Saturday, March 28, 2009

Amanda (U) light of my life

In my lifetime i never know who is Amanda and i never meet her also, but few months back i'm in touch with Don Williams famous song titled with 'Amanda' and what i can share here is "'It's nice to listen when you are in mood!"

As usual, in order to get more details about 'amanda' i'm helpless again! at last, through net search engine i've got some information:-

Amanda: The name Amanda is a baby girl name. The name Amanda comes from the Spanish origin. In Spanish the meaning of the name Amanda is: From the Latin word amanda, meaning "lovable."
Amanda is a Latin gerundive name meaning "(female) that must be loved" or "worthy of love". In the majority of the seventeenth century, the freshness of Restoration drama in England included the creation of bright new character names, especially for women. Most of them had a Latin root. The name "Amanda" first appeared in 1212 on a birth record from Warwickshire, England, and five centuries later the name was popularized by poets and playwrights. (

Now, i know who is amanda and i think i will still love this song too!!

I've held it all inward Lord knows I've tried
It's an awful awakenin' in a country boy's life
To look in the mirror in total surprise
At the hair on your shoulders and the age in your eyes
Amanda (U) light of my life fate should have made you a gentleman's wife
Amanda (U) light of my life fate should have made you a gentleman's wife
[ guitar ]
There's a measure of people who don't understand
The pleasure of life in a hillbilly bandI got my first guitar when I was fourteen
Now I'm over thirty and still wearing jeans
Amanda (U) light of my life...


vana said...

He hla hi ka duh ve thei khop mai. Country musik ngaithla hian kan seilian a, ka pu hian a duh khawp a. Country hla hlui hi kan download banglo a nih hi maw.
Amanda hi ka sa chhuak ve dap thei :)


I never heard this song before. There is another song "Amanda" by Boston, an old song i used to listen to in my younger days.

I'm gonna take you by surprise
And make you realize, Amanda
I'm gonna tell you right away,
I can't wait another day, Amanda
I'm gonna say it like a man
And make you understand, Amanda
Oh girl

Calliopia said...

Kan lungleng zel e i tihna? :P

Puia said...

Ekhaih, hei zet chuan awmzia a va neih ril hmel em a ziaktu tawnah..:)

Keipawh lunglen khawhar tak tak hi chuan country music lo hi chu min hnem meuh lo... a guitar no raih mai te, a music kal deuh dat dat te hian ka lung a tileng a, ka tuihalna min chhawk thin ni berin ka hria. Amanda pawh hi a nalh ka tih pawl tak a ni thin.

Mizohican said...

Keipawh Pu Hruaia sawi khi a ni mai ka Amanda hriat ve chhun chu :-)

Awzzman said...

Oh! ma roomate used to listened this songs daily...he keep playing on his mobile.. atlast i too like it..
nice song

Zara Ralte said...

vana:i lo leng lut ve a a lawmawm hle mai,country music hi keipawh ka ning ngai meuh lo.

EPISTEMOLOGY:i Amanda sawi hi ka hre ve miah lo thung:)

calliopia:i lung a leng zel maw?

Puia:a ziaktu hian mawi atia, chubak chu awmzia vak awm lo:) tak taka, kan hla duh a in ang riau in a lang!

illusionaire:kei pawh hruaia ka chhan ang hian ka chhang mai ang che:)he he, tak tak a, kan hotute in ti lawmawm e.

Awzzman:i roomie chu hla mawi hre mi anih chu!

Unknown said...

Ka hming hian in lung a tileng hlawm a ni maw :))

Ruth said...

That's coming along nicely.. Thank you so much for sharing.
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