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Mizoram University Campus

Mizoram University campus
I was in Aizawl for winter vocation, a friend of mine came to Aizawl for National Seminar, he is an Assistant Professor in Department of Philosophy, University of Hyderabad. He wanted to visit Mizoram University campus at Tanhril, which is located at Aizawl outskirt area. Along with  Dr. Azuali (Hist Dept.) and Mr.Tlinga (Hindi Translator) both are alumni of our University-UoH and now working in MZU, we brought our dear guest to MZU campus. Few people could be seen on the campus as it was holiday, for me and our guest Dr. Venusa it was our first time in MZU, our guide Dr.Azuali & Mr.Tlinga did a great job for us, we owed many thanks to them. While exploring the campus we had a chance to meet Prof. J.L. Dawar (Head, Department of History & Ethnography ) in his office, he must be a hardworking Professor because he was still available in his office even in a holiday too. The campus set up was suited for academic environment, though some academic buildings are still under construction but after all it was really nice and clean campus.

Mizoram is the second most literate state in India, but there is only one University so that if you have been there in the state capital visiting MZU may not be unwise plan. Moreover, a state like Mizoram which has less interesting places to visit for tourists MZU campus will be one of the must seeing places in Aizawl (But i am not sure the Univ authority allowed outsider without proper pass ). Being a student in other University one thing i have notice in MZU campus is there are less hostel borders and i was told that most students are day scholars, in this case campus students life may be limited in  day time only. We have met some hostel students in the main gate nearby canteen, in their respond to my query after dinner (around 6 P.M) they are suppose to just confined in their respective hostels, there is no dhaba type or 24X7 canteen a place to hung out in night time when some other well established Universities in India has. In my opinion if the MZU authorities endorse night life for their students in campus, academic and social intimacy will be gained by students and faculties as well. In many other residential University campuses students take night life as opportunity to have open academic debates or informal discussions (with any topics - current affairs to romantic affairs) while sipping chai or coffee or in 24X7 library reading room etc., these kind of traditions are often counted as advantages to be studying in residential campus. 

MZU Central Library and amphitheater
Staff quarters - Residential area
MZU - Computer Center & Amphitheatre
MZU Computer Centre (A friend of mine System Admin Mr. Tluanga's Office)
MZU - Central Library & Amphitheatre
MZU - Central Library Building
MZU - School of Social Sciences
MZU - Main gate
MZU Garden
MZU Main gate
MZU Multipurpose Hall
MZU Multipurpose Hall
MZU Guest House
MZU Guest House lobby
Aeriel view of MZU campus
MZU School of Social Sciences Building
MZU Department of Political Science
Let this University be growing more and more, I wish all the very best to MZU staff and students for upcoming future!
How to reach Mizoram University in Aizawl:
If you are from outside Mizoram you may avail Flights: Kolkata - Aizawl Flight or Guwahati - Aizawl Flight. To reach Aizawl city from Aizawl Airport (also known as Lengpui Airport) you need to get taxi hire, pre-paid taxi service booking counter available in the airport terminal building, taxi fare is around Rs.800. In case if you choose road transport from Guwahati - Aizawl  there will be Tata Sumo (Maxicab) service (fares Rs.600-800 round figure) & Night Bus service (fares Rs.500-700 round figure) operated by Capital Travels & Network Travels , ticket counter for Bus - Paltan Bazar (Guwahati), for Sumo cab -Mizoram House Christian Basti G.S Road (Guwahati). Hotels can be found in Dawrpui (Bara Bazar), Zarkawt and Chandmari areas which are the main commercial hubs in Aizawl. As the MZU campus is located in the city's outskirt area visitors can avail direct MZU bus services, that can be access from any of their (MZU) bus picking points/stands in Aizawl street. If you cannot avail direct MZU bus services just go straight to Salvation Army Temple square from there you can catch city bus service till Ramrikawn (which is the last city bus stand) , after that you will need to hire local taxi till the MZU campus. If you can wait for a while there may be another passengers who are willing to go along then you will share taxi fares all together.

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