Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mizoram Nature Watch

For the first post in this 2013 New Year let's watch the beautiful pictures of Sialsuk forest in Mizoram. My home place Sialsuk has rich natural forest reserved which we called Zongaw, under Zongaw reserved areas Village council and Young Mizo Association Sialsuk Branch keep strict vigil to miscreants of forest products. Excepts dried fire-woods and young trees for domestic purposes are not to be taken out from this forests. Back in Chief era our Sailo Chiefs started this Zongaw as village forest reserved areas and we still follows the tradition.
Zongaw forest, Sialsuk, Mizoram

Zongaw forest, Sialsuk, Mizoram

Trees in Sialsuk village

Zongaw forest, Sialsuk, Mizoram

Trees on Tlangkhamphei lunglian, Sialsuk forest

Tree in Sialsuk forest, Mizoram

Trees on cliff, Sialsuk forest, Mizoram
Zongaw forest Sialsuk, Mizoram

Nature on Sialsuk forest

Hriang (Birch Tree)

Choak thi, medicinal plant in Mizoram

Tlangkhamphei lunglian puk (a cave on Sialsuk)

wild plant, Sialsuk, Mizoram

Khuaikhampui (a high rock cliff in Sialsuk, Mizoram)


benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Christmas hma khan kan lokal. I no dil chhungin tlangchhip kan thleng a, kan lo call ta lo mai che.

Zara Ralte said...

benjamin rualthanzauva : min lo call la chuan tlangchhip ah ka rawn tlan chho vawn vawn tur a nia,in hmu lo mah ila kan khua in lo kal a lawmawm e.In lo kal leh hunah chuan min lo call tawh ngei tur a ni:)

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

Sure, ni tlak hma a Hmuifang thlen kan duh bawk sia, ka liam leh ta mai ni. Christmas leh Kumthar inkar ah pawh Lunglei kan kal leh, hawlamah kan rawn chho leh ang chu kan tia. Mahse duh aiin ka tlai leh pek a.