Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend at Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam boating dock
After long plans me and my campus Mizo friends had a weekend programme in Nagarjuna Sagar, which is one of the famous dam and  tourist places in Andhra Pradesh. As our tour operator told us to leave by early morning we left our  University of Hyderabad campus at 6:51am by hiring two cabs, we had short break in Udipi Hotel for breakfast. Then we proceeded again and reached Nagarjuna Sagar launch station by 10:59am. While traveling such a long distance place we could have more fun by listening Mizo songs on all the way. On the dam station ticket counter we were encountered with the tourist staff as they could not recognized us Indians, they demanded more bucks for foreigners. This kind of usual non recognition of differences in looks is not new for us, in almost every tourists places in Hyderabad too they demanded us foreigner entry fees. But when they saw our Electoral Voter's Identification Card they could recognized us that we are Indian citizens too. Those poor tourist staffs might not even heard the names of Mizoram which is one the northeastern states in India. I did not blamed these Launch station's tourist official staffs (Whether they might be staffs of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation or Archaeological Survey of India staff) in their weaknesses in general knowledge but they needed to revive their geography or social studies courses that they had learned in school days, so that they will recollect back their knowledge as India has several states and Union Territories and the people are also not looking alike by having different faces and complexions. 

After spending sufficient time in the hope island - Nagarjuna Konda Island we were sailed back to the launch station dock. As the place was new for us we were searching restaurant or order hotel where we could have lunch all together, just a stone throw away from the launch station we found a nice restaurant 'Shri Venkateshwara Restaurant (Air conditioned)' and we had andhra thaali for lunch. Then, we proceeded to the famous Ettipotala Waterfalls, a place where you can view natural water streams falling from different river streams. Our visit to this place was not the best season because it was in summer  time and water are less, even the falls itself seen with less water flowing, if it was in rainy season or so it will more fun than summer time. APTDC  maintained nice servicing in this viewing point, the charges for gate entry was also reasonable rates. The most irritating things i have encountered in this waterfall view point is monkeys. So many monkeys are there, they behaved like untamed ones, they were moving here and there, some adult monkeys are not fearing even human also they just tried to took away our eatable thing which we kept in carry bags. Where there are many disturbance monkeys around it is very difficult to view the natural waterfalls with peaceful mind. If those monkeys are well tamed it will be more comfortable for the visitors.
Nagarjuna Sagar Left dam site
Our trip in Nagarjuna Sagar was quite good, we enjoyed so many things and places. Let the pictures now show how much we enjoyed!
Nagarjuna Sagar Launch Station

Nagarjuna Sagar dam lagoon
enjoying local made boat by paying Rs.40 each
bird also enjoying nagarjuna sagar dam
a boat that lead to hope island in Nagarjuna Sagar dam
inside the boat we are waiting other passengers
dam view from boat
coral landscape view from boat
view from boat
a boat leaving hope island to main station
hope island (Nagarjuna Konda) view from boat
Nagarjuna Konda Island
Nagarjuna Sagar dam
dock at Nagarjuna Konda Island
Nagarjuna Konda Guide Map on the Island

Nagarjuna Konda Museum

Great Bath place, and the signboard shows crocodile dive zone
Island canteen
Buddha Statue at Nagarjuna Konda Island
Remains of Simhala Vihara(Monastery) circa 3rd Cent A.D
 main dock in Nagarjuna sagar dam
Nagarjuna Sagar dam front site view 

Nature view from Ettipotala Waterfalls area
Ettipotala Waterfalls 10 kms drives from Nagarjuna Sagar
Ettipotala waterfalls
rock structure in Kirshna river belt
Nagarjuna Sagar dam
Time to say bye bye now, we will miss it!
Yes! it was good time and memorable ones, for my suggestion to next visitors is best time to visit these places will be rainy season or not in summer time so that you can see water falling out from the dam and more water to be seen in Ettipotala falls also. In case if you cannot have time on my suggested season don't be regretted because our visit was in June and water level was lower than rainy season but there are also chances to enjoy out there in any seasons.


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