Sunday, November 18, 2018

Maian bai (pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Maian bai (Pumpkin leaves dish) is one of the favourite vegetarian dishes for Mizo and the most common food item in Mizoram. Pumpkin leaves are mostly seen in every of the vegetable markets in Mizoram. Cooking of maian bai is very easy and simple so that even little Mizo children also can cook in their respective kitchens in their homes.

These are the simplest guide for cooking maian bai (pumpkin leaves) in Mizo style:
1. Generally fresh/tender pumpkin leaves are collected for cooking.
2. Wash the leaves with fresh water.
3. Remove the small thorns on the stem and leaf. Gently peel off from the top of the stem and begin to drag it down the leaf.
4.  Twist the leaves into small portion.
3.  Boil water in the pot, add bicarbonate of soda and salt to a boil along.
4.  When the water is boiled add the twisted leaves.
5. Cover the pot and stir occasionally.
6. Add other vegetables like eggplant/brinjal, mock tomato, chilli pepper/chilli, ladies' fingers/okra etc.
7. If you want to add another taste maker you can add lamiaceae leaves or seeds (Lengser/lengmaser in Mizo)
7. After 10 minutes or more open the cover and check whether the leaves are softer or not.
8.  When the leaves and other added vegetables are softer and after stirring occasionally leave for about 5 minutes.
9. Your cooking will be ready to serve.
10. Serve in hot is best preference, enjoy the taste of maian bai!

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)

Mizo maian bai (Pumpkin leaves cooking in Mizo style)
You may also watch the maian bai cooking video here:

Saturday, September 1, 2018

English to Mizo language translation about health problems and doctor consultation.

Here is a list of tips for your health problems and doctor consultation guide in English to Mizo tawng (language):

English: I need to consult physiotherapist.
Mizo tawng:  Taksa hmet dam thei rawn ka ngai.

English: Where shall i meet surgeon?
Mizo tawng:  Khawnge mi zaitu daktawr ka hmuh theih ang?

English: I need to meet dentist.
Mizo tawng:  Ha daktawr hmuh ka ngai.

English: Can i meet doctor?
Mizo tawng: Daktawr ka hmu thei angem?

English: Yes, he is available and you can meet him/her.
Mizo tawng: Aw, a awm lai ania, i hmu thei e.

English: No, he is busy and you can meet him/her later on.
Mizo tawng: Aih, a buai rih a, nakinah i la hmu thei ang.

English: My case is so important, i need to meet him now.
Mizo tawng:  Ka chanchin hi a pawimawh sia, tuna hmuh ngei a ngai.

English: Wait, let me ask him/her.
Mizo tawng: Lo nghak rawh, amah kan zawt ang e.

English: He is free, you can meet him/her.
Mizo tawng: A awl e, i hmu thei e.

English: Tell me about your case.
Mizo tawng: I chanchin min hrilh rawh le.

English: I have a stomach problem.
Mizo tawng: Ka pumpui hi ka sawisel a.

English: Do you feel pain?
Mizo tawng: A na ti thin em?

English: Yes, i feel severe pain.
Mizo tawng: Aw, na ka ti thin khawp mai.

English: Okay, you need to do ultrasound test.
Mizo tawng: Awle, ultrasound a enfiah phawt i ngai.

English: Take this paper and have a test on next room.
Mizo tawng: He lehkhapuan hi la la, pindan lehlamah va inenfiah tir rawh.

English: I need to do tooth extraction.
Mizo tawng: Ka ha phawi tir ka ngai.

English: Where is doctor laboratory?
Mizo tawng: Khawnge daktawr laboratory hi a awm le?

English: You have to follow this prescription.
Mizo tawng: Hetiang damdawi chawh hi i ei angai.

English: I don't know how take these medicine
Mizo tawng: Heng damdawi te hi a ei dan tur ka hre lo.

English: It's written in the doctor prescription paper.
Mizo tawng: Daktawr lehkhaah khan a inziak vek e.

English: Okay, i will follow the prescription.
Mizo tawng: Awle, a mi chawh ang chu ka lo zawm dawnnia.

English: Take care your health.
Mizo tawng: I hriselna i uluk dawnnia.

English: Take medicine on time.
Mizo tawng: Damdawi te a hun takah ei ang che.

English: This medicine is to take before food.
Mizo tawng: He damdawi hi chawei hmaa ei tur a ni.

English: This medicine is to take bi-daily.
Mizo tawng: He damdawi hi nikhatah vawi 2 ei tur a ni.

English: Take this medicine before sleep.
Mizo tawng: He damdawi hi mut hmaa ei tur a ni.

English: Take this medicine when you are in hungry.
Mizo tawng: He damdawi hi i riltam laiin i ei dawnnia.

English: You need to get admit in hospital.
Mizo tawng: Damdawiinah dahluh i ngai.

English: Can i have attendant?
Mizo tawng: Awmpuitu ka nei thei angem?

English: You will have one attendant.
Mizo tawng: Mi pakhat awmpuitu i nei ang.

English: Will the hospital provide food?
Mizo tawng: Damdawiin lamin chaw ei tur min pe angem?

English: No, you have to get food from outside.
Mizo tawng: Aih, pawn lam atangin chaw eitur i lak angai.

English: When the doctor will come today?
Mizo tawng: Vawiinah engtik hunah nge daktawr a lo kal ang?

English: I have to discuss this case with doctor.
Mizo tawng: Hemi thil/chanchin hi daktawr sawipui ka ngai.

English: I am improving day by day.
Mizo tawng: A ni telin ka ziawm zel e.

English: When will i get discharge?
Mizo tawng: Engtikah nge min chhuahtir theih ang?

English: Where is pharmacy shop?
Mizo tawng: Khawilai nge damdawi zawrhna dawr?

English: I want to buy medicine.
Mizo tawng: Damdawi lei ka duh.

English: Give me one packet.
Mizo tawng: Pek khat min pe rawh.

English: Do you have change?
Mizo tawng: Pawisa nawi i nei em?

English: Give me plastic bag/polythene to carry these
Mizo tawng: Heng ho ken nan hian polythene/plastic ip min pe rawh.

English: How is my test result?
Mizo tawng: Enge ka inentirna chu a an?

English: You are fine, but you need medicine.
Mizo tawng: I tha e, mahse, damdawi i ei angai.

English: I have a boil in my neck.
Mizo tawng: Ka nghawngah khawihli ka vei a.

English: I need to consult eye doctor.
Mizo tawng: Mit daktawr rawn ka ngai.

English: I have a pain in my back.
Mizo tawng: Ka hnungzangah hian na ka nei a.

English: I am feeling chest pain.
Mizo tawng: Ka kawng ka herh a.

English: Do you have medicine for chest pain?
Mizo tawng: Kawng herh damdawi i nei em?

English: I want to get rid of pimples/acne.
Mizo tawng: Arngeng tih reh dan tur ka duh.

English: I want to test sputum.
Mizo tawng: Khak entir ka ngai.

English: I want to test my urine.
Mizo tawng: Ka zun entir ka duh.

English: I want to do stool/feces testing/analylis
Mizo tawng: Ka ek entir ka duh.

English: Get an X-ray test.
Mizo tawng: X-ray va inentir rawh le.

English:  Do i need to take fast for this test?
Mizo tawng: Hemi inentir tur hian chawnghei ka ngai em?

English:  When is visiting hour?
Mizo tawng: Engtik nge damlo kan hun?

English: Will the doctor be available on morning?
Mizo tawng: Zingah daktawr a awm angem?

English: Come again after one week.
Mizo tawng: Chawlhkar khat hnuah rawn kal leh ang che.

English: I have this problem from last month.
Mizo tawng: He harsatna hi thla hmasa atang khan ka nei tan.

English: If i am not having translator i cant express myself.
Mizo tawng: Tawnglettu ka neih loh chuan keimah chuan ka insawifiah thiam lo.

English: Make a restriction on your diet.
Mizo tawng: I thil ei thinah chintawk nei thiam ang che.

English: This medicine is very costly, i cant afford it.
Mizo tawng: He damdawi hi chu a to lutuk a, ka lei zo lo a ni.

English:  If i take this medicine, do i need to take it for long?
Mizo tawng: He damdawi hi ei ta ila, ei rei angai angem?

English:  Yes, you need to take for two months.
Mizo tawng: Aw, thla hnih chhung i ei angai.

English:  I am feeling nausea, i am vommitting.
Mizo tawng: Ka awm a nuam lo, ka luak.

English: I having suffering motion sickness.
Mizo tawng: Motor ka rui.

English: I am suffering from diarrhoea
Mizo tawng: Ka kua a tha lo.

English:  My ear is paining.
Mizo tawng: Ka beng a ana.

English: I am fainting.
Mizo tawng: Ka thaw a chham.

English: Do you feel nausea?
Mizo tawng: I chau nghulh em?

English: I am not okay
Mizo tawng: Ka chiang kuang lo a ni.

English: I don't have appetite.
Mizo tawng: Ka chaw ei a tui lo.

English: I am having dizziness.
Mizo tawng: Ka lu a hai muai muai.

English:  I have migrain
Mizo tawng: Luna benvawn ka nei.

English: I am not feeling well.
Mizo tawng:  Ka awm a nuam lo.

English: Do you have sweating?
Mizo tawng:  I thlan a tla thin em?

English: I have cavity in my tooth.
Mizo tawng:  Ka ha ah kua a awm.

English: I will consult you again.
Mizo tawng:  Ka la rawn rawn leh ang che.

English: Is the pain is swelling?
Mizo tawng:  A na lai chu a vung em?

English: Yes, it's swelling after sometime
Mizo tawng:  Aw, a hnuah a rawn vung a.

English: I want to get rid off  bad cough/sore throat.
Mizo tawng:  Ka khuhhnawk hi dam vat vat ka duh.

English: Thank for your advise.
Mizo tawng: I mi thurawn avangin lawmthu ka hrilh a che.

English: I will come again.
Mizo tawng:  Ka lo kal leh ang.

English: Who is farting?
Mizo tawng: Tunge vawih a?

English: Do you often have drooling?
Mizo tawng:  I chil a put fo thin em?

English: You need to test your saliva.
Mizo tawng: I chil enfiah tir a ngai.

English: Get well soon!
Mizo tawng:  I dam leh thuai dawnnia!

English: Is this helpful or not?
Mizo tawng:  Hei hi a tangkai nge tangkai lo?

English: Leave a comment.
Mizo tawng:  I ngaihdan i hnuchhiah dawnnia.