Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mizo herbal medicine for kidney stone and UTI

Last year I was having kidney stone 10 mm (approx.), I was told many Mizo local medicines for its remedy. While trying many of them i was advised by my urologist that the stone am having was too big and could only be cured through surgery, following his advise i have done it. Being a carrier of kidney stone i was in touch with many other people who had gone through kidney stone and urinary tract problems in their past.  They gave me many advises from local herbs and traditional practices. Out of many advises one closed friend of mine told me that he also had kidney stone, he used Mizo local herbal medicine called 'Laiking tuibur' or 'Kelhnamtur' and regularly consumed it after meal then after someday he pass it out while urinate. That was the success story of Mizo local herbal medicine for removal of kidney stone. Though I am not expert/trained in medicine but i often believe in local herbal medicine in minor cases.

What my friend told me about Mizo local herbal medicine was known as 'Laiking tuibur' or 'Kelhnamtur'. It's scientific/plant name is 'Hedyotis scandens' or 'Hedychium spicatum'  (Family of Rubiaceae or Zingiberaceae). Infusion of it's leaves are good for removal of kidney stone and treating urinary tract infection etc. It can be found in all over Mizoram particularly from roadside, graveyard and forest area. Some patient eat the raw leaves directly, while some patient grind its leaves and drink its juice after every meal. Moreover, some patient cooked its leaves with water and drink that water (cool or lukewarm) after meals. If they regularly consume it they have a chance to get cured. 

Some well known people in my locality also told me that these leaves are also good in curing swelling, stomachache, carminative, tonic, stimulant, expectorant, liver problem, vomiting, inflammation, pains and malarial fever etc. But remember that I am not professional, this post is made from the knowledge of local practices only. One of my relatives told me that in Mizoram we also have fake herb of Laiking tuibur or Kelhnamtur so those who are interested in this herbal medicine must be aware of it and cautious as it can be misused or confused. Believe it or not my mother said infusion of Laiking tuibur or Kelhnamtur is best for treating urinary tract infection from our Mizo local medicinal herbs. 

In my humble opinion as patient of kidney stone problem if your stone is bigger than 3.0 mm it may be difficult to get cured only by herbal medicine but if it less than that you may have a chance if you follow regularity. And best thing is consult first to urologist and drink plenty of water daily. As i keep saying that this post is not from professional advise but i still want to point out that some friends and relatives of mine get cured their kidney stone by using this herbal medicine. Lastly, while i was taking treatment one friend also told me that in their neighbourhood in Aizawl some patient also use pure/fresh lemon juice mixed with raw eggs or oyster shell for kidney stone remedies.

Pix: Laiking tuibur or Kelhnamtur herb for kidney stone remedy.
Laiking tuibur or Kelhnam tur

Laiking tuibur or Kelhnamtur
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