka va cycling a, ka rin aiin a lo inhnaih nge nge a.

Zara Ralte said...

Aduhi Chawngthu I ti lawmawm e.
benjamin rualthanzauva I hman hunah va kal ve rawh a nuam reuh phian a nia. ATC atang khan watch tower sir ah mimal compound a step awm ah khan a chhuk thlak theih.

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

mimal garage thleng kha ka chhuk thla

james said...

a ngaihnawm hle mai.. I ti lawm amw lutuk e.. a hlutna ka hriat thar leh zual phah..

james said...

I ti lawmawm hle mai.. a hlutna ka hriat chian leh zual phah a

Zara Ralte said...

james remchang ah kan la kal leh ang chu mawle.