Monday, September 6, 2010


Since 2004 i am staying in this 'City of Pearls' (Hyderabad) many many things happened in my life, some are good to unforgettable while some are also not too good to be remembered. When we were in little kids i knew 'Charminar' but it was famous cigratte brand name in India! My dreams never see i will be there in this famous historical place with any of my siblings. After many years gone by now i often visit this place with our guests and friends, i have many pictures too. But my last visit will be most memorable one, as my brother had a chance to visit Hyderabad to attend national programme from his office. Amidst their tight scheduled we could have a little good time to visit Charminar and nearby shopping street. It may not be a great thing for other but for me it will be memorable one when you see your brother trying to capture 'Charminar' pics with his camera and tasting the famous mouth watering 'Hyderabad Haleem' and 'Hyderabad Biryani". To be frank, you will realised it is a real opportunity that you never have visitors from your family members nor any of your blood relatives where you are staying in the city more than four years. Out of many famous places there in Hyderabad city 'Charminar' will occupy one of the important places in my memory lines!

Charminar pic taken by bro. Lalthlanthanga