Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sukoon 2012

Cultural night - 2nd Night

University of Hyderabad campus was again  flamboyant with the festive zeal of Sukoon 2012. As i often mentioned in my older posts in this blog, Sukoon is an annual students' festival in the University of Hyderabad which was organized by Students' Union in the campus. In this year Sukoon was held for the four consecutive days i.e.21-24 March. As a tradition in the campus the inaugural function was held in Open Dais where our University's top officials and VIP's were presented. (We) The Mizo students in the campus had a chance to showcase our cultural dance in this inaugural programme and my Mizo juniors did a great performance of  'Cheraw' dance. As usual Sukoon festival was hyped with fun and buzz in this year too. Detail report of the fest can be seen in the Hans India page: HCU gets 'Sukoon'

Some pictures of Sukoon 2012:
Sukoon 2012 stage decoration-Open Dias
Telegu orchestra band
University Vice Chancellor,Pro-Vice Chancellors,Deans and Chief Guest
Prof.Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor, UoH

Children from ‘Sankalph Orphan Foundation'
Cheraw performed by Mizo students
Giant wheel
Sukoon T-shirt vendor
Body painting stall  by fine arts students
Paradim Band's vocalist Andy covering '18 and life' and many other songs
The Gunpowder Treason Band
'Live Banned' rock band from Bangalore
University T-shirt
Rock night
DJ Night@open dais
DJ Night

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