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Mizo Proverbs and Sayings (MIZO TAWNG - ENGLISH)

The following proverbs and sayings were composed in book form by the Mizo Pioneering missionaries - Pu Buanga (Rev. J.H Lorrain) and Sap Upa ( Rev. F.W Savidge) :-

Mizo: Rih artui phur i ang e.
English: You are like one carrying the eggs of the rih fowl (spoken to one walking slowly).

Mizo: Nun chhiat leh suak sual a sim theih, hmel chhiat a siam that theih loh
English: Bad habits and faults may be abandoned, but an ugly face cannot be made good.

Mizo: Tawng khawlo ni suh se la.
English:  If it is not presumptuous to say so.

Mizo: Sar pawh zam mahsela ka pal chat ang e
English: Even though the sar in visible I will break through (i.e nothing shall prevent me).

Mizo: Thing pawh a kung a that leh a rah a tha, a kung a that loh leh, a rah a tha lo vang
English: If the tree is good its fruit is good, if the tree is bad its fruit is bad.

Mizo: Kawi pawh, a kawm a that leh a rah a tha, a kawm a that loh leh a rah a tha lo.
English: If the pod of a kawi bean is good,if the pod is bad the bean is bad (i.e., not fit for playing with).

Mizo: Lal ngai lo, lal a na.
English: A man who never ruled,rules oppressively.

Mizo: Themthiam lovin an hriam an mawhchhiat.
English: Bad workmen blame their tools.

Mizo: Mi fing in a fin man a ei seng lo, mi a in a at man a chawi seng lo
English: A wise man cannot eat all the fruit of his wisdom, and a fool canot pay all the price of his folly.

Mizo: Vawiina tih tur naktuka tih ah khek suh.
English: Don't pull off till tomorrow what should be done today.

Mizo: Mahni infak leh sakhi ngal ah engmah a bet lo.
English: There is no more self-praise than on the shin of a stag.

Mizo: Zawng tuar aiin ngauvin a tuar.
English: The innocent suffer instead of the guilty.

Mizo: A vawtu in ek a cheh tih ang a ni.
English: It is like the oppressor saying he is being oppressed.

Mizo: Pachuau sual ka ang.
English: I am like Pachuau was when fighting (wanted to stop, but was afraid to).

Mizo: A letling a vuttui thlawrbel tih ang a ni.
English: Its like speaking of a lye funnel upside down (i.e., saying a thing happened which never did happen).

Mizo: Sa leh sa in chan ang.
English: Like flesh cutting up flesh (spoken of one who is clumsy in doing in anything).

Mizo: Se bo hnu a se kawng khar ang.
English: Like shutting the gayal's stable when the gayal is gone.

Mizo: Thehhme angin a awm.
English: It is like a thereng when squeezed (i.e., very quiet)

Mizo: Lung pui pawh lung te in a kamki loh chuan a awm thei lo.
English: Even a big rock cannot remain without rolling unless supported by small stones (i.e., the great cannot do without humble).

Mizo: A tha lam kawng a chho a, a chhe lam kawng a phei.
English: The good road is steep and the bad road is level (i.e., it is easier to do evil than good).

Extracted from :  J. Herbert Lorrain and Fred W. Savidge, A grammar and dictionary of the Lushai language (Dulien dialect), Cultural Publishing House, 18-D, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-110007, Reprinted, 1984, Reprinted by Firma KLM Private Limited : on behalf of Tribal Research Institute, Aizawl, Mizoram, 1976, part II- Useful Sentences, pp.51,52


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