Tuesday, April 13, 2010


SUKOON is an annual students festival organized by Students' Union, University of Hyderabad. One friend of mine told me that 'Sukoon' is Urdu word means 'contented' or 'peaceful happiness/ satisfaction'. Due to some conflicts in campus students politics the so called 'SUKOON' could not be held in last year. The two main parties in campus -SFI and ABVP always misunderstood each other in organizing SUKOON festival, so many internal political fight (poster war, physical attack, boycott of organizing committee, etc.) happened in this year also. After such a long wait and the prevailing rumours intruded our campus SUKOON 2010 came into reality at 7-10, April. It was held under a peaceful and enthusiastic manner, many thanks goes to organizing committee!

Here are some pictures of SUKOON 2010:

SUKOON decoration, Open Dias


Orchestra night, Open Dias

Audience enjoying orchestra night

University T-Shirt selling stall

Sukoon stalls

Rock Night

DJ Night

UoH students enjoying DJ night

DJ night-Students enjoying DJ-Ajay's music

Open Dias 'Rock Night'

Live Rock show!

Lets rock!

Audience@Rock night

Rock Night!@open dias

During SUKOON 2010 many stalls and entertainment services were available in our campus. The most inspiring stall to me was Louis Braille Stall by Visually Challenged Students, they displayed many interesting tools and instruments for visually challenged students. He is(see pic) the one who kindly demonstrated to me about the Chess Board for Blind. Though he could not see anything in his eyes but he didn't misplaced any of the single 16 pieces. I really appreciated his great work!

More pictures of SUKOON 2010 can be seen at:
SUKOON 2010@Photobucket
SUKOON 2010(day two)@photoblog

SUKOON 2010(Day three)@photoblog


t said...
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zi said...

i appreciate and thank you for letting know about SUKOON... i hope you had nice time dancing.. i lanna te post tel ve tur alawm :D

Unknown said...

ABVP hi zirlai ka nih chhung zawng khan membership fee kumtin ka chhunglut thi - NSUI leh SFI/AISA etc etc ah ka tui thlawt lo niberin ka hria.

Zara Ralte said...

zi: Thank you

chhangte_ll:Hotupa chu i lo BJP deuh reuh ani lo maw? Kei chu left lam hian ka lung a len deuh tlat asin.

Mizohican said...

Vocalist hmeichhia khi ka star nghal! Eng band nge a? Hmeichhe metal lam hi chu ka atchilh bur tawps :D

thinchhia said...

2004 kha niin ka hria, kan lam tlaivar ve thrak kha! nuam ve fu sin kha mi trum kha

Unknown said...

"Lets rock"

i chet nasat hmel khawp mai :)

Zara Ralte said...

illusionaire: An vocalist hi thiam reuh khawp mai. An band hming ka hre miah lo mai, nikhua loh theih khawp mai.

thinchhia:Alfred-a te ho nen ami in lo kal khami tum khan:)he he,nia SUKOON hi chu campus mai bakah pawn lam mi pawn nuam kan ti tlang thin a nih hi.

Almost Unreal: Ka che nasa lo kei chu cameraman ah ka tan daih a. Mahse a nuam ka ti ve khawp mai.

Awzzman said...

kan univ nen chuan a va in thlau heih2 ve le! Hman ni khan kan Univ in students cultural week hmang ve a.participants te chiah an tel..haha..faculty te lah in lehkhazir rawh u, hetiang a tel ngai lo!! tih chu an thupui ani bur mai bawk sia....btw, kan Univ ah hian association ang chi reng reng chu khap hmak a ni.

UoH chu in ti ropui bik khawpmai. DJ Nite khi ka lam ve chak..:D

Anonymous said...

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