Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One winter night in Aizawl

Unlike mainland India most of us in Mizoram usually have dinner before 7 P.M, the sun also sets before 6 P.M during winter season. Now i am staying Aizawl for a while, it was around 4:45 P.M me and my younger brother already done cooking for dinner and waiting for big bro came home from office. For time pass i was in verandah looking around our nearby houses and i saw many of them already started their Christmas house decorations (Christmas is the main festival in Mizoram). While i was thinking about the upcoming Christmas i can hear the announcement from local information centre which said  local council and YMA informing local youths to be there at the main street for Christmas decoration. At the beginning of December in every year Aizawl and bigger towns in Mizoram, the local people often collectively decorated to their respective main streets for Christmas, it is now popularly known as 'kawn chei' in Mizo. I think in this year also there will be more street decoration to be seen in Aizawl and other towns as well. As we were still not yet done dinner i clicked these pictures from our verandah and our landlord garage, you may think Christmas season has already started in Aizawl.

Tlangnuam and some parts of Mission veng view from Khatla

Mission veng and some areas of Kawltheihuan

Khatla Peter's street, upper Khatla, Tuikhuahtlang and Khatla east Presbyterian church.

Christmas decoration at the entrance of neighbouring house

Khatla, Khatla East Presbyterian Church, Peter's street, Upper Khatla, Tuikhuahtlang & Kawlthei huan in Aizawl.

"To all my friends, i wish you have a nice plan for upcoming Christmas, let there be peace on earth and good will to humankind."

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duhawma said...

Your photos are wonderful !!! Mi lungleng mi tihtakah FB vela i thlalak dah thin te pawh hi a nalh thei khawp mai.