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Best places to visit in Aizawl, Mizoram (A free advise for Three Days Trip)

Aizawl city, Mizoram, India
Aizawl - is the state capital city of Mizoram in North Eastern India Region. Aizawl is located in a hilly area. According to Census 2011 report 293,416 population are living in Aizawl city. The people living in Aizawl city are Christian majority. Aizawl is divided into various localities, commercial areas are - Zarkawt, Dawrpui, Chanmari, Tuikual, Khatla, Treasury square etc. The main market is located at Dawrpui area which is known as Aizawl bazar or bazarpui. In Aizawl Mizo tawng is the mostly spoken language, English is the second language and some people (but few) are also can be communicated in Hindi as well.

Best time to visit:
Aizawl is in tropical monsoon area so that to avoid heavy rainy season best time to visit is September to December. Christmas season is more exotic period in Aizawl.
Khatla area, Aizawl, Mizoram.
How to reach?
First of all if you are an outsider from Mizoram (For Indian and non-Indian)  you have to get Inner Line Permit (ILP) from state government authorities. Mizoram government has offices which are called Mizoram House in most of the Indian important metropolitan cities likes New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Guwahati etc. From these Houses you can get ILP by paying few fees. If you want to know more details about Mizoram Houses please click here: Mizoram House Addresses

If you travel by flight you can avail temporary ILP in Lengpui Airport premises. Aizawl can be reached by flight from Kolkata, Guwahati and Imphal. If you prefer road communication you can get daily passenger cab (Tata Sumo Cab) and night bus in Guwahati and Shillong. Guwahati/Shillong-Aizawl buses are operated by Capital Travels and Network Travels. Usually travel from Guwahati/Shillong to Aizawl will take around 12-15 hours.

If you want to travel by train there is no railway connectivity up to Aizawl so that you can travel upto Silchar Railway station, from there you may catch passenger bus or Tata Sumo passenger cab. From Silchar  to reach Aizawl by bus or sumo cab you may spend around 6-7 hours.

Where to stay?
In Aizawl there are good hotels and guest houses. Hotel Regency (Zarkawt) and Hotel Floria (Dawrpui) are the premium ones. If you choose to stay in star hotel these two hotels are recommended. For less budget you may choose to stay in Tourist Lodge (Chaltlang), The Grand Hotel (Zarkawt), Hotel Royalle (Dawrpui), Chawlhna Hotel (Zarkawt), Hotel Arini (Upper Khatla), Esquire Hotel (Sikulpuikawn, Mission veng), Hotel Serow (Chaltlang Lily veng), Tourist Lodge (Berawtlang, Zemabawk), Hotel Sangchia (Zarkawt), Hotel Millennium (Zarkawt).
Hotel Regency, Zarkawt, Aizawl
Places to visit:
Unlike many other cities in India Aizawl has very less historical places and interesting places but its location had many beautiful natural gifts. If you like to visit new place where most people hardly seen you can have it in Aizawl. When you get up in the morning from your window you will see pure natural beautiful sunrise in the eastern side, and you will be greeted with Church bells ring at around 6 A.M from the nearby churches. People will walk out from their home to attend morning prayer services. When you open your window you will realize that you are now in the heaven on earth where peace and tranquility co-existed in a lovely city.

KV Paradise, Durtlang, Aizawl, Mizoram
For the First day in Aizawl go straight to KV Paradise which is located at Durtlang in Aizawl northern side, this is called Mizoram Taj Mahal or Aizawl Taj Mahal. It is a memorial tomb of Mrs. Lalsangpuii Varte. You will have an exiting view of the tomb complex and the city landscape. From there your next destination must be Aizawl Theological College (ATC) campus. From their campus watch tower you can have a best view of Aizawl city's landscape. When you are in this watch tower don't forget to take selfie as you may not have a chance to take another selfie in such high point elsewhere.
Aizawl Theological College Watch Tower, Durtlang, Aizawl
From Aizawl Theological College (ATC) proceed to Zohandco Office in Chaltlang Lily veng. In this office you can avail Mizo handicraft, handloom and arts products. Next destination is Mizoram State Museum which is in MacDonald Hill, Zarkawt. In the museum they have various good collection of Mizo and Mizoram related things. 

Solomon's Temple, Kidron Valley, Chawlhmun, Aizawl
In the afternoon your destination will be in western side. Take a route to Kidron valley, Chawlhmun area in Aizawl. There you can visit Solomon's Temple which is the biggest church in Aizawl and the entire Mizoram. It has huge and decorative structure, it is very worth to visit. From the temple you will proceed upward to Martyrs' Cemetery (Open on Monday to Saturday 9 AM - 4 PM) at Luangmual. But your taxi driver or local guide may properly knew it as 'Martar Thlanmual'. This is a memorial place for Mizo armies who laid their lives during the Mizo Uprising against Indian government in 1966-1986. 
Martyrs' Cemetery (Martar Thlanmual), Luangmual, Aizawl
From there you may proceed to Hnam Chhantu Pawl Handloom & Handicraft showroom at Upper Republic road. In this showroom you can buy souvenir made of bamboos and canes and many other crafts products. Then to have an evening moment you may go to Aizawl view in Tlangnuam hilltop. Below Tlangnuam Presbyterian Church you have to park your vehicle as the watch tower is in hilltop it can be reached only by walk. From the Tlangnuam watch tower (also known as JF Viewing gallery complex) you will enjoy the panoramic view of Aizawl city landscape in any directions. You can also see the beautiful sunset from this hilltop. 

After spending whole day in Aizawl you may have dinner in Mizo traditional restaurants like ZOfoods (Treasury square, near Vanapa Hall) and Red Pepper Restaurant (Chanmari, near New Life Hospital). After having dinner and if you are still fit enough you may go to Folkland Park in Folkland veng to enjoy go-karting, laser tag game, futsal and many more games.
Bawngkawn area, Aizawl, Mizoram
For the Second day, destination will be at Reiek village (29.1 kms from Aizawl). You can have nature trekking upto Reiek hilltop. In this village you can also visit typical Mizo village and tourist complex. While coming back from Reiek you may stop for a while in the next village called Ailawng. There you can find the famous cave called Khuangchera Puk. To refresh yourself take a short break at Tlawng river. The fresh water in the Tlawng river and its environments will give you a refreshing mind. If you spent less time in Reiek hill and reaching Aizawl before sunset you may have a chance to visit Aizawl bazar (Main market).
Mizo Cultural Centre, Falkawn, Mizoram
For the Third day, prepare yourself for another long road trip. As your destination for this .time will be upto Thenzawl you have to set out in early morning not later than 7 A.M. When you reach Falkawn village just have a short visit to Mizo Cultural Centre, you can see typical Mizo village there. 

Hmuifang Park, Lallianvunga Hmun, Mizoram
From Falkawn your next destination will be Hmuifang Tourist centre. Over there you can have mountain view and nature thrill for an hour. From Hmuifang village you will go down to Sialsuk village to see the beautiful charming hills. Sialsuk hill is a very famous and nice place for having a mind refreshing moment. If you are in Sialsuk hill you may think that you are in Scotland or Switzerland. 
Sialsuk hill, Sialsuk, Mizoram
From Sialsuk village the next destination will be Vantawng fall (local people called Vantawng Khawhthla) in Thenzawl. Vantawng waterfall is considered as the highest waterfalls in Mizoram. You can reach by following non metaled road from the main road. It has a good watch tower, from that tower you will a good view of waterfalls. When coming back from waterfalls you may stop at Thenzawl bazar to buy Mizo traditional clothes and other hand loom products.Thenzawl is famous for Mizo traditional hand loom products. Apart from that if you still have time you may visit Deer park also. From Thenzawl just drive straight to Aizawl and relax for your last night in Aizawl. One thing you have to keep in mind is that in Aizawl there is no night centres. So that you may enjoy dine out and free walk in the street. All the major shops and commercial centres will be shut in dusk. 
Vantawng waterfalls, Thenzawl, Mizoram
On Fourth day before proceeding to Lengpui airport you may just drop in to Millennium Centre (Upper Bazar), which is the first and biggest shopping mall in Aizawl. 

Sikulpuikawn, Mission veng, Aizawl
Last free advise: Do not trust to the mere internet travel operators, they are just displaying their advertisements without having proper knowledge of Aizawl. Some internet travel operators are doing this cheap business from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. even themselves are never been to Aizawl. You may contact to the state government Tourism Department (Telephone: 0389 233 3475) for prior queries.

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English to Mizo language translation (Conversation)

English: Are you on Facebook?
Mizo: Facebook ah I awm em?

English: If you are in Facebook, how do you write your name?
Mizo: Facebook ah I awm chuan engtin nge I hming I ziah?

English: My account is Remthangi Ralte 
Mizo: Ka account chu Remthangi Ralte tih a ni

English: If I send friend request will you accept me?
Mizo: Friend request rawn thawn che ila min pawm angem?

English: Sure, I will accept you.
Mizo: Tehreng mai, ka lo pawm ang che.

English: What is your hobby?
Mizo: Enge I tui zawng?

English: My hobby is playing
Mizo: Inkhelh hi ka tui zawng a ni.

English: Cool, mine also interest in playing
Mizo: A va tha ve, keipawh inkhelh hi ka tui a

English: Are you using instagram?
Mizo: Instagram I hmang em?

English: Yes, I am in instagram
Mizo: Aw, Instagram ka hmang

English: How do you write your name in Instagram?
Mizo: Instagram ah engtin nge I  hming I ziah?

English: I write my name like this – Remthangi Ralte
Mizo: Ka hming chu hetiang hian ka ziak – Remthangi Ralte

English: Can I follow you in Instagram
Mizo: Instagram ah ka follow thei che angem

English: Of course, no problem.
Mizo: Tehreng mai, I duh phawt chuan.

English: I cannot speak Mizo language but I want to see you in Instagram
Mizo: Mizo tawng ka thiam lo a, mahse, Instagram ah hmuh che ka duh a.

English: Hope you don’t mind my language
Mizo: Ka thilsawi hi I huatzawng a nih loh hram ka beisei

English: If you don’t like it I beg your pardon
Mizo: I duh loh zawng a nih chuan I ngaihdamna ka dil e.

English: Can we be a friend?
Mizo: Thian  kan ni thei angem?

English: If I am your friend I will be glad to you.
Mizo: I thian ka nih chuan I chungah ka lawm em em ang.

English: Yes, we can be a friend
Mizo: Aw, thian kan ni thei ang

English: No, we cannot be a friend
Mizo: Aih, thian kan ni thei lo ang

English: Why? What is your problem?
Mizo: Engatinge? Enge harsatna I nei a mi?

English: No, I don’t have problem, but I am already taken.
Mizo: Aih, harsatna ka nei hran lo a, mahse, ngaihzawng ka nei a.

English: So what, friendship is just a matter of fun
Mizo:  Pawi a mi, inthian tawn te chu a hlimawm ve a lawm

English: No, I am so committed on my relationship
Mizo: Aih, Ka ngaihzawng ah hian kei chu ka nghet lutuk a

English: Okay, have a fun
Mizo: Awle, hlimtakin awm dawnnia

English: Thanks for your reply
Mizo: Min chhan avangin ka lawm e

English: It’s not a big deal
Mizo: Thil harsa vak a ni hleinem

English: Are you sure?
Mizo: I chiang em?

English: Yes, I am sure.
Mizo: Aw, ka chiang e.

English: In case if you need my contact here is my no 9000000
Mizo: Min biakpawh theihna I duh takin hei hi ka no aw 900000

English: I will call you when needed
Mizo: A tul hunah ka rawn bia ang che

English:  Anytime
Mizo:  Engtikhunah pawh

English: You are so kind
Mizo: I fel hle mai

English: I am not
Mizo: Chutiang ka ni lo

English:  Nice chatting with you
Mizo: Kan in bia chu ka lawm hle mai

English: Me too
Mizo: Kei pawh le

English: See you next time
Mizo: Kan in hmu leh thin dawnnia

English: My pleasure
Mizo: Ka lawm zawng tak a ni e

English: You are so sexy
Mizo: I pian a nalh hle mai

English: No, I am not sexy, I am just a normal one
Mizo: Aih,  Ka nalh lo, mi pangngai mai ka ni e

English: Thanks for your compliment
Mizo: Min fakdernaah ka lawm e.

English: I am telling truth
Mizo: Thudik ka sawi e

English: I think so
Mizo: Ka ring reng a ni

English: Don’t be sarcastic
Mizo: Mi ti el vel suh aw

English: I hate fake people
Mizo: Mi lem lutuk ho hi ka hua

English: I am not fake
Mizo: Ka lem lo ania aw

English: Be smart and caring
Mizo:  Hawihawm la, mi ngaihven tha bawk ang che

English: Yes, I will do that
Mizo: Awle, ka ti ngei ngei ang

English: Can I trust you?
Mizo: Ka ring ngam che angem?

English: Of course, I never lie
Mizo: Tehreng mai, dawt ka sawi ngai lo.

English: When will you be online?
Mizo: Engtikah nge I online ang?

English: When shall I get English-Mizo online translator?
Mizo: Engtikah nge Saptawng atanga Mizo tawng lettu ka hmuh theih ang?

English: I will find out
Mizo: Ka lo zawng chhuak dawnnia

English: Okay, please tell me soon
Mizo: Awle, min hrilh thuai dawnnia

English: These days everything has to be done online
Mizo: Tunlai hi chuan engkim mai hi online a tih vek angai tawh a

English: I find this blog is helpful for English-Mizo translation
Mizo: He blog hi Saptawng-Mizo tawng leh nan a tangkai hle in ka hria

English:  Mizo language is bit difficult to learn
Mizo: Mizo tawng chu zir a har ve det a ni

English: I think so, it is tonal language
Mizo: Ka ring, thluk dan bik nei tawng a nia

English: But I like the tone
Mizo: Mahse a tluk hi nalh ka ti

English: I wish I can understand Mizo language
Mizo:  Mizo tawng hi thiam ve ka chak ngawt mai

English: Don’t worry you will understand someday
Mizo: Lungngai suh engtikni ah emaw chuan I la thiam ve mai ang

English: I will try my best
Mizo: Ka theih tawp ka lo chhuah dawnnia

English: Thanks for your visit
Mizo: Min rawn tlawh a a lawmawm hle mai

English: I will remember you
Mizo: Ka hrenreng ang che

English: Wow, you are so sweet
Mizo: Awi, i va han ngainatawm tak em

English: Please remember me
 Mizo: Min hrereng ang che

English: I will remember you
Mizo: Ka hrereng ang che

English: You have been good to me
Mizo: Ka chungah i van tha tak em

English: You are a good person
Mizo: Mi tha tak i ni e

English: Thanks for your kindness
Mizo: I ngilneihna avang lawmthu ka hrilh a che

English: Let's have dinner together
Mizo: Zanriah kil ho ang u

English: I can't wait
Mizo: Ka nghakhlel tawh a ni

English: Sure, there will be good time
Mizo: Tehrengmai, hun tha la rawn herchhuak mai ang.